The best new tools for designers are ones that make your life easier and your workflows faster. You’ll find some of those in this list this month for sure.

From tools that handles nearly every aspect of web development, apps that get you to understand your visitor behaviour, annual survey about the latest trends in the CSS ecosystem. Guide to get you started with everything UX. Themes and plugins for WordPress, fonts, UI kits and more. So there’s something for almost every designer or developer in this list.

If you think I’ve missed something that you think should of been on the list, let me know in the comments or if you know of a new a that should be featured on the October 2023 roundup, please either tweet it to me @SomeWhatCrtv or even use the Submit Resource form and your resource could be seen on next month list.



Linkify is a JavaScript plugin. Use Linkify to find links in plain-text and convert them to HTML <a> tags. It automatically highlights URLs, #hashtags, @mentions and more.

Vite React Boilerplate

Vite React Boilerplate

A production ready, scalable starter template for Vite + React



JavaScript based diagramming and charting tool that renders Markdown-inspired text definitions to create and modify diagrams dynamically.

Perspective v2.5.0


Perspective is an interactive analytics and data visualization component, which is especially well-suited for large and/or streaming datasets. Use it to create user-configurable reports, dashboards, notebooks and applications, then deploy stand-alone in the browser, or in concert with Python and/or Jupyterlab.

Better Select

Better Select

Better Select is a minimal custom select, with the option to fallback to the native select on mobile devices.

LocalCan – Mac App


Forget about creating HTTPS certificates manually 😩, remembering port numbers and IP addresses 😢, or editing /etc/hosts 😭! All of this is handled by LocalCan, so you can focus on you app and not the setup.

Price: $19.00 for 1 macOS device, $29.00 for 2 macOS device, $99.00 for 10 macOS device

Multi – Mac App


Multi, a collaboration layer that makes your apps and operating system multiplayer. Multi brings the joy and ease of building together to digital work, so that people can do their best work every day, no matter where they are.

Price: Currently invite-only

Cork – Mac App


Cork is a lightning-fast, macOS-native graphical companion to the Homebrew package manager. It lets you install packages, add taps, maintain your Homebrew installation, and much more.

Price: Free

Auro – iOS App


Auro is an iOS App that allows you to record, organize, and recall your thoughts. Press a button and record whatever you want (journaling, ideas, brainstorming). Auro will generate a summary and key points from your memos so you can easily recall them.

Price: Free (Offers In-App Purchases)

Peaks – iOS App


Peaks provides a deep understanding of your circadian rhythm, a scientifically-backed daily cycle influencing your body functions. With personalised routines synced to this rhythm, Peaks empowers better sleep, increased energy, and enhanced productivity.

Price: Free (Offers In-App Purchases)

Seoship – Web App


Gain a high level overview of your project’s SEO performance, such as backlink profiles, ranking keywords, recommendations and general keyword research

Price: Starting at $9.00 per month to $19.00 per month

Datapulse – Web App


Learn where, why, and how people engage with your product in real time. Get a deeper understanding of visitor behavior across devices and platforms.

Price: Free while in Beta

Tracky – Web App


Tracky serves as a comprehensive project management solution designed specifically for freelancers. Within this platform, freelancers can effortlessly monitor their working hours, generate to-do lists, manage tasks, maintain notes, generate spreadsheets, and even create invoices with ease.

Price: Free to $3.00 per month

CSS Selectors: A Visual Guide

Css Selectors A Visual Guide

This guide serves as your map, detailing and visualizing these essential selectors.

Maily To

Maily is a free and open-source editor that makes it hassle-free to craft beautiful emails. It comes with a set of pre-built components and opinionated design that you can use to build your emails.



A social time tracker for VS Code. That shows you how many hours you have coded vs your friends. It also shows you, what projects & languages your friends are working on.

State of CSS 2023

State Of Css 2023

The 2023 edition of the annual survey about the latest trends in the CSS ecosystem.

Code Snippets Manager

Code Snippets Manager

A Notion template designed for developers. Organize, access, and manage code snippets effortlessly. Streamline your workflow and find your code in a snap.



Giterate turns your Github repository history (pull requests, linked issues) into a customizable, user-facing changelog. It also sends updates to your team in Slack or Discord to keep everyone, not just engineers, aligned on what’s been shipped.



Mailwind is a simple and easy-to-use API that lets you send powerful and transactional emails with responsive and customizable Tailwind CSS templates.



WebGlossary is a glossary primarily focused on web development, but extending to many related fields. It is based on the living book The Web Development Glossary by Jens Oliver Meiert (Frontend Dogma). It currently includes 3,591 entries, some of which have several meanings.


Seamlessly navigate from user session replays to correlated backend logs and API requests in just a few clicks. Say goodbye to juggling multiple tools—HyperDX streamlines the process, identifying root causes of customer issues at a fraction of the cost.



MultiDB QueryFlex is an all-in-one Database Query Generator designed for developers working with various database systems like SQL, PostgreSQL, Firebase, MongoDB, Prisma, or other platforms.



Valyent is a PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) software, that allows developers to deploy any dockerizable application in minutes.



Dotsync is a small, free, open-source and blazingly fast dotfiles synchronizer!



OpenStatus is an open source alternative to your current monitoring service with a beautiful status page.



A single source of truth for design documentation that is shared across design, product, development, marketing, sales and even management. With Doccot’s Figma Plugin, the process is fast and effortless, helping designers take their work to the next level.


Create and export Lottie animations to your websites and apps easily! – Import SVGs, Lotties, from Figma or create from scratch – Animate with a simple but powerful timeline – Export as Lottie, Gif or MP4 to any platform.

