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Staying up to date with the latest WordPress system is always a must and this also applies when we are talking about any WordPress plugins as well, many of our “favourite” plugins could either die off by developers sadly disregarding them or not updating them but it’s sometimes a good time to find a new one as considering they are always a huge number of new plugins being released on a daily basis.

So for this WordPress Wednesday roundup will feature 8 newest premium plugins that every should at least download and try out regardless of whether you are a beginner, or a seasoned WordPress pro, and for those who are wondering why premium in this roundup? I want to give them some love to as I’ve been posting some free plugins for a while and you don’t really need to buy these plugins if you don’t want to as most of these have a demo.



YouTubeR is unique WordPress plugin, that allows you to upload videos on YouTube from your website and to easily embed YouTube videos, playlists, channels to your website and with this plugin you can create video outstanding video galleries on your website.



Cinammon Users is a WordPress plugin which allows multi-author administrators to enhance users profiles. This plugin works for all kind of user roles, such as contributors, editors, authors, administrators and more. The plugin adds several custom fields, and enhances the author.php template. It also provides a shortcode to display the author profile on any post or page.



Lighthouse is a performance tuning plugin, removing lots of default WordPress behaviour, such as filters, actions, injected code, native code and third-party actions.In order for a WordPress installation to work as expected, load fast and error-free, it needs a bit of cleanup in order to help the browser cache the requested content and the caching plugins to work with 100% efficiency.



WP Quick FrontEnd Editor is a best front end editor that will allow you to change and save contents of post and pages by using WYSIWYG editor from frontend of your site without going to Dashboard for little change. Admin have control to give access of editor to author,contributors or editors. You can format your text as you want and you can also add images from wordpress gallery by drag and drop and by using upload button.You can add,remove and change featured image.



The WooCommerce Warehouses plugin has the ability to manage stock that are stored in different locations, like warehouses. By creating multiple warehouses you can manage the inventory of your product automatically, also by establishing stock usage priorities.This plugin works alongside your existing WooCommerce store by adding a new option in the product configuration screen, inside the existing Inventory option, extending its features.



Hero Slider is an ease and intuitive plugin that allows you to create a slick and professional slider as this plugin features extensive configuration options along with the ability to add individual elements, each with their own animation settings. Best of all, this functionality is accessed through the first genuinely easy to use, simple drag-and-drop interface in slider builder history.



Flex Map is a WordPress map plugin that provides many features with different map types such as creating area mapping, polygon, polyline, circle, rectangle, single markers, street view markers. With a simple visual map editor, It is extremely easy to make and place your map anywhere on your front-end wordpress site.



The Scrolling Image Widget plugin provide the option to loop continuously and to pause on mouse over and mouse out or to start/stop after a predefined time.It is good advertising or just for showing images on sidebar or post and page. Each image can have a redirect link when is clicked.You can add unlimited images for each widget.It has the functionality to auto create the shortcode and you can use it on posts and pages.

Options for images: Image url, Image link, height, width, title, title position, title colour, title size, background colour, border, border colour, border radius, padding, margin and the options for widget are scroll direction, speed, stop on mouse hover, start after ( seconds), stop after ( seconds ), scroll height, hide widget when shortcode is present on page.


WordPress Wednesday – 8 New Premium Plugins That Every Should Try Out