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Commenting on certain Websites (aka the ones that has a comment form) section plays vital role for its site own, which one can engage its readers effectively.

The default WordPress commenting system provides useful features & functions in a certain degree, but if you aren’t fully satisfied with its interface or functionalities then there are a range of great plugins for comment.

Today’s WordPress Wednesday round will features 8 WordPress Comments plugins that allow people to either to disable the comments fully, some plugins that give you a alternative of using the default commenting system, helps with SEO etc.

1. wpDicuz


wpDiscuz is a new interactive, AJAX realtime comment system that will supercharge the native WordPress comments. This plugin is super fast and responsive that comes with dozens features. This is the best Disqus alternative, if you want to keep your comments in your database.

2. Disable Comments


This plugin allows administrators to globally disable comments on any post type (posts, pages, attachments, etc.) so that these settings cannot be overridden for individual posts. It also removes all comment-related fields from edit and quick-edit screens. On multisite installations, it can be used to disable comments on the entire network.

3. Postmatic


Postmatic lets your readers subscribe by email when they leave a comment. Subsequent comments and replies will land in their inbox, just like with Mailpoet, Jetpackor Subscribe to Comments. Except now with Postmatic, they can comment back and keep the conversation going just by hitting reply.

4. WordPress SEO Comments


WordPress blogs can generate thousands of user comments, but WordPress out the box does nothing SEO wise with comments. After activating the WordPress SEO Comments Plugin and setting up a WordPress template to output your new SEO comments pages, Google will have access to all your users comments and index them in their own right.

5. Safe Report Comments


This plugin gives your visitors the possibility to report a comment as inappropriate. After a set threshold is reached the comment is put into moderation where the moderator can decide whether or not he want to approve the comment or not. If a comment is approved by a moderator it will not be auto-moderated again while still counting the amount of reports.

6. Comments Leaderboard


The Comments Leaderboard was carefully designed to add a new twist to rewarding the top commentators on your blog and create a more addicting comment experience for your readers.  Each month, the 5 most active commenters throughout your site will be listed and ranked from most comments posted to the least.

7. Disqus


Disqus, pronounced “discuss”, is a service and tool for web comments and discussions. Disqus makes commenting easier and more interactive, while connecting websites and commenters across a thriving discussion community.The Disqus for WordPress plugin seamlessly integrates using the Disqus API and by syncing with WordPress comments.

8. Commentator


Commentator is the only premium WordPress Plugin that is featued on this roundup, this plugin cost $17 but for the price is pretty small as you get a fully featured ajaxified comments system for your wordpress  that lets you easily supercharge your discussions and which supports BuddyPress, Users Ultra, Ulitmate Member, UserPro also


WordPress Wednesday – 8 WordPress Comments Plugins