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WordPress provides us with a lot of flexibility when building and customising our websites. However, there are thousands of WordPress plugins out there. Many of them, like Yoast SEO or W3 Total Cache, are well known and widely used (such as people like me).

There are also some out there that are just as amazing, yet not as well known. Currently there over 54,000 plugins in the WordPress Plugin Repository, and even more available as premium plugins, it’s easy to overlook them.

For this WordPress Wednesday I want to showcase eight awesome WordPress plugins that you may not have heard of but still wanting to use once you learn about them.

1. WP Htaccess Editor

Wp Htaccess Editor

WP Htaccess Editor provides a simple, safe & fast way to edit the site’s .htaccess file from WP admin. It automatically creates a backup every time you make a change to the htaccess file. Backups can be restored directly from the plugin, or via FTP if the errors in .htaccess file prevent WP from running normally.

Price: Free

2. Asset CleanUp

Asset Cleanup

There are often times when you are using a theme and a number of plugins which are enabled and run on the same page. However, you don’t need to use all of them and to improve the speed of your website and make the HTML source code cleaner (convenient for debugging purposes), it’s better to prevent those styles and scripts from loading.

Asset CleanUp scans your page and detects all the assets that are loaded. All you have to do when editing a page/post is just to select the ones you don’t wish to load.

Price: Free

3. LuckyWP Glossary

Luckywp Glossary

The LuckyWP Glossary plugin implements the glossary / dictionary functionality on the website, you will find an alphabetical list of terms with definitions for these terms.

Price: Free

4. WP Reset

Wp Reset Best WordPress Reset Plugin

WP Reset quickly resets the site’s database to the default installation values without modifying any files. It deletes all customisations and content. WP Reset is fast and safe to use. It has multiple fail-safe mechanisms so you can never accidentally lose data.

WP Reset is extremely helpful for plugin and theme developers. It speeds up testing and debugging by providing a quick way to reset settings and re-test code. It was developed by developers for developers.

Price: Free

5. Source Code Protection

Source Code Protection

Source Code Protection is a simple and effective plugin that uses to prevent common techniques in protecting your code from being stolen.

Many of the general content copy methods (via mouse, keyboard and browser), like right-click, image drag/drop/save, text selection/drag/drop, source code view,and keyboard copy shortcut keys such as CTRL A, C, X, U, S, and P are disabled with this plugin.

Price: Free

6. WooCommerce Serial Numbers

Woocommerce Serial Numbers

Selling gift cards, other secret number based products and of course licensed digital products is not a challenge for you WooCommerce powered store anymore. Here is the best product license management extension for WooCommerce, proudly brought to you by PluginEver.

This out of the box plugin is so powerful and lightweight yet loaded with all the necessary features to sell licensed products. So, you will be able to evade all the challenges of selling licensed products. We all understand the importance of serial numbers or license keys.

Serial numbers are very important to safeguard your digital products against piracy. With this brilliant plugin you will be able to bypass the challenges associated with selling digital products. The extraordinary features will enable you effortlessly create and manage license pool to sell digital products. So, let’s leave aside the worries and put your undivided attention on your business growth.

Price: Free

7. Jobs Portal

Jobs Portal

A powerful and robust plugin to create and manage job portal on your WordPress website where recruiter can post job requirements. Also, applicants can filter jobs and apply to a job in an easy and elegant way.

Price: Free

8. Poor Man’s WordPress SEO

Poor Man's WordPress Seo

The plugin automatises everything that needs to be done in frequent basis, such as updating your site’s sitemap and pinging Google and Bing about updates on your content. There’s a flexible way to control the search engine critical meta data of your posts either by mass configuration or post by post. Social media tags are taken care of to make your content look great in Facebook and Google+.

Poor Man’s WordPress SEO works nicely in conjunction with majority of themes and popular plugins such as WooCommerce.

Price: $10.00


WordPress Wednesday – 8 Plugins You May Not Have Heard of