As designers or developers, we are continually looking for all of those design resources, tools and apps that can help make our life easier and increase our productivity & creativity.

So today is the day to showcase all of what’s new for designers and developers for May 2020, below I’ve added some newly released and updated resources from JavaScript scripts, jQuery plugins to a few apps, tools for web development including a range of themes and plugins for WordPress and to fonts, icons etc.

If you think I’ve missed something that you think should of been on the list, let me know in the comments or if you know of a new a that should be featured on the June 2020 roundup, please either tweet it to me @SomeWhatCrtv or even use the Submit Resource form and your resource could be seen on next month list.



Blitz is a Rails-like framework for monolithic, full-stack React apps — built on Next.js



Redwood is an opinionated, full-stack, serverless web application framework that will allow you to build and deploy JAMstack applications with ease.



Rome is experimental and in active development. It is open for contributors and those interested in experimental tools.

GitHubStatus – Mac App

Github Status Mac App

A Mac menu bar app to keep an eye on the status of GitHub. Don’t know why your commit wasn’t pushed? Now you’ll quickly see why when the icon at the top of your screen changes colour!

Price: Free

Pixea – Mac App


Pixea is an image viewer for macOS with a nice minimal modern user interface. Pixea works great with JPEG, HEIC, PSD, RAW and many other formats. Supports keyboard shortcuts and trackpad gestures. Shows images inside archives, without extracting them.

Price: Free

Codespace – Mac App

Codespace Code Repo for Mac

Organise your snippets into branded folders. Find the code you’re looking for instantly and share it with your friends with a single click. Available as a native app on all desktop platforms.

Price: $12.00

Ayecon – iOS & Mac App

Ayecon App

Ayecon is a valuable developer tool for those who make apps, allowing them to quickly and easily generate all required icon sizes, and the respective assets catalog and JSON file so that it can be dragged into Xcode directly.

Price: $3.99

EasyLetter – iOS & Mac App

Easy Letter

EasyLetter is the efficient way to create letters on iOS and macOS. Writing a well-formatted letter can be tedious. Especially when in a rush, you don’t want to deal with formatting – you just want to start writing and being productive having a great result.

Price: $2.99

OffScreen – iOS App

Offscreen Ios App

OffScreen 2.0 has a major update to help people focus on what matters when you working/studying from home. Less screen time can reduce your anxiety obviously. Pomodoro timer, Focus data analysis, Screen time calendar… and many more can improve your workflow

Price: Free

Vincent – iOS App

Vincent App

Your one-stop inbox for design and frontend news, curated daily by real people.

Price: Free – Web App

Login Sh provides a set of features to avoid the pain of managing public-key authorisation on your server fleet. You only have to invite your team members, organise them in groups and assign the servers each group can access. It also offers automatic deployments of public keys using non-intrusive integrations.

Price: $0.00 per month to $99.00 per month 

Kanban Boards by Crowdsourcer – Web App

Kanban Boards By Crowdsourcer

Create your MVPs, games, apps and more quicker and easier with the introduction of Kanban boards to Boost your team’s productivity with the highly visible, infinitely customisable boards and lists you’ve been asking us for.

Price: Free

Hocus – Web App


The fast, easy-to-use time tracking app. Hocus was built for freelancers and teams of all sizes, it is the lightweight tool that fades into the background and lets you focus on doing great work.

Price: Free

Blymp – Web App

Blymp is a webapp that allows you to easily transfer files between devices with high speeds.It uses modern technologies like WebRTC, Blobs and WebSockets to allow files to be transferred as fast as possible. And it’s ad-free!

Price: Free

App Calculator – Web App

App Cost Calculator

Inoxoft app cost calculator is a reasonable way to learn the price of the app without writing request emails, waiting for the response or trying to search in Google how much what service is priced in the IT market.

Price: Free


Style Stash

Inspect, edit, and save your favorite CSS styles from any element on any web page without leaving your browser! Pop saved styles on to any element to live preview them, and browse your collection of saved styles in the StyleBrowser.


Shorthand Css

Shorthand is a free and open source CSS framework, that allows you to make unique and modern design without writing any CSS.



A powerful tool and a concept of creating boilerplate source code from a template. It defines a protocol on how to generate bootstrap boilerplate source code for a project/app very easily.



CSS only library to fill your empty background with beautiful patterns.


Backstage Developer Portal

Meet the first open-source developer portal that puts the developer experience first. With a unified frontend for all your infrastructure tooling, Backstage gets developers up and running faster, which makes them happier.

Secret Hub


Like a traditional password manager does for humans who log into websites, SecretHub automatically injects passwords and keys whenever a machine needs to ‘log into’ another machine, allowing to automate software delivery without leaking secrets in your pipeline.

BEM Cheat Sheet

Bem Cheat Sheet

This tool aims to help you to not get lost in the BEM cosmos by giving you naming-suggestions for some of the most common web components.



Reduce your build times with Repman, its free, open-source PHP private package repository manager for Composer. Thanks to a dedicated CDN proxy for Packagist, Repman can speed up PHP dependencies downloads up to 80%.


Imap Api

IMAP API is a self hosted application for accessing IMAP accounts over REST API. IMAP API daemon connects to user’s IMAP account, translates API requests to IMAP and also sends webhooks for changes like new or deleted emails.



Preview Web Links with the free API service. Get JSON Response for any URL.

Selectors Explained

Selectors Explained

A CSS selector to plain English translator.



