The best new tools for designers are ones that make your life easier and your workflows faster. You’ll find some of those in this list this month for sure.

These tools cater to designers and developers, offering features such as code development, productivity enhancements and more. And tools like a free user behaviour analytics tool, CSS Flexbox playground, a tool used to create reproducible developer environments, a classless CSS framework. Lastly some WordPress themes and plugins, design resources like fonts, icons, UI kits. and more

If you think I’ve missed something that you think should of been on the list, let me know in the comments or if you know of a new a that should be featured on the August 2023 roundup, please either tweet it to me @SomeWhatCrtv or even use the Submit Resource form and your resource could be seen on next month list.



A JavaScript scrollbar plugin that hides native scrollbars, provides custom style-able overlay scrollbars and keeps the native functionality and feeling.


Lava Shark

A lightweight Node.js client built around the Lavalink node.


Chatgpt Js

chatgpt.js is a powerful JavaScript library that allows for super easy interaction w/ the ChatGPT DOM.


Squircle Js

This project aims to bring the iOS-style squircle to your front-end projects.



Impossible.js is an Object Oriented JavaScript library for building cross-platform terminal apps (and games). It lets you compose complex user interfaces from small and isolated components, thus greatly simplifying the creation of terminal apps.

Cleartask – Web App


Cleartask was created to address the common frustration shared by individuals who dedicate significant time to meetings but don’t witness tangible outcomes.

Its purpose is to introduce structure to meetings, prevent duplication of work, foster accountability among participants, enhance post-meeting organisation. And ultimately ensure that every meeting is productive and action-oriented, avoiding wastage of time without subsequent follow-up.

Price: Free to $2.00 per user/month

Clarity – Web App

Clarity By Microsoft

A new, free user behaviour analytics tool, that claims to be both GDPR & CCPA compliant — it helps visualise how users are interacting with your site through session replays and heat-maps.

Price: Free… see why here

Inga – Web App


Inga is the most important bookmarks & tabs manager you’d ever need. Save content as you surf the web, upload your fav files so you have everything in one place, set reminders, collaborate with friends on your collections & more.

Price: Free

ScanBoy – iOS App


ScanBoy is a lightning fast, fun, and unique document scanning app for iOS and iPadOS. Users can quickly and easily create PDFs with selectable text. Filenames based on the context of the document can be automatically generated with remarkable accuracy using artificial intelligence.

Price: Free (Offers In-App Purchases)

StatusCal – iOS App


StatusCal is an availability assistant that streamlines your workflow. It provides real-time status updates on secondary devices, minimizing interruptions and boosting productivity. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Mac.

Price: Free (Offers In-App Purchases)

PixelFixer – iOS App

Pixel Fixer

PixelFixer: AI-powered image correction for flawless photos. Erase unwanted elements & let our advanced technology generate missing parts

Price: Free (Offers In-App Purchases)

DevPod – Linux, Mac & Windows App

Dev Pod

DevPod is a tool used to create reproducible developer environments. Each developer environment runs in a separate container and is specified through a devcontainer.json. DevPod providers can create these containers on the local computer, any reachable remote machine, or in a public or private cloud. It’s also possible to extend DevPod and write your own custom providers.

Price: Free

PiPHero – Mac App

Pip Hero

PiPHero works across all apps and you can picture-in-picture any window freeing the rest of your screen for other tasks.

Price: Free

Ivory – Mac App


Ivory is a brand new app that brings over a dozen years of experience building the award-winning Tweetbot for Twitter, over to the Mastodon network. We obsess over every detail and put good design and experience first. Download and experience it for yourself. If you liked Tweetbot, you’ll love Ivory!

Price: Free (Offers In-App Purchases)



Fastsheet is a service which takes cares of the Google Sheet API for you. Focus on your business, let us handle any back-end API using familiar spreadsheets, for any kind of tech or non-technical person.



Flexer is a CSS Flexbox playground, offering a nice and clean interface, that could help you position your elements better.


Panda Css

Panda is a styling engine that generates styling primitives to author atomic CSS and recipes in a type-safe and readable manner.

Panda combines the developer experience of CSS-in-JS and the performance of atomic CSS. It leverages static analysis to scan your JavaScript and TypeScript files for JSX style props and function calls, generating styles on-demand (aka Just-in-Time).

