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As designers or developers, we are continually looking for all of those design resources, tools and apps that can help make our life easier and increase our productivity & creativity.

So today is the day to showcase all of what’s new for designers and developers for February 2022, below I’ve added some newly released and updated resources from JavaScript scripts, jQuery plugins to a few apps, tools for web development including a range of themes and plugins for WordPress and to fonts, icons etc.

If you think I’ve missed something that you think should of been on the list, let me know in the comments or if you know of a new a that should be featured on the March 2022 roundup, please either tweet it to me @SomeWhatCrtv or even use the Submit Resource form and your resource could be seen on next month list.

Next.js Admin Engine

Next.js Admin Dashboard Engine

This Next.js admin dashboard lets you use your favorite programming stack as well as giving your freelance clients an easy and effective way to edit basic website content. Just clone to your workspace, edit a bit of JSON, and you’re ready to go!



chroma.js is a small-ish zero-dependency JavaScript library (13.5kB) for all kinds of color conversions and color scales.



Generate massive amounts of fake (but realistic) data for testing and development.

nextShot – iOS App


nextShot is the Best Ever Dribbble Client for iOS.

Price: 99c

Timer4Life – iOS App


Timer4Life offers you a high-level productivity timer and exciting videos with the set of smartly chosen activities that promote your focus during working hours and help you get maximum pleasure from your daily routine!

Price: Free

Urly – iOS App


URLy is a beautiful iOS app that lets you modify any part of a given URL that you pass in or create from. It also helps you protect your privacy by giving you the opportunity to removing all query items which are usually used for tracking from a URL

Price: Free

Ochi – iOS & Mac App

Ochi Block Apps & Websites

Ochi was built for people that want to quickly block distracting apps & websites, at the press of a button. Create timed filters that help you stay focused and spend your time wisely on iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

Price: Free

Folder Colorizer – Mac App

Folder Colorizer For Mac

Folder Colorizer makes significant folders stand out on a cluttered desktop. It’s built for Mac users whose life depends on color to navigate successfully between folders. You can change folder color, add emojis or a special image background.

Price: $2.92

Fig – Mac App

Fig makes engineers more productive in the terminal. This product adds visual completions for hundreds of public CLI tools like cd, git, npm/yarn, docker, and aws. Want private autocomplete? Create your own completions and share them with your team!

Price: Free

DevToys – Windows App

Dev Toys

DevToys helps in daily tasks like formatting JSON, comparing text, testing RegExp. No need to use many untruthful websites to do simple tasks with your data. With Smart Detection, DevToys is able to detect the best tool that can treat the data you copied in the clipboard of your Windows. Compact overlay lets you keep the app in small and on top of other windows. Multiple instances of the app can be used at once.

Price: Free

PingNow – Web App

Ping Now

Pingnow is a very simple and easy to use website uptime monitoring solution (SaaS). Just define your URLs to monitor and be notified via email whenever their status is changing (e.g. from online to offline).

Price: Free to $10.00 per month

Weecheck – Web App


Weecheck is a new way to validate emails and helps you decrease bounces, increase deliverability, and land your emails in the inbox every time. It is the fastest verification solution on the market. Import your dirty list and export a clean.

Price: Free to $1599.99 per month



Wanda is Wonderflow’s open-source design system built for digital products and experiences.

DevTools for Tailwind CSS

The DevTools for Tailwind CSS bring back designing and debugging in your browser. Intellisense autocompletion, full JIT support, custom configs. Right from your browser.



Minze lets you rapidly build native web components. It provides an intuitive abstraction layer around the web components API for creating encapsulated, reusable, cross-framework web components.



With metaSEO, you can generate meta tags in one click. This is here to help you to get the best SEO of your website and rank high in search results. Plus it helps you a bit better as it appear unique when someone shares your link!



Dropform is the Form endpoint that integrates into your app with ease. Why spend time writing code to handle user input, error handling, and validation when you can use Dropform, the action-packed form submission tool.



Simple.css is a classless CSS framework that makes semantic HTML look good, really quickly. By being “classless” mean that there are no CSS classes anywhere in the CSS or the HTML. So your site can look just like this using plain old vanilla HTML.



a11yphant teaches developers the basics of web accessibility. Learn step by step by completing short, interactive coding challenges and quizzes.


Proge Game

A game where you guess the programming language.

Chai Builder

Chai Builder

Chai Builder is a Low code tool built on top of Tailwind CSS v3 to generate Landing pages, HTML UI blocks and React, Vue Components. It comes with built in support for dark/light mode and a collection of predefined blocks to get you started

IndexNow – Plugin


IndexNow Plugin for WordPress enables automated submission of URLs from WordPress sites to the multiple search engines without the need to register and verify your site with them. Once installed, the plugin will automatically generate and host the API key on your site.

