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You’ve already seen that we let your know that you can customise your login system a few weeks ago but you can go into a new step and makeover the complete WordPress Dashboard.

As in this WordPress Wednesday post, we’ll look at some of the free & premium WordPress plugins that will add an custom themes giving your install a fresh look than using those ones you can find already in WordPress and this will help also give the developers who are creating a WordPress powered site for clients and want to simplify the Dashboard for easy use and giving a bit more of a custom site.

1. Rocket Dashboard – Free


Rocket Dashboard delivers a more influential working environment for WordPress through the use of color. Black on white is reserved for the main content window. The left navigation is dark in colour and all the icons has been replaced with scalable vector art through a custom icon font. The WP-Admin bar has also been given a facelift, as it’s now bigger, brighter and much more fun. Just upload this plugin and activate it.

2. Cream6 Admin Theme – Free


Cream6 is free user-friendly WordPress plugin that will customise the complete Dashboard area with responsive layout, you simply install and activate it and that’s all, your new admin section is ready to use. This plugin has truly comes with a responsive layout in different widgets. It works much better than other admin themes and provides better display in different screen sizes.

3. Slate Admin Theme – Free


Slate provides a clean, simplified design for your WordPress Admin area. The goal of this plugin was to simplify the visual design with a primary focus on the content writing experience as sometimes you feel that the default theme seems to be too busy, with all of the separate boxes, background colours, borders and minimal padding between them and by removing those distractions and giving each area a little room to breath.



Retina Press is a brand new retina display custom theme, this WordPress admin theme now gives you the ability to offer your customers & clients a completely new and customised dashboard, ultimately disguising theWordPress dashboard. This plugin has Multisite functionality which detects if you’re running a network. If so, then you can completely white label/brand the WordPress admin for your customers. Once Retina Press been installed you can overwrite WordPress’ custom theme colours and pick your very own to match your brand. For additional customisation you are able to upload your own company logo to display on the WordPress login page, which is a big deal when managing clients websites



Ultra Admin brings your WordPress Admin Panel to LIFE. Along with White Label Branding features, It comes with 30 Awesome Inbuilt themes and gives you an option to Create your own theme. You can also control appearance of Admin Menu, Top Bar, Buttons, Content Boxes, Typography, Forms, Text and background colours, logo and so on. Ultra Admin is compatible with both LTR and RTL modes so can be used for any language. Ultra admin is also Multisite compatible.



Forest is the a new WordPress Admin Theme which you can use for you and your clients to get away from boring admin as this plugin will change everything including the plain and boring background as you can upload your own custom background, you can even adjust the darkness level and play with unlimited colours as Forest allows you to change the login background and logo by using custom Google fonts.



WPShapere WordPress Admin Theme is a WordPress plugin and a powerful tool to customise your WordPress admin. It will totally white label the WordPress admin section. With WPShapere you have the ability to offer your customers a complete new admin dashboard with your brand name.



Modern Admin is flat-retina ready template for WordPress admin. This plugin comes with 5 colour schemes, custom login form, configurable menu & dashboard icons.


WordPress Wednesday – 8 Best Plugins to Customise Your Dashboard Appearance