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The popularity of video content seems to continues to grow everyday and having videos shared and embedded on your site can make your content and site look stunning and deliver a better result for your the end user (the visitor).

And it’s more important than ever for site owners to develop an engaging video marketing strategy to capitalise on the uniqueness of their site and the ever-growing video content phenomenon.

This WordPress Wednesday roundup are for those who are especially are wanting to embed YouTube, Vimeo or your own videos into your site so below you will find 8 of some of the greatest plugins you can use.

1. Vimeo Videos Post – Free


Vimeo Video Post is a Vimeo WordPress plugin from CodeFlavors that allows quick importing of Vimeo videos as WordPress posts with attached video player from channels, albums, user, groups or categories. Posts are creating having all details from Vimeo (title, description, video etc).

2. Video Embed & Thumbnail Generator – Free


Video Embed & Thumbnail Generator is a plugin to make embedding videos, generating thumbnails, and encoding HTML5-compatible files a little bit easier. This plugin adds several fields to any video uploaded to the WordPress Media Library. Just choose a few options, make thumbnails, click “Insert into Post” and you’ll get a shortcode in the post editor that will embed a flexible, responsive HTML5 video player with Flash fallback for unsupported browsers.

3. Brid Video Easy Publish – Free


Brid Video Easy Publish plugin will be able to seamlessly add Brid video players and content to your WordPress site or blog. Brid video is a free to use CMS system where you can add existing YouTube or upload your custom videos and monetize them.

4. HDW Player Plugin – Free


HDW player is an impressive FLV player for WordPress websites. This plugin is different and unique from other plugins available in WordPress. You can effortlessly install this plugin to your WordPress website. You would love the plugin for the look and the versatile options that comes with the player. Start downloading the plugin either from WordPress or from our website and savor the never-ending video experience.

5. Video Gallery – Free


Video Gallery plugin was created and specifically designed to show your videos from Vimeo and Youtube in unusual splendid ways. It has 5 good-looking views. Each are made in different taste so that you can choose any of them, according to the style of your website.

6. WP Video Robot – $36


WP Video Robot is the best WordPress solution for creating automated and standalone video websites. This plugin is a complete and yet easy plugin with a schedule import system that makes sure your site stays fresh and up to date with the latest video. This plugin can import videos from Youtube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, TED and even Youku.

7. Visual Composer YouTube Channel with Carousel – $18


Visual Composer YouTube Channel with Carousel is an add on for Visual Composer which will display YouTube channel on your WordPress site. Show videos from channel or specific playlist. 7 stunning styles available. Masonry, Fit Row and Carousel layouts available. Infinite Scroll, Load More Button and Next/Previous pagination options available. Full control over look and feel and highly customisable options available.

8. Xenotive Responsive Video Embedder – $15


Xenotive Responsive Video Embedder is a plugin and extension for wordpress editor. Xenotive Video Embedder is able to embed videos from all popular websites as well as swf files. Videos can be embed from facebook, youtube, dailymotion, vimeo, metacafe and flash files.



WordPress Wednesday – 8 Great WordPress Plugins for Videos