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If you are deciding to add a job board into your WordPress site or wanting to create your own jobs site, then you will need to find an effective job board plugin. Nonetheless, there are many plugins to choose from, and it can be difficult to know which plugin would be suitable for you.

For this WordPress Wednesday, I will be looking at some job board plugins for WordPress. However, the plugins suggested here are some great options but remember when selecting a plugin, you should always base your decision on what you and your website needs.

1. WP Job Manager

Wp Job Manager

WP Job Manager is a great job board plugin for those who are wanting to add a simple job board to their WordPress website for the first time, or for those who aren’t looking for a plugin with advanced features. However, if you are looking for extra functionality, then purchasing WP Job Manager premium add-ons can support the free core module.

As this plugin is shortcode based, WP Job Manager can work with any theme and is very simple to get up and running. You can list jobs displaying company information, expiry dates and more. Create a front-end job submission form, where employers can list jobs themselves and preview the listing before it goes live is possible too, or use the employer dashboard where logged in users can manage their job listings.

Price: Free

2. Simple Job Board

Simple Job Board

Simply Job Board is a plugin that is free to download from the WordPress repository. The plugin has an user-friendly plugin that will enable you to add a job board to your website or blog quickly.

With this plugin you can add multiple job listings and display them with application forms on any page of your site by just using simple shortcodes. Add-ons can also be purchased to help you upgrade the functionality of the plugin if needed. Simply Job Board is a useful low-key plugin, that can be extended as your site grows and is an excellent choice for those on a budget.

Price: Free

3. Jobs for WordPress

Jobs For WordPress

Jobs for WordPress is a powerful WordPress plugin that make it easy to add job postings to your company’s website in a structured way. While you can comfortably create and manage job postings in a very user-friendly way, they are also automatically structured with Thus, they are technically easy to read for Google and have a high chance of being displayed and ranked well in search results and you can save on expensive postings on job platforms.

Price: Free

4. WP Job Openings

Wp Job Openings

WP Job Openings plugin is the most simple yet powerful plugin for setting up a job listing page for a website.
The plugin is designed after carefully analysing hundreds of job listing layouts and methods. The plugin team just picked the best features out of the all and built a plugin that’s super simple to use and extensible to a high performing recruitment tool.

This version of the plugin comes with two layouts; Grid and List which are designed carefully according to the modern design and User Experience principles. Highlight of the plugin is its totally flexible filter options.

Price: Free

5. Apply Online

Apply Online

Apply Online is a free job board plugin. It’s quick to setup and easy to use, this solution is great if you are looking to add a jobs page to your WordPress website. Also this plugin can be used to add an advertisement board or a registration page for a course or class. Once published, you can start receiving job or registration applications.

The intuitive interface allows you to add, categorise and manage job advertisements from within your WordPress dashboard. You can then add descriptions and other job-related features to advertisements, then receive an email when an application is received.

Price: Free

6. jobQuest

Job Quest

WP JobQuest plugin provides a straightforward way to highlight jobs/ recruitment options on your website, working on any type of website. Navigate through our interactive search bar, filter jobs by our various categories and apply. Admin can easily navigate through advanced applicant/ candidate grouping.

The jobQuest plugin has a variety of features to provide you with everything you need to create a recruitment platform. You will be able to implement a comprehensive job search and filtering system, job listings page and complete account management system. The plugin also contains a complete backend system to view and manage jobs, filters, applicants and applications. See below for a description and feature list of each of the key sections within the jobQuest plugin.

Price: $29.00


WordPress Wednesday – 6 WordPress Job Board Plugins