The UX Cookbook

The Ux Cookbook

Handcrafted recipes to get you started with everything UX — user research, design, usability testing, and more.


Continue is the open-source autopilot for software development—a VS Code extension that brings the power of ChatGPT to your IDE



AudioCraft is a PyTorch library for deep learning research on audio generation. AudioCraft contains inference and training code for two state-of-the-art AI generative models producing high-quality audio: AudioGen and MusicGen.

Calculator Blocks – Plugin

Calculator Blocks

Turn spreadsheets into immersive content with interactive forms for personalized results. Add pre-made templates in seconds or start customizing your own for free. Responsive and fast – this easy-to-use block will help you drive traffic and boost conversions.

Price: Free

GutSlider – Plugin


GutSlider stands as a tailor-made Gutenberg Block, enabling effortless creation of sliders or carousels without the necessity of coding expertise. Swift and lightweight, it exclusively loads scripts solely on pages featuring the block. This feature boasts extensive customisability, seamlessly integrating with any theme and showcasing compatibility across the entire spectrum of WordPress themes.

Price: Free

Citations – Plugin


This Plugin introduces practical citation functionality to the WordPress Block Editor, aiming to streamline the process of adding references to your content.

Price: Free

Builderius – Plugin


Achieve a competitive edge with Builderius’ tools built for best practices and modern web standards. Build fully accessible websites, improve performance scores, and rank higher in SEO with ease. Easily use data from any source with Builderius.

Price: 1 website $59.00 or Unlimited sites $129.00

BerqWP – Plugin


BerqWP represents an advanced WordPress plugin meticulously crafted to elevate the performance and user engagement of your website. At its core, BerqWP is geared towards enhancing Core Web Vitals, effectively aligning your site with contemporary performance benchmarks designated by search engines.

Through BerqWP, you’re not solely accelerating your website’s speed, but also laying the foundation for enhanced search engine standings and an elevated user experience that resonates with your visitors.

Price: 1 website $59.00 or Unlimited sites $129.00

RnBCal – Plugin


The RnB Calendar plugin stands as a robust WooCommerce add-on meticulously crafted for rental and booking enterprises. It seamlessly produces Calendar ICS files, facilitating the effortless monitoring of order statuses and delivering instant updates in real-time.

Through its extensive array of functionalities, this plugin elevates the organizational aspect and guarantees a smooth user journey for your clientele. Maintain utmost control over your rental and booking undertakings with the RnB Calendar plugin, harnessing its adept event management features.

Price: $49.00

BSoJ – Theme


BSoJ (Blue Screen of Joy) takes its inspiration from the well-known Blue Screen of Death, serving as a unique blog theme.

Price: Free

Sadhu – Theme


Sadhu is a dynamic child theme of Martanda WPKoi, accessible at for theme demos. With a lively grid design, it’s perfect for portfolios, businesses, and agencies. Its multipurpose nature allows you to showcase art, launch a blog, start an online store, and more.

The demos utilize Elementor, WooCommerce, and Contact Form 7 plugins, with a premium demo including Sadhu premium plugin. Its intuitive admin, customizable features, and block-based templates make coding skills unnecessary. With responsiveness across devices, build your site with Sadhu Theme and share it globally!

Price: Free

Knote – Theme


Knote is a Google core web vitals optimized WordPress theme, prioritizing speed and customization. Ideal for diverse websites like blogs, businesses, portfolios, and eCommerce shops. Works seamlessly with popular plugins like Elementor, Yoast, RankMath, and WooCommerce.

Price: Free

WPNotion – Theme


A sleek WordPress theme inspired by Notion aesthetics. Enjoy a minimal, fast, and customizable experience, complete with a captivating Custom options & dark mode option. Perfect for Notion enthusiasts.

Price: $5.00

Azino – Theme


Azino is a modern and creative WordPress Theme tailored for non-profit, charity, and fundraising websites. Utilizing the popular Elementor page builder, Azino caters to campaigns, donations, events, and more. With vital pages like Causes, Blog, Events, Gallery, Volunteers, and responsive design.

The theme provides a comprehensive solution. It supports multiple languages with RTL compatibility, offers a donation feature with integrated payments, and boasts one-click demo import for quick setup.

Price: $29.00

Techme – Theme


Techme is a Multipurpose Personal Portfolio WordPress Theme. It’s your ultimate solution for crafting a captivating online presence! Whether you’re a Creative Designer, Web Developer, Freelancer, Digital Marketer, or even a Psychiatrist, this WordPress theme has got you covered with its multipurpose magic.

With Techme, say goodbye to boring websites! Its creative, minimalist, and clean design will make your content shine like never before.

Price: $29.00

Bricolage Grotesque – Font

Bricolage Grotesque

Akony – Font


Saturday Night – Font

Saturday Night

Middle Earth Variable – Font

Middle Earth Variable

Novelin – Font


Bridgera – Font


Almond Buttery – Font

Almond Buttery

Transhumans Illustrations


Confetti 3D Icon

3d Confetti Icon

1,100+ UI Icons

1,100+ Ui Icons

Extra Thicc Icon Set

Extra Thicc Icon Set

Email Template

Email Template



Oceanik – Advanced Design System for Figma

Oceanik Advanced Design System For Figma

Sport App UI Kit

Sport App Ui Kit

Roi 7Presuade – Pitch Deck Dashboard UI Kit

Roi7presuade Pitch Deck Dashboard Ui Kit

CRMHUB – SaaS Dashboard UI Kit

Crmhub Saas Dashboard Ui Kit




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