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Once again it’s time for this week WordPress Wednesday item we will be having a look through the plugin directory to see what were some of the newest plugins that been recently released to the WP community.

Today you will find 8 plugins that hopefully can help you to put something new and awesome into one or more WordPress powered site, some of the plugins that you can find featuring can help to show your content in a grid slider, give you & your WordPress site a bit of security, limiting and counting how many characters been typed, showing what posts your visitors been recently viewing, adding google map into a fancybox popup and more

1. Content Grid Slider


Content Grid Slider is a plugin that allows you to add a carousel type grid slider with posts containing text and a custom link to redirect on a custom page by using custom posts. Also with this plugin you can make different groups of posts depending upon your requirements, as well of creatingcustom page URL’s to your posts where you want to redirect users and more.

2. All in One WordPress Security


The All in One WordPress Security plugin which been developed by World Web Arts was made to protect your wordpress website from virus and malicious attack by permission set, change WP URL, setting updates, file scan, database backup, folder backup, traffic check etc.

3. WordPress Word Count and Limit


This plugin replaces the word count info in bottom of the edit post window by the characters/words count (on the fly). Additionnaly, you can limit the characters count for defined user roles. This plugin is great if have a site that you are wanting to limit the characters for one or more user roles.

4. Simple Travel Map


This plugin will help you to create a simple travel map to display on your blog. As the map use theGoogle Geocharts API. Markers are placed on all locations found in your posts (inside a custom field of your choice). Clicking a marker links to the post associated with that specific location. Hovering over a marker opens a popup with the title and a thumbnail (if the post at that location has one).

5. Simple Members Only


The Simple Members Only WordPress plugin is a simple way to make your whole website only viewable to members who are logged in. You will be able to assign a page where non-members are redirected or choose for all non-members to just be directed to the login page. As this plugin can make your WordPress site a members only website in just a few clicks

6. Posts Viewed Recently


The Posts Viewed Recently plugin shows posts or pages that been viewed by a visitor as a responsive sidebar widget or on a page/post using shortcode. In this plugin you can choose post types to show, number of posts to display, show or hide featured image, dimensions of featured image and alternate image url if featured image is not available, option to choose display post date or not.

7. Rocket Galleries


The Rocket Galleries WordPress plugin is the gallery manager that WordPress never had. As with this plugin you can easily create and manage galleries from one intuitive panel within WordPress. This plugin is simple, easy to use, and lightweight.

8. Google Map with FancyBox Popup


Google Map With FancyBox Popup plugin will allow you to add a Google Map into popup window. This is a great plugin to display your business location in a Google map or, just your personal address in Google Map. The uses the jQuery implementation of FancyBox to open popup window.


WordPress Wednesday – 8 Latest WordPress Plugins from WP Plugin Directory