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One of the best things about WordPress is its seemingly the endless list of plugins that all providing some sort of enhanced functionality over the other to improve the overall wordpress experience.

Dozens of new WordPress Plugins are released every single month, which means that anyone that has a wordpress powered website should constantly be on the lookout for these to ensure that their site is completely optimised and up-to-date.

Today’s WordPress Wednesday post featured 8 of the new wordpress plugins that you can find within the plugin directory of WordPress

1.  Kontrol Developer Kit


Kontrol – WordPress Developer Kit is an advanced WordPress plugin for developers. Create custom CMS sites quickly and easily using advanced custom fields, custom post types, custom taxonomies, admin menu editors, SEO and much more through an easy to use interface.

Ever wanted to just install just one WordPress plugin in order to whip out an awesome custom CMS or blog for a client quickly and easily? We know we did! This plugin is made by developers, for developers

2. Don’t Muck My Markup


Don’t Muck My Markup lets you disable all auto-generated HTML markup from your posts and pages on a page-by-page basis.

3. WD Search Form


Integrate a simple Search Form to your widget panel. You can choose the default value string, and toggle the wrapper on and off.

4. FB Likes List


Retrieves FB like count and stores as postmeta to display a ‘popular’ post widget

5. Press Page

Press Page

A WordPress plugin to display a custom post type for press features in a horizontal sliding scroll

6. Lean Media


With easy access to high resolution digital cameras everyone has access to very large images. Your users are probably uploading them and using up lot of storage space for you. However these images are hardly ever used.

Lean Media allows you to automatically delete the very large image files after generating thumbnails. Largest thumbnail is saved in place of the original image just in case you decide to generate thumbnails again.

If the users are kind enough to upload small images Lean Media leaves such images intact.

7. Hello Simpsons Chalkboard Gag


This plugin is a chance to relive your childhood. The Hello Simpsons Chalkboard Gag plugin was based on the Hello Dolly plugin that most active WordPress users are familiar. Much like the reason why Hello Dolly was created, the Simpsons Chalkboard Gag plugin was designed to bring a little light-hearted fun into every page of the admin panel.

As an added bonus, this plugin creates the [simpsons] shortcode which can be included on any page or post and, when used, will return a different Bartism each time the page is loaded.

8. WP Errata


This plugin allows you to receive marked post paragraph corrections from your blog readers. You can make make specific containers such as DIV, p etc i


WordPress Wednesday – 8 New Plugins From The Plugin Directory


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