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When talking about WordPress, staying up to date with the latest things always a must. This rule also applies when talking about WordPress plugins, considering the large number of new plugins that are developed and launched on a weekly basis. Today’s WordPress Wednesday post features 7 Newest plugins that you may have not found yet.

1. Effortless Google Maps

Putting Google Maps on your posts and pages has never been easier. Use our shortocde or widgets to create the map. Quick and simple shortcode attributes allow you to customize with ease.

2. CalPress Event Calendar

CalPress event calendar is a powerful compact WordPress plugin for managing events, event ticketing and Event attendance. We Started with an advanced calendaring system all-in-one event calendar and made it more intuitive while adding essential features such as facebook timeline integration, social sharing of events, suggestive event searching, attendee management encapsulated in beautiful UI.

3. Typecase Free or $19 for Pro

Typecase is a beautifully simple web font management plugin for WordPress for easily adding custom web fonts to your website.

  • 500+ Web Fonts to Choose From
  • Add & Edit Fonts Quickly – Thanks to a snappy, responsive admin panel, Typecase makes it easy to quickly edit and save your website’s fonts.
  • Typecase offers the ability to select specific font weights and character sets for your website, making it easy to load up just the right combination for each font.
  • Enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that you’ll have access to UpThemes’ support and future plugin updates and new features with Typecase Pro.

4. Wordfence Security

Wordfence Security is a free enterprise class security plugin that includes a firewall, virus scanning, real-time traffic with geolocation and more. Wordfence is 100% free. You need to sign up on to get a free API key. We also offer a Premium API key that adds additional scanning capabilities.

5. Debug Bar

Adds a debug menu to the admin bar that shows query, cache, and other helpful debugging information.

6. BotBlocker

Kills spam-bots, leaves humans standing. No CAPTCHAS, no math questions, no passwords, just spam blocking that stops spam-bots dead in their tracks.

7. Easy Digital Downloads

Selling digital downloads is something that not a single one of the large WordPress ecommerce plugins has ever gotten really right. This plugin aims to fix that. Instead of focusing on providing every single feature under the sun, Easy Digital Downloads trys to provide only the ones that you really need.

It aims to make selling digital downloads through WordPress easy, and complete.


WordPress Wednesday – 7 Newest WordPress Plugins


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