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The best new tools for designers are ones that make your life easier and your workflows faster. You’ll find some of those in this list this month for sure.

From tools to help you a couple of lightweight JavaScript libraries, a few app for macs to boost productivity. Helpful resources to development times  Some WordPress themes, plugins and UI kits/fonts. So there’s something for almost every designer or developer.

But, if you think I’ve missed something that you think should of been on the list, let me know in the comments or if you know of a new a that should be featured on the March 2023 roundup, please either tweet it to me @SomeWhatCrtv or even use the Submit Resource form and your resource could be seen on next month list.


Scrollyvideo Js

Responsive scrollable videos without obscure video encoding requirements. Compatible with React, Svelte, Vue, and plain HTML.



Structura.js is a very fast and lightweight Typescript library which allows to create immutable states with a mutable syntax. Its based on the idea of structural sharing.


Bay Js

An easy to use, lightweight library for web-components.

Aptakube – Mac/Window App

A modern, lightweight and multi cluster desktop client for Kubernetes. Connect to multiple clusters simultaneously as if it was just one big cluster. View logs and manage all your Kubernetes resources from your machine!

Price: $99.00 for Personal License or $89.00 device Team License

Lasso – Mac App

Say goodbye to frustrating, hard-to-remember keyboard shortcuts! Lasso solves the problem with an easy-to-use grid system where you can click and drag to move and resize windows.

Price: €9.99 to €15.99 (Prices in Euro)

Homerow – Mac App

Keyboard shortcuts are fast and awesome. But there are still many actions that require you to reach out for the mouse. Homerow solves this by allowing you to search and click on every button or link in macOS.

Price: Pay once, use forever. It’s between $29.00 and $49.00

RemNote – iOS App

Remnote For Mobile

RemNote is an all-in-one learning tool that combines note-taking, knowledge management, flashcards, and spaced repetition to enable effective and efficient learning. Sure, it’s a note-taking tool. But there’s also flashcards, PDFs, backlinks, and more – to help you study, stay organized, and think.

Price: Free

Vision – iOS App

Vision To Do List For Makers

Vision is a to do list app that helps indie makers and entrepreneurs reach their objectives and be more productive. Easily plan your day according to your weekly and monthly goals. Never lose sight of your long terms objectives.

Price: Free

NotifyLog – Web App


Build, monitor and show real-time event notifications in minutes, not days, with NotifyLog.

Price: Free

OneUptime – Web App

uptime monitoring

OneUptime replaces services like, PagerDuty, and Pingdom with one simple platform that lets you monitor your apps and alert your team instantly when downtime happens

Price: Starting from Free to $84.00 per month/user

Octonius – Web App


Octonius is a work management platform created for teams small and large with the purpose of helping managers create a single source of truth for their organisation. It can be used in the cloud or deployed on your organization’s infrastructure.

Price: You’ll need to get a quote for your organization

Sailboat UI

Sailboat Ui

Sailboat UI is a modern UI component library for Tailwind CSS. Get started with 150+ open-source Tailwind CSS components, and make it easy to build your products.

Open Devdocs

Open Dev Docs

Open Devdocs is programming documentation that anyone can edit. By users, for users — with tons of examples and clear explanations. It’s like a combination of Wikipedia and Stack Overflow, built for developers who read the docs dozens of times per day and need something hyper-optimized for them.


Argos Ci

Developer-first visual testing platform. Say goodbye to pesky visual bugs and hello to seamless pull request reviews. Argos makes installation a breeze with CI integration and testing framework plugins. Argos works with all stacks.

UI Content


UI Content is Lipsum alternative, the perfect solution for UI designers looking to add engaging and meaningful content to your projects.



Get dummy/fake JSON data to use as placeholder in development or in prototype testing.



Bito’s AI Assistant from your IDE or Chrome makes it easy to write code, understand syntax, write test cases, explain code, comment code, check security, and even explain high-level concepts, The list goes on and on…



Copy unicode characters and symbols!



BlogHunch is an SEO-optimized, flexible No-Code blogging platform that lets you build and manage your blog without worrying about servers, developers, branding, and SEO.


