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WooCommerce has always been the first choice eCommerce solution for many who are using WordPress to powered their sites.

As a nice aspect of WooCommerce is that you can get all kinds of new functionality through its many available plugins which are both free & paid types. So for this week WordPress Wednesday roundup are a small collection of 8 free new WooCommerce plugins that I think you will enjoy.

1. Australia Post Shipping Basic


Australia Post WooCommerce Shipping plugin helps WooCommerce shops to streamline Australia Post shipping integration. This plugin helps you to get shipping rates from Australia Post APIs based on product weight, post code and other relevant details. Based on the post codes and other parameters, all available shipping services along with the rates are listed for the customers to choose from.

2. Postmen WooCommerce Shipping


Postmen WooCommerce Shipping allows you to print shipping labels and calculate rates with your shipper accounts easily. It’s supports USPS, FedEx, UPS, DHL and 40+ carriers.

3. Customize WooCommerce Shop


The Customize Woocommerce Shop WordPress Plugin allows you to do exactly that, customize every aspect of your eCommerce store. The user friendly admin interface allows you to point and click to make your shop have the look and feel you want.

4. TLD’s WooCommerce Downloadable Product Update Emails


This is a simple plugin that can be used to send emails to customers who bought a downloadable product.

This plugin will let them know that there’s been an update to their download. This plugin takes away the customers guess if their is an updated edition of the e-book they bought etc. So say goodbye to manually email each customers about an update.

5. Search Manager Lite


Search Manager Lite is a plugin that allows you to enhance your WordPress and WooCommerce search with the ability to search for extra fields such as comments, excerpt, SKU. There is a

6. Add Quantity to WC Archives,Shop & Category


This plugin does what it says. It’s a simple plugin which add a quantity field to WooCommerce category/archive page. So your customers can add the quantity straight from the archive/category page.

7. Registrations for WooCommerce


Registrations for WooCommerce plugin allows the creation of the registration product type. Registration products can have dates as variations, there are 3 types of dates: single, multiple and date range.

For each date variation you can set the price, schedule, and places available (stock). That makes Registrations for WooCommerce a great choice for stores who are selling courses, classes or any kind of scheduled services.

8. WooCommerce Product Slider


WooCommerce Product Slider is an amazing product slider to slide right inside your WooCommerce Products. You can easily display this advanced slider in your theme/WordPress site using shortcode in your pages, posts, and even sidebar/widget area or anywhere. It supports latest/recent product slider and comes with built-in shortcode system to easily control the look and function of the slideshow.



WordPress Wednesday – 8 Free & New WooCommerce Plugins


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