GQL: Git Query Language

GQL - Git Query LAnguage

GQL is a query language with a syntax very similar to SQL with a tiny engine to perform queries on .git files instance of database files, the engine executes the query on the fly without the need to create database files or convert .git files into any other format, note that all Keywords in GQL are case-insensitive similar to SQL.



DevTools is a free, online utility suite crafted for developers. Offering practical, fast, and easily accessible tools. Personalise your experience, work offline, and explore related utilities. Crafted with care for your everyday dev tasks.

Bootstrap IntelliSense

Bootstrap Intellisense

Bootstrap IntelliSense: Effortlessly enhance your Bootstrap development in Visual Studio Code with CSS class autocompletion. Save time, minimise errors, and simplify your workflow for a more efficient and effective coding experience.



Nodb simply utilises REST API to store your app data in JSON format to the cloud. There is no dependency installation to your project. Ideal for serverless applications.


Pine Ui

Pines is a library of animations, sliders, tooltips, accordions, modals, and more! It’s a set of UI elements that can be copy and pasted into any Alpine and Tailwind projects.



CSSPlorer is a tool which can extract the design assets and CSS properties of any website, and allow you to copy or download assets.



Enchant is a vibrant and modern Visual Studio Code theme designed to provide an immersive coding experience. It features a carefully curated color palette, combining vivid tones with subtle contrasts, to make your code stand out and enhance your productivity.


Fly Css

FlyCSS is a classless CSS framework that revolutionizes the way you style your HTML. With a file size of less than ~3kb, it offers a lightweight solution for beautifying your web pages. Its focus is on simplicity, responsiveness, and speed.



Fast and clean SVG badges for your projects

Rewind UI

Rewind Ui

Rewind-UI is a React component library that provides a set of accessible, reusable, and customizable components to help you build your next project. The components was designed to be flexible and easy to use, so you can focus on what matters most: building great user experiences.



Introducing the remarkable “Brutopia” bootstrap theme, a captivating blend of readability and neo-brutalist design principles.



This represents a unique adaptation of Dracula’s authentic theme, tweaked to exude a darker ambiance. I’ve further customised some JavaScript/TypeScript configurations and italic elements to suit my personal preferences.

Firefox Monitor

Firefox Monitor

Stay safe with privacy tools from the makers of Firefox that protect you from hackers and companies that publish and sell your personal information.  Firefox will alert you of any known data breaches, find and remove your exposed info and continually watch for new exposures.

Building Blocks: The Evolution of WordPress

Building Blocks The Evolution Of WordPress

This book focuses on the history and development of WordPress.


Headstart Wp

Build a headless website fast with WordPress, the world’s most popular CMS, and Next.js, the most popular React framework. A free and open source solution by the experts at 10up.

Embed Notion Pages – Plugin

Embed Notion Pages

Embed Notion Pages is a powerful tool for integrating Notion content into your website. Create and customize your content in Notion, then easily embed it on your site using the provided code. This plugin enhances your content presentation while preserving Notion’s user-friendly features. Simply generate the embed code on our website, use the shortcode on your WordPress page, and enjoy seamless integration.

Price: Free

StoreGrowth – Plugin


StoreGrowth is a robust plugin exclusively built for WooCommerce users. It consists of five indispensable modules that elevate your sales and enrich the shopping journey on your online store. Seamlessly integrated into your WooCommerce setup, StoreGrowth empowers you to maximize your sales strategy and achieve unparalleled conversion rates.

Price: Free

MotionMagic – Plugin


MotionMagic is a remarkable extension for Gutenberg that enriches it with captivating CSS animations for every block. It effortlessly integrates on-scroll, on-hover, and on-click animations.

It seamlessly harmonizes with any Gutenberg template kit, such as spectra, stackable, otter, kadence, qubely, and more.

When users choose an animation within the Gutenberg editor interface, they can instantly witness its impact on the inspected block, providing them with a preview of how the animation will be displayed on the front end. The plugin ensures that all animations coexist harmoniously, even allowing the same block to have all three types of animations simultaneously defined.

Price: Free

WP ECharts – Plugin


WP ECharts is the ultimate WordPress plugin for seamlessly integrating Apache ECharts, a powerful charting and visualization library, into your WordPress website. With WP ECharts, you can insert stunning and interactive unlimited charts into WordPress posts and pages via shortcodes.You can adjust the height and with of chart using shortcode attributes easily.

