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Once again it’s time for this week WordPress Wednesday Post and for Today’s post we will be having a look through the plugin directory to see what were some of the recently released WordPress plugins. In Today’s post you will find 8 plugins that can hopefully help you to put something awesome into your site as some of the plugins that been featuring in today’s post can help you having a visual editor instead of using the editor in the WordPress dashboard or adding an interactive google map to your site or setting delivery dates for your woocommerce store or even tracking social media interactions and view counts of your posts.

1. Visual Website Editor


Say hello to Visual Website Editor, this plugin that will turn your WordPress into a fully functional editor which makes editing/adding content easier than ever, to edit your content you just need to click the “Go to Visual Editor” button after you install the plugin and you will be taken to an advanced editor compatible in your Website.

2. Google Interactive Maps Lite


The Google Interactive Maps Lite WordPress Plugin is a lighter version of Google Interactive Maps WordPress Plugin.  But like the paid for plugin, this plugin will enables you to create interactive maps of world, subcontinents, continents, a single country. You can specify any locations on the map with different color markers. On hover of marker, the map will show tooltip with your specified any information but with this plugin doesn’t feature all the flashy features that you can get in the paid for plugin.

3. Satellite Portrait


With Satellite Portrait plugin you can displays beautifully laid out portraits or otherwise tiled pictures for display title information, subtext, and a description on hover, touch or click. Incredibly easy to use with the powerful configuration abilities of Slideshow Satellite.

4. WooCommerce Delivery Date


This plugin will allow the customer to choose an order delivery date on the checkout page, as the customer can choose any delivery date that is after the current date.  In the WooCommerce settings you can also set a number of days. If you set it to 10 days, then customers can only choose delivery dates 10 days after the current day. This is helpful if you make handmade products that will take some days to make.

5. WP Social Stream


WP Social Stream is a simple, light-weight plugin which allows you to show a stream of your online activities on your site. Now combine all of your social network interactions into one single network stream and display on your site.  This plugin has easy to use configuration, which allows you to add your different social network accounts , customize look and feel of the the plugin to match your site design.

6. SEO Redirection


With the SEO Redirection plugin you can build redirections easily for your site, you can set up all types of redirections including 301,302 or 307 and you can also monitor 404 error pages and redirect them in one single mouse click, this plugin can be use by any user levels.

7. Social Metrics Tracker


This WordPress plugin collects and displays an analysis of social media interactions and view counts of posts. A new dashboard panel is created called “Social Metrics” which shows how many times each post has been shared on various social networks.

8. Chimpy Lite


The Chimpy Lite is probably one of the best MailChimp WordPress plugin that you can find. With this plugin you just enter your MailChimp API key and you are ready to go, and this plugin works with smoothly and features signup design forms.


WordPress Wednesday – 8 Recently Released WordPress Plugin from the Directory