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One of the best things about running any type of WordPress site is the endless list of plugins that can provide some new sort of enhanced functionality over the other to improve your site overall experience for the visitor.

Today’s WordPress Wednesday features 8 of the newest WordPress Plugins that you can find directly on the Plugins Directory every type of plugin such as a plugin the automatically create thumbnails for posts,  plugin for your great buddypress, hiding the easy digital downloads, a booking system plugin and more.

1. Auto Thumbnailer

Auto Thumbnailer

Automatically create thumbnails for posts when images are uploaded and the post is saved. Includes support for Oembed. When a post is saved, if no featured image has been selected, attachments are scanned and the first one is used. If there are no attachments, the post content is scanned. If an image is found in the content then it is used otherwise if there are video oembeds, they are used.

2. TimePicks


This plugin extends the functionality of your WordPress site by giving you the ability to accept online appointment bookings in real-time . Website visitors simply click on the “Book Online Now” tab that appears on every page of your WordPress site, and prompts the visitor to pick a data & time for their appointment based on real-time availabilities.

3. Facebook Profile Master

Facebook Profile Master

Facebook Profile Master gives you full control over all Facebook User Profile plugins, Facebook User Badges and Facebook Follow Button.

4. BuddyPress Wall

BuddyPress Wall

BuddyPress Wall (BP-Wall) turn your Buddypress Activity Component to an activity stream similar to a Facebook “Wall”.  When you install BP-Wall, the members can post status, updates and reply on each other’s walls.  BP-Wall turn the Favorite/Unfavorite module of Buddypress to a facebook “I Like/Unlike” system.  BP-Wall change add a new comment system similar to Facebook.

5. YouTube Subscribe Button

YouTube Subscribe Button

This plugin will adds a widget to your blog that will display the YouTube Subscribe Button. The button lets people subscribe to your YouTube channel without having to leave your site to either log in to YouTube or confirm their subscriptions.

6. EDD Hide Download

EDD Hide Download

This plugin requires will Easy Digital Downloads anyway this plugin will allows you to hide a download so it does not appear on the custom post type archive page or anywhere where the [downloads] shortcode is being used. Useful for when you want to show the download by itself and don’t want it appearing in the main download loops.

7. Booking System

Booking System

This Plugin will help you to easily create a booking/reservation system into your WordPress website or blog. The Booking System will display a calendar for users to see availability and book dates and hours.

Booking System is great for booking hotel rooms, apartments, houses, villas, rooms etc, make appointments to doctors, dentists, lawyers, beauty salons, spas, massage therapists etc or schedule events.

8. bbPress – Canned Replies

bbPress - Canned Replies

This plugin will allows you to create and quickly insert pre-defined responses in bbPress forum topics.  Once activated, a “Canned Replies” submenu will be added to the main Forums menu.  Create the pre-defined replies from this new menu. When responding to a forum topic, there will be a “Canned Replies” section added to the top of the “New Reply” form.  To insert a canned reply, click on the “Canned Replies” link then click “Insert” on the reply you wish to use.


WordPress Wednesday – 8 Newest Plugins From The Plugins Directory