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This weeks WordPress Wednesday we will be taking a look at what are some of the newest and freshest plugins that you can find directly through the official WordPress plugin directory for you to play around with to see if any of the following plugins are fit right in your site..

The plugins that are featured in today’s fresh plugin roundup features plugins such as  a plugin that creates a intutive menu builder that is powerful and responsive, to a mailchimp plugin to a plugin that allows you to import all of your posts (including photos, videos and links) from Twitter to your blog,an car rental booking engine, to a plugin that creates a support system easy and to a plugin that’s remindes you to add a featued image to your blog plus other great plugins right below

1. WR Mega Menu


The WR Mega Menu plugin is a powerful, responsive and user-oriented that has an dedicated and intuitive menu builder that gives you a complete control at designing and customising your menu exactly the way you want.

2. ChimpMate


ChimpMate is a MailChimp based email marketing plugin that been made for WordPress, as we all know that MailChimp is one of the most powerful email marketing and with this plugin you will find that it is a fully customisable plugin with professional design as the plugin offers easy installation of lightbox and widget.

3. Social Media 2 WordPress for Twitter


Social Media 2 WordPress for Twitter allows you to continuously import posts (including photos, videos and links) from Twitter to your blog, whether you are looking to populate an otherwise quiet blog, or supplement your more regular long form content, or simply focus your efforts on the Twitter platform without losing your WordPress audience. With this plugin you can schedule your import, setup your template and let the plugin handle the rest.

4. Car Rental Booking Engine by Hispacar


This WordPress travel plugin is the ultimate price comparison tool which allows your visitors to search and compare car rentals directly on your website. The plugin calculates prices and availability from more than 750 different providers worldwide including leading car rental companies and many local suppliers.

You can add the car hire search box anywhere on your blog and customize the design to fit the look and feel of your website. The search box is easy to implement and a new source of income for bloggers as every booking automatically generates a commission. The service adds value to your travel blog by helping your visitors to find the best rates for their travel needs.

5. WP Support Ticket


With this plugin you can create your own user support system and let customers of your site to generate a support ticket when ever they require assistance from you, and you will be able to solve their issues by posting replies to the tickets, the customers will get email notifications when ever you add a reply message to the ticket.

6. Smart Icons


Smart Icons For WordPress plugin brings to you 479 SVG icons from Font Awesome. Users can include these icons to posts, pages or custom post types with just a click of a button above wordPress editor (works with tinymce 4).

7. Cleaner Plugin Installer


If you are using WordPress 4.0+ (and you should be), you know going to “Add Plugins” page and being welcomed by always the same old 6 featured plugin cards annoyed a whole lot of people big time, So with this plugin you now can change this default behavior as it simply replace the Featured tab with a bigger search and additional topics tab with curated topic tag list.

8. Featured Image Reminder


Featured Image Reminder is a plugin that was made for those who are a forgetful blogger that uses the featured images all the time but forgetting to add the featured image so with this plugin it will display a confirmation dialog box if you press the Publish button and the post doesn’t have a featured image.



WordPress Wednesday – 8 Fresh Plugins from the WordPress Plugin Directory