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The best new tools for designers are ones that make your life easier and your workflows faster. You’ll find some of those in this list this month for sure.

From tools that help in creating irritating task slightly easier, removing cookie popups while you on mobile. Communicating project updates to your clients, creating dummy data for applications. Resources for font, WordPress themes and plugins. And, also the normal fonts, UI kits and icons. So there’s something for almost every designer or developer in this list.

If you think I’ve missed something that you think should of been on the list, let me know in the comments or if you know of a new a that should be featured on the April 2023 roundup, please either tweet it to me @SomeWhatCrtv or even use the Submit Resource form and your resource could be seen on next month list.

Make Bookmarklets

Welcome To Make Bookmarklets

Create and test bookmarklets directly in the browser. Makes an irritating task slightly easier if you need to do it.

Million.js v2.0

Million Js

Million is an extremely fast and lightweight virtual DOM that makes React up to 70% faster. Million makes creating user interfaces as easy (It’s just React!), but with faster rendering and loading speeds. TL;DR: Imagine React at the speed of raw JavaScript.



A tiny, dependency-free JavaScript module for cloning/repeating elements.

Sidekick – Mac & Windows App

Sidekick 3.0

Sidekick 3.0 transforms the game of browsing by protecting you against online distractions. Built by ADHDers for ADHDers and professional onliners, Sidekick is ultra-fast and packed with great tools for focusing.

Price: Free

Cliptonite – Mac App

Cliptonite Clipboard Manager

This MacOS app helps you to makes maintaining your clipboard history fun. Cliptonite lives inside the menubar and lets you quickly copy and paste items from your clipboard history.

Price: Free, also offers in-app purchases

IconSim – Mac App


The perfect tool for an icon designer to test their mac app icons. No more back & forth conversations with the developer. If you’re a designer, you can test your icons right away with this tool. It supports both the main app icon as well as menubar icon.

Price: .99c

Cookie Blocker – iOS App

Cookie Blocker

Cookie Blocker for iOS removes annoying cookie popups, leading to a cleaner browsing experience without compromising privacy. Say goodbye to intrusive ads and enjoy a more private online experience with Cookie Blocker.

Price: Free

Shortify – iOS App


Shortify is the first summarizer that works seamlessly inside all your apps, without leaving them. Anywhere you can share, you can Shortify. It’s perfect for articles, Youtube, PDFs, and clearing out your backlog of tabs

Price: Free, also offers in-app purchases

Statuslink – Web App


Statuslink helps you communicate project updates. It’s like shipment tracking, but for your creative client projects.

You simply create a project page, accessible through a unique URL, and share it with stakeholders. Your status updates and file uploads will be displayed chronologically on the page, making it easy for customers or partners to stay informed about the progress of their project with you.

Price: Three plans, starting at Free, $49.00 per month, then a custom pricing for enterprises

Teamplify – Web App


Teamplify is a productivity tool for software development teams. Know your team’s pulse with Team Analytics. Save precious meeting time with Smart Daily Standup. Always know how long tasks take with Effortless Time Tracking. Plan ahead with Time off in mind, thanks to built-in Time Off management.

Price: Four plans, starting at Free, $29.00 per month, $149.00 per month, then a custom pricing for enterprises

Swilty – Web App


Swilty is a comprehensive solution for businesses looking to maximise their online presence and drive growth.

Leverages the latest in analytics and search engine optimisation (SEO) technology to provide valuable insights into website performance and user behaviour. With real-time data and powerful reporting tools, businesses can optimise their online presence to attract and retain customers, increase conversions, and ultimately drive revenue.

Price: Four plans, starting at Free, $49.00 per month, $99.00 per month, $199.00 per month

Modern Font Stacks

Modern Font Stacks

System font stack CSS organized by typeface classification for every modern operating system.

Generate JSON

Generate Json

Generate JSON is an online application that allows users to create dummy JSON using AI. The application was created in response to the need for custom dummy data, as manually creating dummy data can be a time-consuming and tedious task.



Hoy is a web app that lets you send push notifications to your friends with just a push of a button. You can send short text messages (< 65 characters), emojis or web links using Hoy.

Relume Ipsum

Relume Ipsum

Generate website copy quickly and easily using AI, all without leaving Figma. → Instantly generate copy based on templates & components → Lock copy you want to keep and the AI will write the rest with context → Improve existing copy with prompts in Figma


TheSprkl is an extensive design framework that includes an advanced design system and allows you to easily and accurately translate interface design to Webflow, Flutter and React. Create nice website and mobile app by combining and styling interface elements.

Type Design Resources

Type Design Resources

A growing, public, collaborative collection of type design resources. Everything from learning the basics to running your own foundry.



Cicada is a modern CI/CD engine that lets you write your pipelines using TypeScript. Rather than YAML. With Cicada, you can test jobs locally on your machine and run them in the cloud.

Bearer CLI

Bearer CLI

Bearer CLI is a free, open-source command-line tool to help developers secure their code. It analyses source code against common security risks and vulnerabilities and provides a direct output in a terminal with the right context to fix them quickly.

Design System OS

Design System Os

Design System OS brings components, documentation, project management and knowledge base seamlessly together in Notion.



Chatblade is a versatile command-line interface (CLI) tool designed to interact with OpenAI’s ChatGPT. It accepts piped input, arguments, or both, and allows you to save common prompt preambles for quick usage. Additionally, Chatblade provides utility methods to extract JSON or Markdown from ChatGPT responses.

