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Today’s WordPress Wednesday is a roundup of the 8 amazing and new premium wordpress plugins that can help you provide some new sort of enhanced functionality to your site to give the visitor a better experience while viewing. All of the following plugins are compatible to the latest version of WordPress and you will find something that will be useful for your site such as a plugin that turns your old posts into flip-able pages, custom t-shirt designer, slideout social media tabs, a seat booking system and more

1. Flipinja – $12


flipinja is a plugin that turns your post to a set of flip-able pages just like a Flipboard. It simply adds a button on top of your posts for your readers to click and switches to reading mode, where they can easily flip the content with their fingers in mobiles or by scrolling in computers.It also hides all the sidebars and other stuff in the page and moves the focus back to your content.

2. WP eCommerce Custom T-Shirt Design Studio – $25

WP eCommerce Custom T-Shirt Design Studio

This plugin is a WordPress eCommerce Plugin which is used to design or customize on T-shirts by adding logo or text. By this plugin customer can design the t-shirt as per their need such as Add Text, Number or Logo by different Font Types, Color, Font Size, Alignment and drag the design in any position of front and back side of T-shirt.

Customers are able to design their own t-shirt and they can upload a logo to different positions of t-shirt or can select existing logo from the sample items.

3. GilidPanel – $14


GilidPanel lets you easily build pullout sliding panel for any kinds of content using wordpress sidebar widgets. This plugin comes with “slide” and “push” animation effect with jquery easing options and can be assigned either on left or right side. This also comes with responsive scrollable contents that will allow you the add as many contents as you want!

4. InlineHelp – $12


InlineHelp allows you to define phrases, with associated text, which are used to add tooltips to your Posts and Pages.  This means that if you want to offer readers extra information on a specific word or phrase, you can set it up with it’s explanation or definition and all they have to do is hover their mouse over the word and it’ll pop up.

InlineHelp supports case sensitivity (so you could match “This” but not “this”) and also lets you choose if a phrase should match all posts and pages or only a specific selection.  No more confusing acronyms or technical terms – just add explanations using InlineHelp, without worrying about cluttering the page!

5. Social Slide-out Tab Menus – $10

Social Slide-out Tab Menus

The Social Slide out Tabs Plugin is specially coded to preset access to your Social Profiles, RSS feed, YouTube Channel and Contact us Page in an effective and attractive way.  This Plugin adds beautiful side menu tabs, with your custom color scheme, and URLs. This plugin is loaded with CSS3 Transition effects.

6. Pretty Routes – $17

Pretty Routes

Pretty Routes is a robust WordPress plugin that lets you add unlimited customized routes to Google Maps. Not only can you add unlimited routes that chart ‘to’ and ‘from’ locations as needed, but Pretty Routes also let’s you add customized pinpoint graphics to each location (using any graphic you choose), customised tooltip content, and even specific colors for each route on display.

7. WP Seat Booking System – $18

WordPress Seat Booking System

This wordpress plugin allows you to create a seat booking system, that can be applied to anything where you need seats i.e cinema halls, buses, trains, shows, etc. It allows admin to design the interface as per the need. The customers(users) can see that interface to select seats and process them.

8.1001 Icons Plugin – $15


1001 Icons for WordPress enables an easy use of a large icon set from within WordPress. Icons can be inserted WordPress shortcode API or TinyMCE plugin right on your post/page editor.It is a new way to include icons to your site all is done in your WordPress editor.


WordPress Wednesday – 8 Amazing & New Premium Plugins


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