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Let’s slowly get back into things for the first WordPress Wednesday round up post for 2015, and this round up I will be showing you what are some of the latest free WordPress plugins that you can find on the official WordPress plugin directory, the plugins below featuring on this week WordPress Wednesday do things like adding a simply task and todo list directly on your site, a plugin that helps integrate SMTP into your WordPress installation, a plugin that adds Google Analytics into everywhere inside your dashboard plus many other great new plugins that been released so far.

1. Facebook API


The Facebook API is a facebook share plugin. You can easily use facebook like box, website comment, share, send button, embedded post and more feature use, the major features of this facebook api plugin include: Facebook Like Bo,x Facebook Embedded Post, Facebook Website Comments, Facebook Facepile, Facebook Follow Button

2. Saksh WP SMTP


Saksh WP SMTP can help you to integrate SMTP to your wordpress installation. Using this you can integrate a number of free smtp server like gmail , yahoo mail , rediff mail , hotmail and paid smtp like cleanmailserver, sendgrid , amazon aes , mandrill, zoho mail etc to your wordpress and send email

3. WP jCryption


The WP jCryption plugin increases security of a site in case it has no SSL certificate, useful for owners of small sites who want to secure their passwords and other posted data but don’t want to buy SSL certificate for each domain and subdomain: it protects from sniffering the most important data such as passwords when they are being sent from forms of your site to the server.

4. Simple Tasks & Todo’s


The Simple Tasks & Todo’s displays plugin is a very intuitive and handy task manager on top of your existing WordPress site. As the tasks are only displayed when the mouse cursor hovers over the “Task list” icon at the bottom right of your screen, and allow you to easily create and manage task lists and the tasks inside. Once a task is completed, tick it off and it will be removed from the list and relocated to the “Completed tasks”. This will give you a clear overview of the tasks at hand, and allow you to bring completed tasks on the screen with a simple click.

5. Auto Category


When assigning a sub-category to a post, wordpress treats it as a separate category with no relation to the mother category. This plugin automatically assign mother categories to the post when saved.

6. Analytify


Analytify WordPress makes Google Analytics simple for everywhere in WordPress (posts,pages etc). It presents the statistics in a beautiful way under the WordPress Posts/Pages at front end, backend and in its own Dashboard. This provides Stats from Country, Referrers, Social media, General stats, New visitors, Returning visitors, Exit pages, Browser wise and Top keywords. This plugin provides the Real Time statistics in a new UI that is easy to understand and looks good and this plugin it makes the use of the new Google APIs Client library for PHP.


WordPress Wednesday – 6 of the Newest Plugin from the WP Plugin Directory