This is the third of my yearly roundup of What’s New for Designers & Developers for 2020 in this roundup, I will be focusing on showing you what some of the great apps for your mobile whether it’s iOS or Android you’ll find an app that been released during this year.

I want to mention that not every app for your mobile that been featured in each of my roundups will be featured in today’s post, as I feel that this list could be enormous. So for your piece of reading pleasure, I will be splitting up the best of these apps into month of release. So lets get in to it.


Osiris Browser – iOS App


Welcome to the next evolution of web browsers. With Osiris, you can surf the Internet at an increased speed that’s 3-7x faster than other browsers. You can also enjoy watching your favorite videos without any worries of buffering, lagging or ad interruptions.

Price: Free

Datamore – Android App


Datamore saves mobile data when streaming video. It allows users to limit the data rate that video player apps can use and hence it is possible to make big data savings. In many cases quality differences are not noticeable even with big reductions in data rate

Price: Free

Zoho WorkDrive – iOS & Android App

Workdrive By Zoho

Transform the way your team works together—give them a secure, shared workspace, so their ideas have a home from conception to realization. Create, collaborate, and make teamwork happen.

Price: Free


Daily To-do List – iOS App

Daily To Do List

Daily To-do list is the most easiest way to conquer your daily task. Enter your tasks, prioritize your list and get shit done! View your history and see all that you accomplished. That’s it!

Price: Free

Aurora – iOS App

Aurora Color Picker

Aurora is a beautiful and powerful color picker and dictionary app with a Live camera picker, image color-replacement, Pantone and Crayola palettes, and more. The slick animations complement the app’s iOS-centric UI.

Price: $2.99


weWake – iOS App


weWake is a collaborative alarm clock for you and your friends. Our alarm will call you and a friend of your choice and connect you, so you can talk to each other to begin your day. weWake will keep you accountable and help you tackle mornings, together.

Price: Free

Clatters – iOS App


Clatters is a simple, beautiful, and convenient iOS app to easily monitor in one place your brand name, product name or any other keyword on your favorite social networks – Twitter, Reddit, HackerNews and even comments from the iOS App Store.

Price: Free


Adaptive Care – iOS App

Adaptive Care

Track and manage the daily care needs for yourself, family members, or your patients

Price: Free

Handwash Hero – iOS App

Handwash Hero

Handwash Hero makes washing your hands fun! It reminds you to wash at set intervals. And lets you compete yourself to become the Handwash Hero!

Price: Free


Ayecon – iOS & Mac App

Ayecon App

Ayecon is a valuable developer tool for those who make apps, allowing them to quickly and easily generate all required icon sizes, and the respective assets catalog and JSON file so that it can be dragged into Xcode directly.

Price: $3.99

Vincent – iOS App

Vincent App

Your one-stop inbox for design and front-end news, curated daily by real people.

Price: Free


AuthPass – Android & iOS App


Keep track of your accounts and auto generate passwords. AuthPass is compatible with KeePass (kdbx) files and supports WebDAV, Google Drive and One Drive. It’s based on Flutter and currently supports Android, iOS and MacOS. Windows/Linux coming soon(ish).

Price: Free

Tasks – iOS App


Task managers should not make organising your daily tasks difficult. Your everyday tasks are not just ‘Todo’ or ‘Done’, but can hang in various states. Tasks helps you get a hold on your daily tasks through a beautiful app that Apple should’ve made.

Price: Free



Price: Free

Octopus mini – iOS App


Octopus mini is a super simple website certificates monitoring app made for developers.

Price: Free

Subs 2.0 – iOS App

Subs Subscriptions Tracker

Subs is a handy iOS app to control your subs. With this app you can gather all your subs in one app, control their costs and receive payment notifications and you can monitor your sub trial period and turn it off on time if you don’t want to pay the money!

Price: Free


Achieve: Goal Tracker – iOS App

Achieve Goal Tracker

Achieve is for all your goals, whether big or small. Create new personal goals, track its progress, and inspire yourself to achieve more. Achieve’s simplistic design helps you focus on what’s important – reaching your goals.

Price: Free

App Starter – iOS App

App Starter

Do you have a great idea for an app? App Starter is the place to start! Written by experienced startup and software consultants, this handy guide will walk you through the essential steps to developing your idea—from the initial concept, to getting it built.

Price: Free


Quit Anger – iOS App

Quit Anger

Quit Anger is a mental health and self-care app to help manage and control anger. It can be used by anyone who is coping with anger problems, stress, or anxiety.

Price: Free

Clink – iOS App


Clink helps you keep track of all the links, meeting IDs, and passwords for video meetings while working or learning from home,. With Clink, simply paste your video meeting links from virtually any meeting platform to save and organize them in one place.

Price: $0.99

Rhea – Android App


Rhea. is a task management application that helps you manage your schedule. , It reminds you of the time progress of tasks anytime, anywhere, allowing you to complete tasks on time and improve efficiency.

Price: Free


Stream – iOS App


With Stream all your feeds appears as a unified timeline. With its simple user interface, ability to import existing lists, and support for open reading standards, Stream is a great choice if you’re looking for a different experience.

Price:  Free

Loop Network – iOS App

Loop Network

Loop is a closed-circuit social network where you can only have 20 close friends. You are also introduced to and interact with the friends of your close friends, optimizing the ’friend of a friend’ concept to introduce you to people all over the world.


Veeda – iOS app


Veeda is an iOS app designed to seamlessly and effortlessly collect health data from the Apple Watch or other health tracking devices of people being monitored (Person/s Under Care) by their family members, health care professionals or caregivers (Monitor).

Price: Free

Air Lookout – iOS app


Unlike weather, air quality can be harder to understand. That’s why Air Lookout presents actionable information in easy to understand language. Air Lookout works on iOS, iPadOS, watchOS, watchOS complications and now supports Shortcuts and iOS 14 Widgets.

Price: Free


PolyGit – iOS App

Polygit Ios Git Client

An iOS Git client designed for simplicity and ease of use. Your entire commit history is accessible with just a few taps. Git has never been easier than this.

Price: Free

Authenticator – iOS App


Authenticator generates secure 2 step verification tokens on your device. It helps you to protect your accounts even more.

Price: Free


What’s New for Designers & Developers from 2020: Mobile Apps