It detects page creation/update/ deletion in WordPress and automatically submits the URLs in the background. This ensures that search engines will always have the latest updates about your site.

Price: Free

Help Manager – Plugin

Help Manager

Site operators can create detailed, hierarchical documentation for the site’s authors, editors, and contributors, viewable in the WordPress admin. Powered by Custom Post Types, you’ll get all the power of WordPress to create, edit, and arrange your documentation. Perfect for customized client sites.

Price: Free

Sleek Author Box – Plugin

Sleek Author Box

Sleek author box is a simple and easy-to-use plugin that automatically adds an author box to your posts. It’s a fully responsive author box that can be used on any website and a great way to display author information on your website. It supports dark mode, 40+ social media, and all the social media icons are included in the plugin.

Price: Free

Nitrol – Plugin


Nitrol is a lightweight and flexible plugin that speeds up your website by disabling unnecessary WordPress features, extra traces, REST API, Heartbeat API, etc. It also allows you to configure various security options such as disabling XML-RPC, Malicious Requests, theme/plugin file editor, WP Access for certain roles, and more. The plugin has optimization support for various plugins such as WooCommerce, Contact Form 7, and others.

Price: $19.00

Add To Cart Notification – Plugin

Add To Cart Notification

Add To Cart Notification WordPress plugin is designed for WooCommerce. This plugin will display a nice successfully add to cart notification when user add a product to cart.

This plugin supports 5 clean notification layouts that you can select the most suitable one for your website. By using this plugin, you can get more regular customers to your site.

Price: $15.00

Element Anywhere – Plugin

Element Anywhere

Element Anywhere is a WordPress Element Parser Plugin. The plugin provide create a static element on your website. You are able to replace any element. And you can remove any element as you needs.

Price: $13.00

Arison Lite – Theme

Arison Lite

Arison Lite is a portfolio theme, easy to use. Just follow our simple guide and you will get your new website in a couple of steps. Complete editor styles give you a good idea of what your content will look like, even before you publish. In the Customizer you will find the Theme Options tab where you can customize the experience of your visitors.

Price: Free

Miniblock OOAK – Theme

Miniblock Ooak

One page, all the blocks. If all you need is one fully customizable page, it does not get simpler than this. Perfect for promoting your work from home small business, hobby, or craft, or as a contact page. Perhaps your passion project is creating one of a kind custom plushies.

Price: Free

Twenty Twenty-Two – Theme

Twenty Twenty Two

Built on a solidly designed foundation, Twenty Twenty-Two embraces the idea that everyone deserves a truly unique website. The theme is built to take advantage of the Full Site Editing features introduced in WordPress 5.9, which means that colors, typography, and the layout of every single page on your site can be customized to suit your vision. 

Price: Free

Sunix – Theme


Sunix is a clean, creative and modern WordPress theme for Companies, Enterprises, Businesses, Agencies, Personal Blogs, or Freelancers etc. This theme includes all essential elements that a Company needs. It your work in the most colourful, creative and modern way.

This is fully a responsive & mobile friendly WordPress Theme. Includs 3 different home pages multi-pages and +20 inner pages. So you can easily create one page WordPress theme

Price: $29.00

Siberia – Theme


The Siberia WordPress theme brings your site to life with immersive featured images and subtle animations. With a focus on portfolio sites, it features multiple sections on the front page as well as widgets, navigation and social menus, a logo, and more.

Personalise its asymmetrical grid with a custom colour scheme and showcase your multimedia content with post formats. Our theme works great in many languages, for any abilities, and on any device. Full Elementor Page Builder compatibility.

Price: $34.00

Hoosierland – Font


Baunk – Font


Salma Pro – Font

Salma Pro

Trace – Font


Axalp Grotesk – Font

Axalp Grotesk

Magic Dreams – Font

Magic Dreams

3D UI Icon Vol. 3

3d Ui Icon Vol. 3

3D Music Icons

Free 3d Music Icons

195 Hand Drawn Line Icons

195 Hand Drawn Line Icons 1px Stroke

Space! 3D Icon Pack

Space! 3d Icon Pack

Emaily – Illustration Set

Emaily Email, Todo & Productivity Illustration

UXFlow Web Kit Design

Uxflow Web Kit Design

U Order – Brand Identity & Strategy

U Order Brand Identity & Strategy

Delivereat – UI Kit


Digiwallet – UI Kit


Vision UI Dashboard Chakra

Vision Ui Dashboard Chakra


What’s New for Designers & Developers for February 2022