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Donations are a great way to reward someone for their work. I know some people rely upon the generosity of their readers as the way to pay the upkeep costs of running their website, and then, there are people from non-profit organisations who rely upon fundraisers.

If you are serious about getting money for your work or generating money for your business, then you should know the importance of having a website.

Once you have a WordPress powered website, you need to install a donation plugin. You can choose one from the below list. Today WordPress Wednesday features 8 free donations plugins, some of the plugins listed in this post include features such as the ability to create multiple campaigns, accept payment in different currencies, and thank you templates.

1. Give

Give Donation Plugin And Fundraising Platform

Give is the highest rated, most downloaded and best supported donation plugin. Built from the ground up for all your fundraising needs, Give provides you with a powerful donation platform optimized for online giving.

Transform the way you accept online donations. With Give you can accept charitable gifts through customisable donation forms, view donation statistics and reports, manage donors, and integrate with a wide variety of third-party gateways and services.

Give is free and yet is full of many advanced features to suit your needs such like slick donation forms, full-featured reporting, and donor management features provide you with the tools you need to accept donations and manage your donors.

Price: Free

2. Charitable

Charitable Donation Plugin

Charitable is the donation plugin that gives you everything you need to start accepting donations today, for free. Designed to integrate seamlessly with WordPress, Charitable allows non-profits and developers to create powerful fundraising platforms on their own website.

The plugin supports standard PayPal payments, thereare additional payment gateways such as Stripe or but you will have to purchase add-ons. Other extensions support Recurring Donations, Avatars, Anonymous Donations and Newsletter Connect.

Price: Free

3. Philantro

Philantro Donations And Donor Management Plugin

Philantro is a donation and donor management platform for nonprofits and political organizations . Securely accept donations, track valuable metrics, donors and campaign performance.

This is the official plugin integrates the Philantro platform into your website and requires organizations to be registered with Philantro. You’re free to demo a test account first.

Price: Free

4. WP Crowdfunding

Wp Crowdfunding

WP Crowdfunding is a WooCommerce based plugin that empowers anyone to create a crowdfunding site using WordPress content management system. It’s very user-friendly and convenient to manage.

Most of the basic WP Crowdfunding features are offered in this free version. Advanced features like centralised Native Wallet System, PayPal Adaptive payments, Stripe Connect, analytical reports, email notifications, unlimited rewards and so on are available in paid versions.

Price: Free

5. Donorbox

Donorbox Recurring Donation Form

Donorbox is a feature rich WordPress plugin that allows you to collect donations on a recurring basis. Furthermore, you can design the donor forms to collect the information you need, and the form builder allows donors to designate donations and dedicate them in honor of any person.

Donorbox embeds a donation form on your site using a shortcode. It allows you to run multiple fundraising campaigns at the same time. Other features you find in Donorbox include customisable receipt text, PayPal donation, Salesforce and MailChimp integration.

Just one note on this WordPress that you will need to sign up on Donorbox for an account and you can collect up to $1000 every month, without parting with any of it as fees to Donorbox.

Price: Free

6. Woo Donations

Woo Donations

Woo Donations provide you options to accept donations in WooCommerce with amount specified by the end-user, so they can donate any amount they wish to donate.

Donations can be shown as a product in the cart and checkout page, if end-user wants to change their donation amount then they can re-enter donation amount on cart or checkout page to donate. Options to choose a non-shipping, no-taxable product for donation purpose. After woocommerce donation plugin activation you will find the “Add Donation” field on the cart and checkout page.

This plugin also works with WordPress Multisite installs (each blog from the network has it’s own maintenance settings).

Price: Free

7. PayPal Donations

Paypal Donations

The name tells you the function of this plugin. PayPal Donations helps you collect donations using the popular PayPal payment gateway. It adds a PayPal donation shortcode and sidebar Widget to WordPress.

The options menu lets you setup your PayPal ID and a few other optional settings. You can choose which donation button you want to use or if you want to use your button. You can also set an optional default purpose and reference which can be overridden on each inserted instance with the shortcode options or in the Widget settings. There are also options available for currency, localisation of the button, custom payment page style and the return page.

Price: Free

8. YITH Donations for WooCommerce

Yith Donations For Woocommerce

YITH Donations is a WooCommerce compatible plugin that helps you with donations. You can use the tool in your online stores or even when raising funds for a cause. The adaptability of YITH Donations knows no bounds, and you can use it however you like and do not mind going entirely against the grain, utilising YITH Donations for something altogether different.

Once ready to proceed, all you need to do is to name each donation project, and you can also associate donation form to a single product. Additionally, YITH Donations come with a donation widget which you can easily attach to your sidebars or footer section.

Price: Free


WordPress Wednesday – 8 Free WordPress Plugins For Donations