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Today’s WordPress Wednesday is a roundup of the 6 new premium wordpress plugins that can help you & your WordPress site to provide some new sort of enhanced functionality to your site to give the visitor a better experience while viewing. All of the following plugins are compatible to the latest version of WordPress and the plugins you’ll find something right for you below in this roundup.


WordPress Long Post Splitter

WordPress Long Post Splitter automatically split long post/page content into multiple pages so that the page length is smaller. Your page will load faster and make it easier for your readers to read your content without being overwhelmed by the length of the content.



The WP PROCount is very minimalistic and lightweight. It contains a customizable Countdown Clock and MailChimp plugin. This plugin also comes with a LESS Stylesheet file that you can use to customize the page however you would like.


PPM WooCarousel Ultimate

PPM WooCarousel Ultimate is the WooCommerce version of our plugin PPM Carousel Ultimate. This plugin will add moving Product Carousel feature inside a post or page or anywhere you want, only with a few clicks.  You can embed Product Carousel using several ways. We are using the most advanced ShortCode technology of WordPress. Anyone who doesn’t know HTML, can use this plugin without any difficulty.



UserPro is a WordPress plugin that instantly replaces the ugly WordPress backend profiles with elegant, beautiful looking frontend profiles. With features such as unlimited custom fields, customized registration, social login, members directory, compact profiles, content restriction, and many more features!


Mate Boxes

Mate Boxes is a plugin for WordPress that allows you to create data blocks using your images. There is a admin panel which can help you to change the visualisation of your blocks. You can use various columns for different types of screens. For example: for large screens – 6 columns, for medium screens – 4 columns, for small screens – 2 columns, for extra small screens – 1 column. You can completely disable the area for the title, the lower and middle part of the block, and leave only the image.


Easy Facebook Contest

Easy Facebook Contest is Easy Facebook Fanpage and Promotion Builder plugin which allows you to run unlimited Facebook contests. Please ensure you have purchased and installed the latest version of before using this plugin.


WordPress Wednesday – 6 of The Newest Premium Plugins for Any WordPress Site