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When any talks about WordPress, staying up to date with the latest WordPress core is a must. This rule can also applies when we are talking about WordPress plugins too, considering the large number of new plugins that are launched on a daily basis on the official WordPress plugin directory.

So for this week WordPress Wednesday round up you will see that we have 8 newest and free plugins for those who are interested in them hopefully regardless of whether you are just a beginner, or a seasoned WordPress pro, there is something for everyone.

1. Business Opening Hours


With this plugin you can manage all your business opening hours including office timings, shop hours and store hours with. The plugin Business Opening Hours works on neatly displayed time period given at the first place. The stylish time display gives a whole new look and dimension to your WordPress site.

Business Opening Hours is such a finely developed plugin that not only keep a tab on your shop hours but also showcases your disciplined side while maintaining office timings. With its super rich and very useful next generation features, Business Opening Hours is must have plugin for every website dealing in any business.

2. WP Custom Emails


WP Custom Emails allows you easily customize WordPress notifications, so you can make it prettier and significantly improve user experience. Additionally the plugin gives possibility to complete turn off sending selected emails.Emails are sent via WordPress wp_mail() function, so it is possible to use 3rd part plugin, to authenticate them by SMTP protocol.

3. Force Delete Plugins


Changes the default behavior of the bulk delete plugin actions so it deletes plugins regardless whether they are active or not. This plugin is helpful for developers.

4. Loading Bar


The Loading Bar plugin simply adds a loading bar to your website easily, like youtube loading bar! just one click and custom loading bar colour and responsive.

5. WP Google Maps Auto Business Place Finder


With this plugin, you can show the map with any kind of place, e.g. hotels, restaurants, airports, art galleries etc. Suppose you have a webcam-containing 2000 items and would like to insert a list of hotels for every place. No more having to edit each item individually, no fatigue, he’ll find the correct location. All automatically. For each hotel, also they display details such as stars, address, website.

The list of hotels is ordered from the nearest center of the map to farthest. It is also possible to place the search form of a place. With each drag the map, everything is recalculated.

6. WP Staging


This plugin allows you to create an staging or development environment in seconds*It creates a clone of your website into a subfolder of your current WordPress installation with an entire copy of your database. This sounds pretty simple and yes it is! All the hard time consumpting database and file copy stuff including url replacements is done in the background. I created this plugin because all other solutions are way too complex, overloaded with dozens of options or having server requirements which are not available on most shared hosting solutions. All these reasons prevent user from testing new plugins and updates first before installing them on their live website, so its time to release a plugin which has the potential to be merged into everyone´s wordpress workflow.

* Time of creation depends on size of your database and file size Please note at time of writing this plugin is currently in it’s beta mode

7. Octonis Page Builder


Octonis is a convenient website builder with a friendly drag-and-drop interface and lots of customizing options and built-in themes. From now on you won’t need coding, design or technical skills, Octonis will do all that for you. Octonis offers you lots of blocks that can be customized as you want!

You can change font style, font size, font colour, background, add images and much more! These adjustment options will help you to create web pages that are truly yours. Don’t spend long hours on getting familiar with a new interface.

Octonis cares for you and helps you to save your time. That is why we’ve created this intuitive drag-and-drop interface. It allows you to start building your website right away.

8. YITH WooCommerce Save For Later


YITH WooCommerce Save for Later is a wonderful tool for your shop because it helps you with customers who have to leave your site without having purchased some selected products. Put that they have added some items to their cart, but only when paying, they realise they have run out of money. Hours of search they have spent on your site will be lost and probably they will never repeat hours of stressing search.



WordPress Wednesday – 8 New & Free WordPress Plugins That Every User Should Try