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Building a long-lasting community takes a lot of effort and time and you are going to need high quality and engaging content to keep your site going strong for years. By using gamification techniques, you can increase your posts’ chances of getting more attention from your visitors.

Today’s WordPress Wednesday post features 8 achievements and rewards plugins that you can choose for your wordpress site.


User Badges is a WordPress Plugin that allows you to gamify your blog and give out badges and awards for users on your blog. Gamification and badges are proven to drive more engagement and users will interact with your blog more, just to earn the shiny next badge.

User badges comes with 11 automatically assigned badges. Users get points for reading articles, posting comments and even just visiting your site. And they get gold, silver and bronze medals for achievements in each category.

2. Sharingforce

Sharingforce is a powerful web application that promotes Digital Word Of Mouth and helps to convert web traffic into high quality leads. You have the ability to inspire your readers by rewarding them for specific actions. Users can be rewarded for their own actions (for example, a Successful Share), or for referred actions taken by their friends (Referred Click, Referred Purchase, or other defined actions).

Rewards can be contests, coupons and savings, through the ‘Share to Win’ or ‘Share to Save’ reward systems. Each action is rewarded through trackable Sharetificates to members, which Sharingforce issues on behalf of you, allowing them to redeem their rewards.

3. PunchTab

PunchTab is a loyalty program that’s simple to install on your WordPress blog. As soon as it’s installed, a rewards section or an achievement system will show up on your site. Your readers will be able to connect with Facebook and earn points and/or badges for their actions on your blog.

PunchTab incentivizes your readers to invite their friends to check out your blog and will help you engage your current users with more repeat visits, Facebook likes and comments.

4. Simple Badges

This plugin focuses on a different kind of situation: awarding badges manually by admin approval, and automatically when specific events are triggered — and to do so as simply as possible.

Simple Badges provides two ways to award badges:

  1. manually by an admin granting the badge to a user, and
  2. automatically based on a single condition a user meets.

5. Incrwd

Incrwd is a powerful yet incredibly simple engagement program for blogs that uses real rewards to incentivize users to visit your site, share your posts on Facebook and Twitter, and comment more often. Users start earning points towards their rewards immediately, and are gradually motivated to register in order to keep their accumulated points.

Offer your users giftcards from awesome brands provided by us, or create your own giveaways and upload your own personalized rewards.

6. Achievements for BuddyPress

Achievements for BuddyPress gives your community fresh impetus by promoting and rewarding social interaction with challenges, badges and points. For example, reward users for commenting on a blog post or uploading a picture to their profile.

7. CubePoints Buddypress Integration

Adds CubePoints support to Buddypress. Reward members using your BuddyPress portion of your website by giving them points and awards! IMPORTANT: You will need to install CubePoints (at least version 3.0.1) first.

8. Coin of the Realm

Coin of the Realm is a system that allows WordPress publisher to reward their readers for linking back to the word press blog. It’s at its heart an affiliate system set up for the general user instead of companies combining crowd sourcing into the standard affiliate model.

The way Coin of the realm works is by generating unique links to all of the pages and post on a WordPress sight for each Registered user. When that user uses the link to reference the sight on some other website every reader who click on the link generates a referral in the COTR system. COTR converts referrals into coins that the registered user can use to buy things in the automatically generated store page.

Coin of the realm supports 3 types of reward products; digital downloads, comment badges, and donation drives. These products are quick to create in the store interface and can be purchased with either referral generated coins or with regular currency. COTR support both the paypal and verotel payment gateways for making purchases.


WordPress Wednesday – 8 Achievements & Rewards WordPress Plugins


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  1. Also checkout WooCube Pro. This wordpress plugin integrates points via the cubepoints plugin and rewards in the form of purchaseable produces via woocommerce. In short, WooCube Pro, integrates woocommerce with cubepoints creating true Gamification.

    Users want to do something with their points. They are used to purchasing products with points from huge retailers and credit card companies. Why should your site be any different? Allow your users to buy services, tangible products, and downloadable products with WooCube

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