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Here’s once again is another roundup of the newest WordPress plugins that you can find right in the plugin directory as we can see if you are running any type of WordPress powered website the endless list of plugins that can provide some new sort of enhanced functionally is the best to give the visitor a better experience on your site.

Today’s roundup features 8 great & new WordPress plugins and there is something for everyone such as plugins for limiting logins by the countries, adding a play icon at the beginning of the site page title, a full responsive options framework for plugins and themes, having a post slider, adding your Big commerce store into your wordpress site.

1. Limit Login Countries

Limit Login Countries

This plugin gives you the ability to limit WordPress admin logins based on the country the visitor’s IP address is located in. It uses Maxmind’s GeoIP database which comes in a free lite version.

You can choose between a white- and blacklist mode. In whitelist mode only visitors with IP addresses from the configured countries are allowed. In blacklist mode visitors with IPs from the configured countries are not allowed to login.

2. YouTube Play Icon

YouTube Play Icon

This plugin adds a play icon to the beginning of the page title whenever an embedded YouTube video is playing. When all videos on the page are no longer playing, the play icon is removed from the page title. This mimics the page title behavior when playing a video on If visitors to your site have several browser tabs open, this is a convenient way they can quickly identify which browser tab contains a web page that is playing video content (making noise).

3. WooProduct Shortcode

WooProduct Shortcode

Add WooCommerce products into posts and pages using a shortcode, along with formatting options. The default WooCommerce shortcode for a single product had undesired formatting results, due to the way it was structured within a list. This plugin creates to [wooproduct] shortcode to drop single products into the text of your posts while having control over the formatting and CSS styles.

4. Redux Framework

Redux Framework

Redux is a simple, truly extensible and fully responsive options framework for WordPress themes and plugins. Built on the WordPress Settings API, Redux supports a multitude of field types as well as custom error handling, custom field & validation types, and import/export functionality.

5. Advanced Post Slider

Advanced post slider

Advanced post slider is a slideshow plugin powered with three built-in templates, lots of effect, easy customizable options and many more to explore.

6. Ajax Content Filter

Ajax Content Filter

Ajax Post Content Filter allows you to filter your content with dropdown box. Just install the plugin, activate and open the ACF Posts located in the left side menu bar. You need to add new ACF posts by filling up the post title and placing your content in the editor then publish it. Simply put the shortcode [ACF] in a page or post in admin or you can put the shortcode ajax_content_filter(); in your template file . You will got the simple dropdown box on your page at front side. Just select your post created in the plugin’s post and you’ll get the content of your particular post.

7. WP Bigcommerce

WP Bigcommerce

WP Bigcommerce enables Bigcommerce store owners to list their products on WordPress blogs. By using a simple shortcode you can quickly and easily list products on pages and posts.

8.  Just Writing

Just Writing

Distraction Free Writing Mode (DFWM) is a great way to focus on writing text, but have you ever found yourself wanting to do a bit more with it? How about spell check, or change the paragraph style without dropping back to the standard post edit mode? Now you can get all the functionality of the standard mode tools in DFWM!


WordPress Wednesday – 8 Great & New Plugins from the WordPress Plugin Directory


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