Price: $14.00

WPForms Repeater Fields – Plugin

Wpforms Repeater Fields

The WPForms Repeater Fields allow you to create one or more sets of fields that can be repeated. Have you ever wanted to let your users submit multiple entries of the same field set as a single form on your WordPress site? If so, you’re in luck! This is a plugin to help you do it!

Price: $25.00

Preslav – Theme


Preslav is a versatile WordPress theme that is fast, reliable, and user-friendly. Ideal for portfolios, small/medium businesses, agencies, and e-commerce shops, it offers abundant theme options and stunning block patterns with high-quality visuals to quickly establish and expand your online presence.

Optimized for speed, cross-browser compatibility, and mobile responsiveness, Preslav enhances your website’s search engine ranking. It is highly customisable, adaptable to any design, and features a convenient light/dark mode toggle. With developer-friendly coding and full support for WooCommerce and popular WordPress plugins, Preslav guarantees a top-notch experience. Discover the perfect WordPress theme in Preslav.

Price: Free

Yoga Kriya – Theme

Kriya Yoga

Yoga Kriya is a WordPress theme made for yoga studios, fitness centers, and wellness professionals. It has a beautiful design and offers various features for customisation.

With dedicated sections for yoga practices, class schedules, and instructor profiles, it helps create an engaging online presence. The theme integrates with popular plugins for online class bookings, calendar management, and class package sales.

It allows yoga studios to customise colours, fonts, and layouts easily, reflecting their brand identity. Also includes options for displaying images, testimonials, and client success stories, attracting potential students.

Price: Free

FotaWP – Theme


FotaWP is a versatile WordPress theme that offers a sleek website experience. It suits various niches like blogs, businesses, startups, e-commerce, portfolios, and more. With full-site editing support, it provides an innovative platform for customization. Choose from 50+ templates, personalize colors and fonts, and enjoy fast loading and responsiveness.

Price: Free

GOxtore – Theme


GOxtore is doubtlessly an impeccable WooCommerce WordPress theme. This theme is an adaptable and beautiful Electronics Store Elementor WooCommerce Theme. The theme is appropriate for a variety of products, including electronics, computers, phones, cameras, headphones, and more.

It is a completely responsive theme that looks fantastic and functions properly on any device and in all web browsers. If you utilise this theme, you can differentiate your store from others with its magnificent look and cutting-edge features.

Price: $19.00

NoStop – Theme

No Stop

NoStop – Gym and Fitness WordPress is a minimal, clean, and modern theme designed for gym, yoga, sports, and fitness-related businesses. It’s perfect for fitness experts, personal trainers, and yoga trainers who want an attractive and effective way to showcase their work to clients.

The theme is built on Elementor, a user-friendly drag-n-drop PageBuilder for WordPress, ensuring a smooth website creation experience. It is also responsive and looks great on various devices, including mobile and tablets.

Price: $59.00

Synapse – Theme


Synapse is a multipurpose WordPress theme that caters to a wide range of niche websites. Packed with a wealth of advanced tools and features, it enables you to create captivating and minimalistic blogs, portfolios, as well as robust online stores and business websites.

But its capabilities don’t stop there; harness the power of the integrated Synapse Builder to build an array of websites limited only by your imagination.

With the Header & Footer Builder, Form Builder, Popup Builder, and intuitive drag-and-drop visual editor, you can streamline your workflow and design remarkable pieces that establish a solid foundation for your online presence.

Price: $32.00

Druzhok – Font

druzhok font

Boba Mono – Font

Boba Mono

Kablammo – Font


Intel One Mono – Font

Intel One Mono Typeface

Caught – Font


Strategist – Font


Qimzy – Font


Tokyo Style – Font

Tokyo Style

Iconsans – Icons


Intelicons – AI Icon Kit

Intelicons Ai Icon Kit

Qubiko – AI Chatbot App UI Kit

Qubiko Ai Ai Chatbot App Ui Kit

130+ Web & Mobile App Mockups

130 Web And Mobile App Mockup

Back to School Illustration Pack

Back To School Illustration Pack

Tokotok – eCommerce App UI Kit

Tokotok Ecommerce App Ui Kit

UI Button Design System

Ui Button Design System

Crancy – Dashboard UI Kit for Figma

Crancy Admin Dashboard Figma Ui Kits Template

Bruddle – Neo Brutalism Coded UI Kit

Bruddle Neo Brutalism Coded Ui Kit


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