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It’s been a while for a WordPress Wednesday post that focus on bbPress especially finding some great plugins for it. If you don’t know what bbPress, well it is an amazing free plugin which uses the power of WordPress to run a  forum. Once you’ve download and activate the plugin it will use the built in WordPress functionality such as custom post types and taxonomies to allow you to create  forums and by using the existing member system so people can register and start posting.

Within using bbPress you can find that you can add more bbPress specific plugins to provide extra functionality, so today you will find 8 Great & Must Have bbPress Add-Ons.

1. CMS2CMS: phpBB to bbPress Forum Convertor


CMS2CMS is an automated tool for transferring content from phpBB to bbPress. You’ll have your phpBB content converted to bbPress easily and swiftly with no hassle and no coding skills needed. It’s simple even for beginners. This plugin is a great idea if you has a WordPress based website and a phpBB forum and wanting to integrate them into one WordPress/bbPress site.

2. bbPress Stay Checked


With this plugin you can make bbPress “Notify me of follow-up replies via email” check box to be checked always unless user disables it. The user does not have to remember to tick the check box the receive email replies every time they post a topic or reply in the forum.

3. bbPress Like Button


The bbPress Like button plugin will adds automatically a Like Button just like you seen on Youtube in all your forum posts and replies. It allows users to give some greetings to others contributions.

4. Better bbPress Signature


The Better bbPress Signature plugin will enables option for adding signature for the members of a bbPress forum. It has been tested with bbPress 2.2.2, 2.2.3 and 2.3.* releases. It will automatically embed the signature form in the topic and reply form and the signature in the topic content and reply content.

5. bbPress Protected Forums


bbPress Protected Forums adds a metabox, shown while editing a forum, that allows you to disable new topic creation for determined user roles. The plugin is perfect for those situations that you may want your users to see the list of topics of a forum but don’t want them to create new topics.

6. bbPress – Private Replies


This add-on plugin for bbPress will allow your forum posters to mark their replies as private, meaning that only the original poster and forum moderators can see the content of the reply. This is a great plugin to install if you use bbPress as a support forum where users may need to share confidential information, such as site URLs, passwords, etc.

7. bbPress WP Tweaks


The bbPress WP Tweaks add-on will replaces the regular sidebar with forum specific sidebar. When forum page loaded then forum specific sidebar will be displayed. If nothing in forum sidebar then regular sidebar will be shown. If no sidebar displayed then change default template from plugin settings. you can choose which forum wrapper template to use in plugin settings page.

8. bbPress – Report Content


With this add-on you can give your bbPress forum users the ability to report inappropriate content or spam in topics or replies. This plugin will simply adds a “report” admin link to topics and replies, when clicked, the topic/reply is assigned a post status of “User Reported”.

All logged-in users can report content and see that a topic has been reported, only Moderators and up can un-report the content. Integrates with the standard Topic admin screens and when a topic is reported, a banner is shown at the top of the page indicating that the topic has been reported as inappropriate. For replies, a message is added within the reply, before the content.



WordPress Wednesday – 8 Great & Must Have bbPress Add-Ons