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Here’s today’s is a roundup of the latest and awesome premium wordpress plugins that you can find any type of plugin that can help you provide some new sort of enhanced functionally to give the visitor a better experience while on your site.

This roundup features 8 premium wordpress plugins and all plugins below mention that they are compatible up to the latest WordPress 3.6 and there is something for everyone including a plugin that enhance WordPress native preview functionality, a WooCommerce related product slider, showcasing your facebook profile,, animate adverts, providing a hastag slideshow, a appointment booking plugin, a CSS gradient generator and a background stretcher

1. ResponsivePreviewer – $15


Version 1.0 of this amazing plugin enhances WordPress native preview functionality. You no longer have to open a new tab in your browser to preview a change in a post or page. Instead, just click the new Preview-tab and you will instantly be shown a preview of your edited post/page. You can easily switch between popular device resolutions such as iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, iPad. No more resizing your window to see how responsive your site is.

2. WooCommerce Related Products Slider – $19


WooCommerce Related Products Slider plugin is a wordpress plugin which is used to display the related products with nice sliding effects that belong to the same Product Category or Product Tag.”WooCommerce Related Products Slider” extends the WooCommerce Plugin by displaying related Products to the site. It automatically selects related Products based on the Category or Tag and shows the related products on the products details page.

This Plugin has some additional options, such as user can show the plugin at different positions on products detail page, user can show up to 50 products in the slider. User can easily customize the slider theme or template. Before installing WooCommerce Related Products Slider user must install and activateWooCommerce plugin first. This plugin is compatible up to WordPress Version: 3.6 and WooCommerce Version 2.0.13.

3. Facebook Panel – $9


Facebook Panel – Showcase your Facebook Profile – absolutely easy to use WordPress plugin that enables you to add a beautiful Showcase of your Facebook Account / Profile to your website.

4. Advert Flap Pro – $13


Ad Flap Pro is an animated advert for WordPress sites. It is one of the most effective ways to get your message or advert out to people on your website, without being too intrusive. It animates in initially so that users notice it, and then waits to be clicked. The user can close it at any time to remove it from the screen.

It couldn’t be easier to set up a new advert – Just pick your style, enter your text, and check the built in previewer. Once you’re happy, choose the pages you want it to show or hide on and click publish. As simple as that!

It works on all modern browsers (including iPads and iPhones), and falls back to the non-animated box in older browsers.

5. WordPress Hashtag Slideshow – $12


WordPress #Hashtag Slideshow provides your wordpress site with hashtag feature in your post content. With WordPress Hashtag Slideshow, it is easy to create links to your hashtag archive page (where all the same hashtag contents are listed) just by adding ”#” character before a word. On the site, the hashtag word will be linked to hashtag archive and on mouse hover one slideshow with all posts which have the same hashtag will display. It is easy for you to preview and go to another post.

6. Booking Bank – $18

Booking Bank

Booking Bank is an Ultimate Appointments Booking Plugin suitable for WordPress running Sites that will make your life not only simpler but even more faster and more systematic in handling your appointments.

Booking Bank has the ability to handle unlimited number of appointments and has become a necessary tool for all WordPress users!

We have several important features like Dashboard from where user can manage everything from one menu. We have a very user friendly interface with robust code and uncountable important features.

Booking Bank will allow business owners to add/customize services they provide, add/remove staff members who provide them together with relative prices and the services duration. Our plugin also serves the purposes of Group bookings.

7. WordPress CSS Gradient Generator – $14


This is a CSS gradient generator which you can use in your WordPress site to generate CSS Gradients that is cross-browsers and provides the CSS gradients with all the suffixes.

It gives you the power of that gradient generator in Adobe Photoshop. You can use it to generate your code in your admin control panel to edit the gradient visually or any where else in your site. With just 2 lines of code it brings the power to your finger tips.

Just by dragging the color tips you get your gradient ready. You can also chang the alpha steps to get transparency. If you like to use SCSS or LESS you will meet them there!

8. bgStretcher – $14


bgStretcher (Background Stretcher) is a WordPress plugin for stretching one or more images proportionally across an entire page or element. When multiple images are supplied, bgStretcher displays them in a configurable slideshow with advanced options. The plugin allows you to add a large image (or a set of images) to the background of your web page and will proportionally resize the image(s) to fill the entire window area.

The plugin will work as a slideshow if multiple images are used. The speed, duration, transition effects, and slide direction are configurable. Available transition options include none, simpleSlide, superSlide and fade. Sequence mode can be set to normal, backwards, or random. Additionally, the resizing of the images can be optionally animated when the container is resized. Class names may also be passed to bgStretcher to define Next & Previous buttons and a pagination element.


WordPress Wednesday – 8 Awesome Premium WordPress Plugins