An opinionated collection of components, hooks, and utilities for your Next.js project.

Disclaimer Generator

Disclaimer Generator

A disclaimer generator tool is a great tool for website and app owners, as it allows them to easily create a disclaimer for their website or app. This is especially important for website and app owners.



A framework that let’s you develop desktop apps from websites, using system installed browsers and NodeJS.

Flash Cache – Plugin

Flash Cache

Flash Cache is a powerful plugin which optimizes the websites speed thanks to processes and technologies that reduces the overload of the websites where it is installed, improving the velocity till 10x comparing with other cache plugins for WordPress.

Price: Free

Admin Help Docs – Plugin

Admin Help Docs

Site developers and operators can easily create help documentation and notices for the admin area. Include a help section with pages of instructions, or add a help box just about anywhere on the back-end.

Price: Free

Profiler – Plugin


This Plugin allow you to run most important test for performance, request time and number of database queries. You will be able to detect plugin which cause troubles and result with longer waiting time for request results.

Price: Free

Titan Preloaders & Page Transitions – Plugin

Titan Preloaders & Page Transitions WordPress Plugin

All-in-one Pre-loader Plugin for WordPress that comes with intuitive editor, exclusive features & award-winning designs collection. Enhance the user experience with modern pre-loader designs brought to life with hand crafted beautiful animations.

Price: $39.00

Flytrap – Plugin

Flytrap WordPress Automated

Flytrap is an automated testing platform for WordPress that allows web developers to build various tests for their website with an intuitive visual builder. Create amazing tests for your customers or business quickly, without writing a single line of code.

Price: $9.00

Carnival Lite – Theme

Carnival Lite

Carnival Lite is a free art gallery WordPress theme designed for museum and art gallery. It is a fully responsive and retina-ready theme with a clean design and modern look. The homepage of this theme is highly attractive and customisable.

Everything on the homepage is customisable, starting from colours and fonts to layouts and backgrounds. You will get a great variety of options to choose from.

Price: Free

VisionArt – Theme


VisionArt is a free photography WordPress block theme for full site editing. The theme comes with a light color scheme with an amazing design. With Full Site Editing features, you can customize your site the way want. All the block patterns are simple and easy to use so drag and drop the blocks and build the content perfectly.

Price: Free

Kapa – Theme


Kapa is a modern responsive WordPress Theme built for Car Repair & Auto Services websites. It includes multiple demo variations, including a blog and inner pages. The theme is developed using Elementor, ACF Pro, Redux, Bootstrap, and Sass.

Also, WooCommerce shopping features are included. Also, this theme has Contact Form 7 plugin submission, Newsletter plugin submission, well commented, and easily customisable source code with detailed documentation. These features will help to make the theme use and customisation based on the ultimate needs.

Price: $15.00

Campo – Theme


Campo is a WordPress theme exclusively built for sport clubs, sport teams and local sport leagues having in mind fans’ needs and interests. It is fully responsive, retina ready and easy to customize.

This WordPress Theme features 9 original homepages. Campo’s design and ready-made contents make this theme an excellent choice for medical and healthcare businesses. This WP theme is built having in mind actual needs of medical practices and their clients and patients.

Among many great features there are also before & after images to showcase your work, timetable to show doctors’ working hours and allow visitors to book an appointment online and cost calculator to enable websites visitors to calculate total cost of services they need.

Price: $39.00

Sztos – Font


VVDS Fifties – Font

Vvds Fifties

Eligra – Font

Eligra Font

ABC Idea – Font

Abc Idea

Brick – Font

Brick Font

Variera – Font

Variera Font

Templatify – Social Media Templates

Templatify Social Media Templates

Travel 3D Icon Pack

Travel 3d Icon Pack

Smartmoc Icon Set

Smartmoc Icon Set

Wave Icons

Wave Icons

Diverently Handscript Icon Set

Diverently Handscript Icon Set

Fabrx Web Design System

Fabrx Web Design System

landbOO Landing Page UI Kit

Landboo Landing Page Ui Kit

Coca – Landing Page Kit V2

Coca Landing Page Kit V2

Landing Page UI Kit

Landing Page Ui Kit


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