Nearly every development and software projects, commercial or personal are now using Git for version control and it probably due to its basic functions like cloning, fetching, pulling, pushing, merging, and staging.

Even though there are many users feel comfortable using Git from the command line, but also there are GUI clients that can speed up your workflow, particularly if you are not familiar with the platform.

In this post, I’ll briefly explain what Git and recommend 8 Git GUI clients that you can choose from and can be used on various platforms.

What Is Git?

Git is an open-source version control system among developers. Initially, it was designed for collaborative projects between developers and Git is often used to store content and code in repositories.

The system also presents an environment where the code can be changed, with the revisions saved for use in the future. These repositories are stored on a remote server but also locally saved in every team member’s computers.

Git can be accessed and managed using command-line tools. But if you are new to Git, then you may want to start with something more manageable.

GUI clients are tools that provide alternative visualisation for Git.

1. Fork

Fork Git Client

Fork is a free and advanced GUI git client for both Mac and Windows that focuses on speed, user-friendliness and efficiency. It’s features include themed layout with quick action buttons, built-in merge conflict helper and resolver, repository manager, GitHub notifications, and more.

I like most features you find in Fork in the free GUI Git client. The functions I know including interactive rebase in beautiful UI, Git streaming, GIT LFS, cherry-pick, restore, submodules, etc.

2. GitHub Desktop

Github For Desktop

GitHub Desktop is another free and open-source customisable Electron-based Git client application developed by GitHub that allows you to interact with GitHub also other Git platforms including Bitbucket and GitLab.

Its features include a beautiful partitioning method that makes it easy to check branches with pull requests, and you can check the differences between images and code blocks even using drag and drop to add items to manage from the application.

3. Sublime Merge

Sublime Merge

Sublime Merge is a Git client for Mac, Windows, and Linux platforms. It’s been created by the same developer after Sublime Text source code editor.

This Sublime Merge contains all the qualities that Sublime Text users are satisfied with including fast performance, integrated merge tool, powerful search tool, advanced difference checker, etc. It is free to use, but like Sublime Text but you will need to pay $99.00 for extended license.

4. GitBlade

Git Blade

GitBlade is a Git client for Mac, Linux, and Windows platforms. It provides users with the functions you need to operate Git projects, that includes merge tools, visual graphics for displaying linked branches and commits and combined difference checking to View the differences between multiple add files at once, this is a tool for visualizing file history.

It can use all basic Git functions with 14-day Pro functions for free. GitBlade has a professional version at a price at $19.99 per user/year, and it includes a license that can be used on up to three computers, repository tab, unconventional tools, merge tools, etc.

5. GitKraken

Git Kraken

GitKraken is a cross-platform GUI Git client for use with version control systems that intergates also with GitHub, Bitbucket, GitLab, etc.

GitKraken strives to make you more a productive Git user by providing you with an intuitive UI, task tracking, built-in code editor, merge conflict editor, and support for integration with other platforms.

There’s a Pro version for commercial purposes and includes other features included such as merge conflict editor, multiple configuration files, and self-hosted repositories. GitKraken costs $49.00/user/year

6. Tower

Tower Git App

Tower is a paid GUI Git client available for Mac and Windows, and is currently one of the leading client applications among professionals.

Tower enables you to learn more about version control by allowing you to perform all Git actions in a visual representation of all instances. Tower includes sorting merge conflicts and collaborating on projects, and you can enjoy a 30-day free trial period, and if you like so much then it will cost you $69.00 per user/year or $99.00 per user/year or $149 per user/ year for the Basic, Pro subscriptions or Enterprise, respectively.

7. Sourcetree


Sourcetree is a free GUI Git client developed by Atlassian for Bitbucket that is for both Mac and Windows. It simplifies the version control process and allows you to focus on coding.

Sourcetree has a beautiful user interface that can be used to perform Git tasks and access Git streams by directly accessing Git streams, sub-modules, remote repo managers, support for Git Large File, local commit searches, etc. to visualise and manage repositories.

It can also be used in combination with other Git platforms and has built-in support for Mercurial repositories.

8. Aurees Git Client

Aurees Git Client

Aurees Git Client is the last client on this list, this Git client is free and is available on Mac, Windows, and Linux, designed to speed up the workflow by providing you with a simple and powerful application to manage all Git projects using the GUI.

Aurees provides you with the convenience of the intuitive operation of Git repositories, features includes excellent merge with preview, conflict resolution, built-in editor for difference checking, intuitive highlighting, etc.


8 Git GUI Clients for Developers