Beautifully boring cosmetic-free React.js components for structure and layout. Use raam’s layout primitives to build resilient theme-driven designs fast.


Cupper Documentation Builder

A documentation builder for inclusive designers and those trying to be inclusive designers

Brandfetch for Adobe XD

BrandFetch for Adobe XD

Fetch brands into Adobe XD



98.css is a CSS library for building interfaces that look like Windows 98.

No Deploy Friday

Don't Deploy On Friday

It was scientifically proven that deploying on a Friday evening increases the chance of having a broken production server on the weekend. No Deploy Friday is a GitHub Action that will make sure that you don’t do it.

PixOps – Plugin

Pixops Image Optimization

PixOps handles your images on our AWS S3 with cloudfront as a CDN. It does not delete images on your server or ask you to upload image. it just change the url and append prefix in your images url which later works on our CDN domain.

Price: Free

wpEasyDocs – Plugin


wpEasyDocs is a document store & management plugin which will save you a lot of time and headache. Simply Drag and Drop the files you want to upload and soon you will be able to use the built-in editor to manage all the important properties of your documents with just a few clicks.

Price: Free

WP DeskLite – Plugin

Wp Desk Lite

WP Desklite is a simple, easy to use, web-based customer helpdesk, and support ticket system. Users can create a ticket from the front-end. WP Desklite comes packed with a bunch of features that help you to run a support ticket with no extra cost.

Price: Free

Save for Later with WooCommerce – Plugin

Save For Later With Woocommerce

Save for Later with WooCommerce allows customers to save their favorite cart items and buy them later with ease. The saved items will appear in a list at the bottom of the Cart page, with or without other items being added to the cart.

Price: $16.00

WP Appointment – Plugin

Wp Appointment

WP Appointment is an easy to use and powerful scheduling tool for service providers. It gives you an automatic booking and online scheduling of your services, saving your time and money. Moreover, it supports a wide range of services provided by businesses, individuals that provide online booking services through websites.

Price: $15.00

TMDb Pro – Plugin

Tmdb Pro

TMDb Pro is a WordPress shortcode plugin that featured for getting a movie’s or TV show’s details from The Movie Database (

Price: $14.00

Distance – Theme

Distance Lite

Distance Lite is a multi-purpose theme that you can use for blog and business websites. The theme has a clean look with minimalist style and beautiful blog layout. In the front page you can display your blog or a static page. The theme comes loaded with 28 social media icons to have your visitors connect to you, easily upload your logo image and favicon, styling for Contact Form 7 plugin are among the features.

Price: Free

Versatile Business – Theme

Versatile Business

Versatile Business is a light multipurpose business  theme that comes with a smooth design and extremely impressive functionality to unleash your website. The new multipurpose business theme is packed with features like Featured Content, Hero Content, What We Do, and more. All of these features have been set to keep multipurpose business websites in mind

Price: Free

Fullscreenly – Theme


Fullscreenly is an SEO friendly & responsive theme made for blogging.  The theme is simple to setup but has a lot of features for both affiliate marketing, i.e. lots of advertisement space for affiliate programs such as Google AdSense – of course this kind of website requires a SEO optimized, creative & modern theme which Fullscreenly is.

Price: Free

Aira – Theme


This is Aira it’s an Air Conditioning & HVAC Repair WordPress Theme, packed-up with niche functionalities and blocks, this theme is powered by Aheto plugin. It includes unique service pages that will suit your service requirements, also such as unique and specially dedicated pages.

The theme is not limited to just for Conditioning purposes and could easily be adapted to suit a wide range of applications and it’s compatible with such free and premium plugins as Contact form 7, Booked, Google Maps, Elementor, and Gutenberg. 

Price: $19.00

Itonga – Theme


Itonga is an easy-to-use portfolio  theme for freelancers and agencies. Itonga is an automated theme which means that all you have to do is create your posts and upload your images and Itonga will automatically arrange your projects into sliders and grids.

The theme has 8 different portfolio showcase layout, 6 different portfolio listing layouts, 10 different blog listing layouts, 2 custom portfolio item layouts, 3 custom posts layouts, 3 custom page layouts, dozens of configurable options and all of this you can manage with one click of your mouse in user friendly WordPress Customizer or when adding new post or page.

Price: $39.00

Houzillo – Theme


Houzillo has been designed and developed keeping in mind the market need for property rental systems allowing easy and user friendly posting and booking system for both, property owners and tenants. A lot of thought has been put into this feature rich WordPress theme and would be a great choice for people interested in setting up property rental systems and similar businesses etc.

Price: $99.00

Bebrush – Font


Osaka Chips – Font

Osaka Chips

Thrifty – Font


Kunamy – Font


Beard Canye – Font

Beard Canye

Silka Mono – Font

Silka Mono

Northern Light – Font

Northern Light Serif Font

Hive – Font

Hive Free Font

Wattgone – Font

Wattgone Handbrush Font

Lordicon 500+ animated icons

Lordicon 500+ Animated Icons

35 Transportation Icons

35 Free Transportation Icons

67 Free device Icons

67 Free Device Icons

20 Summer Vector Icons

20 Summer Vector Icons

Remote Work – Illustrations

Remote Work

Merge Wireframing UI Kit

Merge Wireframing Ui Kit

Slada – eCommerce App UI Kit

Slada Ecommerce App Ui Kit

Open Source Dashboards UI Kit

Open Source Dashboards Ui Kit

Ozine UI Kit

Ozine Ui Kit


What’s New for Designers & Developers for May 2020