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People usually track their work hours because they need to create invoices for clients and get paid. While others track their time to see how long various tasks can take. Or simply to make sure that your flat rate project does not cost more to complete than it brings in.

Regardless, why you record time. Running an app to track your time while your tasks are in progress is the best and accurate way to do it.

Today’s post I’ve found the 5 of the best time trackers apps I’ve looked through. These time trackers aren’t just for freelancers and small business owners. But these can also suit those who run a small business as they will also work for personal time tracking.

But what makes a time tracking app?

Tracking time as you work lets you create invoice more carefully than estimating the time you’ve worked. After the fact and having a higher degree of accuracy builds trust for your clients. But it also benefits the business in the long run. When you know how much time you spend, you can analyse it and make smarter business decisions.

Almost all time tracking apps let you track in real-time, meaning they show you a clock that you launch when you starting a task plus it gives you options where you can pause or stop when you finish said task. They let you correct the time that been tracked after the fact, just in case you accidentally leave a timer running while you take off which has happened to me on occasions. You should be able to edit the time log to subtract however many minutes you were not working.

Also, you want a time tracking app that lets you enter a block of time post-hoc just in case you forget to launch the timer also. But not every business charges by the hour. If you charge a flat-rate for projects, you more than likely need a time-tracking app that gives you warning before you spend too much time on a task, and the potential profit decreases.

Specific Time Tracking Apps

Some of the time tracking apps for freelancers and small businesses below have been designed with solo entrepreneurs in mind. However, many have functionality for tracking time across small teams, too.

Time-tracking apps can have various functionality, too. Some are capable at handling multiple currencies. While some offer expense tracking in addition to time tracking, letting you quickly note supplies you buy, how far you’ve drive, and additional reimbursable expenses.

Not every freelancer or small business needs all of these features, however. You don’t want to end up paying for features you don’t use. It also essential to consider which app offers the right features and what will fit right for your business; fortunately there’s some time-tracking apps that can provide various tiers that you can choose from that allows you to upgrade as your business and needs grow.

1. Timely


Timely makes it possible to automate your time tracking workflow fully. It has a beautiful user interface where you can see every bit of information you need on the dashboard. With Timely, you can check project health, capture billable hours, and efficiently manage your team’s performance. Also, it syncs all your data real-time across any browser and device.

Price: For Individuals there’s two plans; first one is Starter plan $8.00 per month billed annually or Premium $14.00 per month billed annually and if you are in a team there’s Unlimited at $20.00 per month billed annually all of these plans has different features

2. Toggl


Toggl is a great time tracking app for Android, iOS, Linux, macOS, Windows, web and it has a browser extension as well, this app is great if you need one but can’t pay for one, this time tracking tool is flexible and designed for teams of any size. One-click timers turn into valuable insight and business statistics, so you can reclaim those lost hours.

Price: Free but there’s also paid options, starter $9.00 per user/month (billed yearly) or premium starting at $18.00 per user/month (billed yearly).

3. RescueTime

Rescue Time

RescueTime runs in the background and creates a report on what apps and websites you’ve spent your time on, letting you accurately identify distractors, this app is free, but there’s a premium version lets you block websites or set up alerts. This app is excellent for organizations that offers insight into your employees’ habits while allowing them to keep their privacy with generalised reports.

Price: RescueTime Lite free forever or choose between RescueTime Premium or RescueTime for Orgs if you are hungry for more features that aren’t in the Lite version, pricing for these premium packages starts at $6.00 per month (and team members – for orgs)

4. Clockify


Clockify was created to free and as because every team and freelancer should have an easy way to track their time. It may not have the flashy features of other apps, but it does exactly what you need it to do. Individual, team and project tracking, hassle-free.

Price: Free

5. Harvest


Harvest is a business-oriented time tracking app, featured-rich and loaded with everything you need. To keep you and your team on target. The app works by letting you set timers or fill out a timesheet yourself – super simple. Manage projects, see how your team is doing and bill clients from your phone, desktop or browser.

Price: Free (1 person/2 project) or pro at $12.00 (unlimited persons and projects)


5 of the Best Time Tracking Apps