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Wireframe tools allow you to create a better experience for a user when mocking up a digital product easy as possible. Basically, a wireframe is a blueprint for your website, app or piece of software.

Building a wireframe can be simple or complex. It all depends on the type of product you are creating. It can be created with pencil and paper. Or either you can use a piece of software that can assist you and your efforts.

The main purpose of creating a wireframe is to map out the user interface elements as you plan to display them. Seeing how they relate to the proximity and function but as well how they can help a user achieve their goal when using your product.

Also when you create a wireframe it helps you to focus on what is important in the terms of the design foundation. It empowers you to be flexible in moving around design elements before committing to the final design.

So in this post, I’m featuring 6 Wireframe Tools to help you be prepared to give your product a strong design foundation.

1. Figma


So for this list, let’s start with a free one. Figma. One of the reasons why Figma is the first is because it combined a powerful cloud-based design tool and also free users can build three projects before you have to upgrade to one of its plans.

This tool is straightforward. You will notice that Figma does not have its own built-in UI components. But it does have an option to upload your own or use a pre-made kit.

It is remarkably easy to create artboards and add in basic shapes, text and do a level of prototyping. If you use this tool you will notice that the organisation of your design is in one panel which allows you to quickly move between different artboards, layers and pages.

Figma constraints, show you how each element will respond on different sized screens, which makes it easier to optimise your user experience (UX) for mobile devices.

You notice when you are working collaborative Figma allows you and other team members to access and edit the design as well as leave comments. Once you get the mockup up approved, you can then access the CSS code and export individual elements.

Its free for three projects, then its either $12 per editor/month or $45 per editor/month

2. Framer


Here’s another free option that is available for Mac or Windows. This is a web-based tool called Framer. It comes with a comprehensive option that is free and is ideal as a professional prototyping tool.

Framer comes with a huge selection of components that can be easily added and be a quick way to your wireframe with it’s own drag and drop interface.

The prototyping components that are included within Framer will display different visual states so you exactly can see how the components will look.

With the ability to share and present your work all you’ll need to is to share one link as the presentation model will lets you use custom backgrounds, device frames, and device hands.

Pricing, free up to 3 projects after 4 or more it’s $20 per editor/month

3. MockFlow


Functioning as a digital whiteboard. MockFlow is a web-based platform that has a large range of components of user interfaces. It includes iPhone, iPad, Android phone, Apple and Android watches.

One of the best benefits when using MockFlow is its huge user community. You’ll find a huge range of wireframe templates and UI packs that been added by the team at MockFlow.

These wireframes can either be exported as a broad range of formats, from HTML, Microsoft Word and even PDF. This tool comes with a set of collaborative tools. Such as real-time editing options and annotated comments.

There’s a basic version that is free but with others on this list, there are paid options that include more functionality.

4. Adobe XD

Adobe Xd

What kind of list it would be if I didn’t add Adobe XD. It is a vector-based design tool that has been designed to work in collaboration with other Adobe products. Products such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Adobe Fonts, and as well as Adobe Stock.

It focuses on making the wireframing process streamlined and easy. It has simple to use tools for designers to create site maps, flowcharts, and storyboards. But as well it has a full range of prototyping tools.

Adobe XD focus on giving designers tools to make rapid design, and has the platform that includes a repeat grid option, auto-animation and voice triggers, Also it includes a full set of collaborative working tools.

One of the downsides to this tool is that you will need to have an Adobe subscription to gain access to all of its functionality.

5. Sketch


Since hitting the market way back in 2010, Sketch transformed what it could be done with a wireframing tool.

Sketch’s intuitive and simple interface focus on creating effective UIs and icon vector designs. But unfortunately, it’s primarily a focus on designers that are Mac-based. Sketch doesn’t come with its own built-in UI library. But due because of its popularity and the huge number of third-party UI kits are you can find available it’s easy to upload, this feature is much like you find in Figma.

The standout feature of this tool is its Symbol function which allows you to create elements that are automatically been repeated throughout the entirety of your layout.

This tool is another ongoing subscription model at $9 per editor/month it also comes with unlimited free viewers. or you do the $99 per editor/year if you decide to do it that way. However, it does come with a 30-day free trial.

6. Justinmind


Justinmind is a wireframing tool available for Mac and Windows users and been specifically designed for the less tech savvy designers. And this platform is easy to learn, and less complicated than you find in options on this list.

The UI of it, is more in the form of simplistic, however it doesn’t mean that it’s lacks functionality. The Justinmind tool been built to allow you to create wireframes. These wireframes can be tested as prototypes right at the start. It includes a range of interactive prototype elements.

Plus, this tool includes a range of built-in UI elements. But as well iit has a range of widgets for iOS and Android. Lastly, you can use custom styling options to edit the included elements or import your own. Once the prototype been fished you then can be exported as HTML code.

Like many other tools on this list the pricing starts at a free version to a paid subscription starting at $9.

There are many other great wireframe tools, so which one is your favourite?


6 of the Best Wireframe Tools for Your Designs