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It’s time once again for WordPress Wednesday and this time we will be having a look through the official WordPress plugin directory to see what were some of the newest plugins that been newly released to the WordPress community in the last week or so.

Below in this weeks round you will find 8 plugins that hopefully can help you to put something new and awesome into any of the WordPress powered website that you run.

Some of the plugins that you can find featuring in today’s post can help you getting people to signup to your Mailchimp Newsletter, a plugin that turns your normal WordPress website into a powerful learning platform or a plugin that gives you a responsive gallery lightbox, or letting your guest submit great posts without registring an aacount on your site to a plugin that gives you a staff directory easy plus many other great new WordPress plugins

1. Single Mailchimp


This WordPress plugin is a single Opt-In AJAX Mailchimp Newsletter form for WordPress. You can switch between single opt-in and double opt-in, with this plugin you can use it as Widget or Shortcode and style it however you want. It uses the Bootstrap 3 classes, therefore it will perfectly fit in a Bootstap 3 Theme for WordPress.You only need your API Key and the List ID. Within the settings Tab you can choose what kind of Opt-In you want to use. Also you can define the error/success message but also the placeholder and labels.

2. CoursePress


CoursePress turns WordPress into a powerful online learning platform. Set up online courses by creating learning units with quiz elements, video, audio etc. You can also assess student work, sell your courses and much much more.

3. Customize Posts


The goal for this plugin was to be able to expose the editing of posts in the Customizer, allowing you to edit post data and postmeta for any number of posts, and preview the changes before saving them for others to see. This plugin was birthed out of the Widget Customizer feature-as-plugin project which was merged into WordPress Core in 3.9: as widgets can now be managed in the Customizer, so too should posts be editable in the Customizer as well.

4. WP Social Icons


WP Social Icon is a simple, light weight plugin which allows you to easily add different social font icons on your site. The plugin has a collection of 260 font icons to choose from.This plugin has easy to use configuration, which allows you to add your different social network accounts , customize look and feel of the the plugin to match your site design.

5. Responsive Gallery Lightbox


Responsive Gallery Lightbox is a lightweight, elegant, responsive, mobile-friendly jQuery plugin for displaying an image/video gallery in a fullscreen lightbox with CSS3 transition effects.You can easily add gallery using custom post & embed them in separate page post or widgets by shortcode button from the editor.

6. Guest Post Simplified


Guest Post Simplified Plugin will allow your visitors to submit posts as a guest author without registration. Anyone will be able to submit post and it will be added automatically as a draft. After reviewing you will be decide which posts approved for publish and which are rejected. Submitted posts will be included with author name, email address, author url, post title, description, categories and keyword tags.

7. Remote Medias Libraries


Remote Medias Libraries makes it possible to navigate and manage all your medias from all your favorite remote services such as youtube, vimeo, dailymotion  directly from WordPress media manager.

8. Staffer


The Staffer plugin uses the custom post types for staff/employee management, which will allow the users to easily create and manage an onsite staff directory. Staffer works immediately with many popular WordPress themes, but also allows for custom template use and custom content wrappers. These settings make it easy to use with almost any WordPress theme.


WordPress Wednesday – 8 Free WordPress Plugins That Just Been Recently Released