EazyDocs – Plugin

Eazy Docs

A strong WordPress plugin for creating documentation and knowledge bases is called EazyDocs.

Site administrators can create and manage comprehensive, hierarchical documentation. You can create/add new documents, add tags, and organise your documentation using the ordering features of WordPress. Advanced documentation may be created and browsed with ease with EazyDocs.

Price: Free

Form Block – Plugin

Form Block

WordPress offers several (contact) form plugins, but some of them are not up-to-date anymore when it comes to creating forms. Form Block tackles this problem by utilizing the block editor’s power.

It enables you to create a form effortlessly within the block editor itself, which makes the process of creating a form much more enjoyable and similar to creating other types of blocks. This innovative approach to form creation ensures that Form Block stands out from other WordPress form plugins.

Price: Free

Dash Todo – Plugin

Dash Todo

The Todo Plugin is a tool designed to enhance productivity and task management within the WordPress admin area. This plugin allows admins to easily create and manage tasks, keeping track of what needs to be done.

Price: Free

ProductPress – Plugin

Product Press

Want to monetize your WordPress site? ProductPress makes it easy to sell one-time or subscription access to your WordPress site’s content, using either Gumroad or Paddle to collect credit card and PayPal payments.

Price: Starts at $49.00 per year

ChatGPT-AI Content Generator – Plugin

Chatgpt Ai Content Generator

The ChatGPT AI content generator plugin utilises the powerful GPT-3 language model from OpenAI to generate high-quality content. However, please note that this service is not free and requires payment based on usage.

The cost of using this plugin will depend on the pricing plan that you select and the number of API requests that you make. It is important to carefully review the pricing plans and usage limits provided by the plugin provider to understand the costs and limitations of the service.

Price:  $29.00

WordPress Wizard Guides – Plugin

Wordpress Wizard Guides

Get playfully to the correct price, service or product. With WordPress Wizard Guides plugin you can create multi step forms with ease. Create interactive price calculations, guided selling services or WooCommerce product advisors and increase your conversions to unknown limits today! Start with unlimited questions, answers and endless possibilities.

Price:  $29.00

Spectra One – Theme

Spectra One

Spectra One is a beautiful and modern WordPress theme built with the Full Site Editing (FSE) feature. It’s a versatile theme that can be used for blogs, portfolios, businesses, and more. Spectra One comes with a sleek and professional design that will make your website stand out from the crowd.

Price: Free

Adventurer – Theme


A theme for travelers, writers and photographers.

Price: Free

Hodophile – Theme


Hodophile is a clean and modern mobile responsive and super customizable WordPress theme built for travel agencies, tour planners, and tourist guides. The theme is a finely crafted versatile WordPress theme with a bunch of pre-made demo styles and content.

Price: Free

Playrex – Theme


Playrex is a real eSports & Gaming WordPress Theme! You get everything you need to showcase your gaming website, magazine, team, create your gaming tournament and much more.

The theme has three pre-made amazing home designs with over 20 creative sections. It also has an awesome About Page, Tournaments Page, Squad Page, Shop Page, Blog Page, Contact Us Page and more. If you love our Gaming WordPress Theme, don’t forget to rate us 5 stars and give us your feedback for better update.

Price: $29.00

Drake – Theme


Drake theme is an amazing Minimal Personal Portfolio WordPress Theme which is extremely easy to use. Besides its unique and modern look, all subscription and contact forms are fully functional, secure.

Moreover, Drake is designed for all devices, not only responsive, It is fully optimized for all display devices. You can use for Designer, Developer, Programmer, Freelancer, Artist, Photographer & Can be use for Personal Portfolio, and more website projects… or your just a Blog.

Price: $19.00

Scooby – Theme


Scooby is a WordPress theme for Pet care and Pet shop business or organizations. It has added modern features and functionalities that are relevant to the pet care industry such as the ability to showcase of pet care services, manage bookings, and provide resources for pet owners.

It’s also integrated WooCommerce which make this theme totally worthy. This theme is made with Elementor page builders so it is very easy to customize and it is completely SEO friendly.

Price: $29.00

Realh – Theme


Realh is a new modern responsive WordPress Theme built for Real Estate websites. It has a full niche demo variation, including a blog and inner pages. The theme is developed using Elementor, ACF Pro, Redux, Bootstrap, and Sass.

Also, this theme has Contact Form 7 plugin submission, Newsletter plugin submission, well commented, and easily customisable source code with detailed documentation. These features will help to make the theme use and customisation based on the ultimate needs.

Price: $19.00

Shantell Sans – Font

Shantell Sans

Movida – Font


Postre – Font


Royalis – Font


300 Free icons

Extra Thicc Icon Set

Social Media Icons

Social Media Icons

Whoooa! – 156 vector Lottie animations

Whoooa has 156 vector illustrations animated in lottie

SaaS – EzyCRM UI Kit

Ezycrm Ui Kit

3D UI Kit Elements Part 2

3d Ui Kit Elements Part 2

Float UI

Float Ui

Horizon UI

Horizon Ui

Nextgen Website UI Kit

Nextgen Digital Marketing Website Ui Kit

Brand Guidelines Template for Figma

Brand Guidelines Template For Figma

Calendar Web App UI kit

Calendar Web App Ui Kit


What’s New for Designers & Developers for April 2023