As designers or developers, we are continually looking for all of those design resources, tools and apps that can help make our life easier and increase our productivity & creativity.

So today is the day to showcase all of what’s new for designers and developers for August 2020, below I’ve added some newly released and updated resources from JavaScript scripts, jQuery plugins to a few apps, tools for web development including a range of themes and plugins for WordPress and to fonts, icons etc.

If you think I’ve missed something that you think should of been on the list, let me know in the comments or if you know of a new a that should be featured on the September 2020 roundup, please either tweet it to me @SomeWhatCrtv or even use the Submit Resource form and your resource could be seen on next month list.


Rando JS

Rando.js helps JavaScript developers code randomness more simply, readably, and securely. If you need to find a random int, float, array value, object property, jQuery element, character, or boolean, we’ve got you covered at a cryptographically strong level.


Form Button

Formbutton sends user feedback direct to your inbox or connects to your existing tools. It’s not an AI chat-bot or overbearing CRM platform.



Wechaty is a Wechat Bot SDK for Personal Account that lets you create software to extend the functionality of the Wechat, writen in Node.js with TypeScript, Support all platforms including Linux, Windows, Darwin(OSX/Mac) and Docker.



The browser-first testing framework

DNS Client – Mac App

Dns Client

DNS Client is networking developer tool for debugging Domain Name Servers. It gives an ability to create requests in human readable format and interprets responses. Supports all known DNS query types.

Price: Free

NoNotify – Mac App


NoNotify is a simple yet powerful menu bar app for your mac. It lets you pick the applications where you need to focus and turns on do not disturb when using these apps. Enjoy the silence and keep your focus!

Price: $5.99

Litur – iOS & Mac App


The best way to find, collect & organize your colors on iOS just made it’s way to macOS.The perfect toolkit to have as a designer. See color combinations, check color contrasts according to the WCAG guidelines, sync your colors and much more

Price: $Varies on which platform

Achieve: Goal Tracker – iOS App

Achieve Goal Tracker

Achieve is for all your goals, whether big or small. Create new personal goals, track its progress, and inspire yourself to achieve more. Achieve’s simplistic design helps you focus on what’s important – reaching your goals.

Price: Free

UrboTask – iOS App


Set unlimited number of tasks, reminders of notes, images, and links by just one-time payment, no monthly or annual fees.

Price: $1.99

App Starter – iOS App

App Starter

Do you have a great idea for an app? App Starter is the place to start! Written by experienced startup and software consultants, this handy guide will walk you through the essential steps to developing your idea—from the initial concept, to getting it built.

Price: Free

StatusTicker 2.0 – Web App


StatusTicker allows you to follow and monitor the statuses of your most critical services, all in one place. Use your Ticker on a screen in your office, and get real-time notifications sent to you and your team by email, SMS, Slack, and webhook.

Price: Start for free

Holo – Web App


Holo helps social marketers build & manage campaign briefs that empower content creators to do their best work.

Price: From $0.00 to $99.00 per user, per month

Tascflow – Web App


Tasclow is a straightforward copy of the same workflow I was using to track my game development projects.It makes things a lot easier than using a spreadsheet and a Google timer though!

Price: From $0.00 to $5.99 per month

Glances – Web App


From any web app (or even Slack via our /glances command) see all data related to an email address in a simplified customer view. Information gets pulled in real time from across your connected workplace applications into a single view saving time and hassle.

Price: Starting at $12.00 per user/month

FrontAid CMS

Front Aid Cms

FrontAid CMS is a decoupled and Git-based content management system. Content is stored in your own Git repository in the JSON text format. It works with all your current tools and you always own your data.



Bumbag is an accessible & themeable React UI Kit that allows you to rapidly build React applications whether it be an MVP or a large-scale application.

Github Readme Generator

Github Readme Generator

This project allows you to create nice and simple github profile readme files that will be included in your profile previews. You can include multiple things: Headers, subtitles, skills, banner, additional information, social media links and statistics badges.



a new concept of mailto and tel links


Glitch Tip

Every error from your project collected in real time and stored in one place, for an affordable price.



Halfmoon is a responsive front-end framework, designed for quickly building beautiful dashboards and product pages. Built-in dark mode, optional JavaScript library (no jQuery), Bootstrap like classes, and cross-browser compatibility (including IE11).


Style Stage

A modern CSS showcase styled by community contributions. Add your stylesheet!

Developer Handbook 2020

Developer Handbook 2020

An opinionated guide on how to become a professional Web/Mobile App Developer.



Capsize makes the sizing and layout of text as predictable as every other element on the screen. Using font metadata, text can now be sized according to the height of its capital letters while trimming the space above capital letters and below the baseline.



Puppertino is a framework designed based on the Human guidelines and iOS and macOS from Apple, while adding our own flavor to the mix. Puppertino is built to work with any framework available, so if you use Bootstrap, Bulma, Flexbox Grid, Skeleton, or any framework, you should still be able to use Puppertino without problems.



GhostDB is a distributed, in-memory, general purpose key-value data store that delivers microsecond performance at any scale that serves 200k+ requests per seconds on more than 1.5M concurrent keep alive connections per physical server.



A forward-thinking library of web components.


Kuber Machines

For developers to easily deploy , upscale and maintain kubernetes container applications. Deploy any containerized application with zero command line. A 100% managed Kubernetes Cloud that runs on Baremetal for 60% more performance.

