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Here’s once again is a look through the WordPress plugin directory to see what is the newest plugins for all of us to try and implement into our website I hope today’s post will help you to provide some  sort of new enhanced functionally to give the best results to your visitors viewing experience.

Down below in this  roundup you will find 6 of newest WordPress plugins in this roundup you will find plugins such as that takes the focus on simplifying the default WordPress publishing layout, giving the WooCommerce a “poor” man swiss knife, store locator plugin and more

1. PrettyPress


PrettyPress is free WordPress plugin that focuses on simplifying the default WordPress publishing layout as it aims to be simple and encourage users to focus on writing – without other unnecessary distractions.

2. WooCommerce Poor Guys Swiss Knife

WooCommerce Poor Guys Swiss Knife

WooCommerce Poor Guys Swiss Knife is a WooCommerce plugin that will powerloads your stock standard WooCommerce installation, by giving you the option to fine-tune your shop, customise your checkout forms, adapt your shop for country for all the specific needs, set rules for cart operations and a lot more.  This plugin comes packaged with real value and no restrictions.

3. AKW Store Locator

AKW Store Locator

The AKW Store Locator wordpress plugin will help the users to view locations of any business along with the important details such as the phone number, street address and distance from the location in a map by just specifying the location and selecting a range or radius of search. any of the admin can add stores/locations to the database with ease.

4. Prizm Image

Prizm Image

The Prizm Image plugin helps you to achieve the best web site performance by optimising your images but while maintaining the resolution and visual quality.

5. Rocketeer


First of all you will need to have Jetpack installed in your wordpress site but this plugin will list in table format a overview of available modules and the ability to bulk activate or deactivate modules is a vastly improved experience for anyone working with Jetpack on a semi-frequent basis.

6. Google Authenticator – Per User Prompt

Google Authenticator - Per User Prompt

The Google Authenticator plugin is just a great way to add two-factor authentication to your site, but sadly this plugin does have one major drawback as it will asks every user for the authentication token, regardless of whether they have 2FA enabled or not and this can be confusing for users, which prevents some administrators from using the plugin on multi-user sites so please install this plugin if you really wanting a plugin such as this one.


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