Feather CMS

Feather Cms

Feather is a modern Swift-based content management system powered by Vapor 4. It is written in a modular fashion, the core system is highly extensible and everything can be dynamically managed using the web-based responsive admin system (dark mode support).



A virtual Apple Macintosh with System 8, running in Electron.

WoodPecker for WordPress – Plugin

Woodpecker For WordPress

Woodpecker for WordPress is a simple form builder that helps you gather contacts from your webpage and automate the process of data transfer between WordPress and Woodpecker.

You just need to connect it to your WordPress and enjoy the automatic transfer of prospects directly from your webpage into the Woodpecker campaign with no additional steps. You can gather lead’s name, email address or any other info you want to use in your Woodpecker campaigns.

Price: Free

Private Workroom – Plugin

Private Workrooms

WordPress plugin for small businesses and freelancers that allows you to easily bill and receive payments online. Start to sell services online with “Private Workrooms”!

Price: Free

Glossary by Arteeo – Plugin

Glossary By Arteeo

This plugin provides a multi-language glossary-block for the WordPress-Gutenberg-Editor. It also includes a backend to add, update and remove entries from within the glossary.

Price: Free

Jetpack CRM – Plugin

Jetpack Crm

Jetpack CRM is a new lightweight CRM (with all sorts of plugins and add-onds already) built on top of WordPress.

Price: Free to $30.00 per month

NovaShare – Plugin


A fast and lightweight social sharing plugin for WordPress that won’t slow down your site. Novashare was developed from the ground up with a performance-focused approach to increase your shares.

Price: From $29.95 per year for 1 site

WP Footprint – Plugin

Wp Footprint

WP Footprint is a WordPress and WooCommerce plugin that tracks the movements of your visitor so that you can figure out the behavior of your users and make the proper decisions based on data. You can use this information to reward loyal customers, provide discounts if they visit your site regularly, etc.

Price: $29.00

WhizzChat – Plugin

Whizz Chat WordPress Plugin

WhizzChat is a universal WordPress Chat Plugin that can allow your users to chat with each other on your website or can with the Admin and it can work with any custom post type.

Price: $39.00

VW Minimalist – Theme

Vw Minimalist

VW Minimalist is a great match for writers and bloggers. It provides a perfect platform for those who want to write a blog or write reviews about the food, fashion, clothing, travel, lifestyle, and more through their amazing blogs so this multipurpose minimalist theme can also be used for various kinds of business-oriented websites.

Price: Free

Hotel Vivanta – Theme

Hotel Vivanta

Hotel Vivanta is a beautiful free hotel and resort WordPress Theme designed specifically for hotels, resorts, restaurants, accommodation, lodges and travel websites. It has parallax effects, awesome room slider, excellent layouts.The layout is also responsive and mobile-ready, making sure your website looks stunningly on all devices and web browsers.

Price: Free

Agency Starter – Theme

Agency Starter

Agency Starter is a fully customizable theme, which You can use to develop any business site, hotel, travel agency, blog, portfolio, online store, shopping cart and eCommerce websites.

Price: Free

Yogger – Theme


Yogger is a clean Elementor template kit that is specially curated for healthy minds and fitter people like you! ThemeZaa has designed Yogger with a strong sense of latest UI and UX trends. Yogger Elementor template kit would be the best fit for any type of yoga studios, dance studios, zumba classes, and much more. Yogger is designed with fresh color with pace so that your target audience will get mindful experience without any distraction.

Price: $25.00

Koad – Theme


Koad is an elegant, luxury and trendy Bistro & Restaurant WordPress Theme. It’s a very simple, clean, and minimalist theme and is perfectly suited for the website of restaurants, food, cafe, or pizza. The Theme looks great and it will appeal to fans of the minimalist style. Theme content is based on Bootstrap System.

Price: $39.00

Picozo – Theme


Picozo is a beautiful choice if you’re looking for the bright WordPress theme that make your company look creative. It is designed for those who want to present a strong online presence and be on the top. Bright and creative, this theme is going to blow your customers away.

Price: $25.00

EduSphere – Theme


EduSphere is a thoughtfully conceived ‘All-in-One’ LMS WordPress theme, that is studded with premium features & functionalities. It is a perfect assist for e-learning portals, service providers, online/web tutorials, online coaches/teachers, global schools, colleges & universities, web tutors, etc.

Price: $29.00

Salting – Font


Aestetico – Font


Rotato – Font


VVDS Rashfield – Font

Vvds Rashfield

Atalintar – Font

Atalintar Natural Script Font

Anggita – Font

Anggita Calligraphy Font

Bondi Icons for your Mac

Bondi Icons For Your Mac

OMG Icons Set

Omg Icon Set

Free Social Icons

Free Social Icons

Discipline Icons


System UIcons

System Uicons

Free 3D Shape Pack


Erreur – Illustration Mobile Kit

Erreur Illustration Mobile Kit

Atlas – File Manager iOS UI Kit

Atlas File Manager Ios Ui Kit

Apple Widgets UI Kit for Figma

Apple Ios 14 Widgets Kit Auto Layout

Dark Universe – UI Kit

Dark Universe Ui Kit


What’s New for Designers & Developers for August 2020