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By the regular questions that get asked within the WordPress community about content translation you’ll find many of you looking for the best way to translate your WordPress site into other languages.

Throughout the WordPress existence we see many translation plugins come and go but a few of them has stood the test of times. It’ takes a substantial effort to create a multilingual plugin and ensure it continues to work perfectly when WordPress releases new updates. This is the main reason why many plugins disappear from our “favourites” through out the years.

Today’s WordPress Wednesday post you’ll find 6 of the best WordPress translation plugins to translate your WordPress site.

1. Transposh WordPress Translation

Transposh adds best of breed translation support to wordpress, 66 languages are automatically translated and can be manually corrected with ease.

Transposh  Features:

  • Support for any language – including RTL/LTR layouts
  • Unique drag/drop interface for choosing viewable/translatable languages
  • Multiple options for widget appearances – with pluggable widgets and multiple instances
  • Translation of external plugins without a need for .po/.mo files
  • Automatic translation mode for all content (including comments!)
  • Use either Google Translate,MS Translate or Apertium backends – 66 languages supported!
  • Automatic translation can be triggered on demand by the readers or on the server side
  • RSS feeds are translated too
  • Takes care of hidden elements, link tags, meta contents and titles
  • Translated languages are searchable
  • Buddypress integration

2. Multilingual Press

By using the powerful WordPress Multilingual-Press plugin it´s much easier to build multilingual sites and run them with WordPress’ multisite feature.

Simply write a post or page in one language and Multilingual-Press will automatically create a duplication of it in the other sites/blogs. These new posts and pages are interlinked and are easily accessible via the post/page editor screen – you can switch back and forth to translate them! Multilingual-Press is WordPress conform, easy to install and doesn’t make any changes to the WordPress core. It doesn’t harm your website’s performance.

3. Stella

Stella plugin for WordPress is designed to allow the user to form a multilanguage site simply and effectively.

4. The WordPress Multilingual Plugin

WPML makes it easy to build multilingual sites and run them. It’s powerful enough for corporate sites, yet simple for blogs. The default install comes with over 40 languages. You can also add your own language variants (like Canadian French or Mexican Spanish) using WPML’s languages editor.

5. Translate This Blog Translator

Allows your users to translate your blog into many different languages. The button is added to the top of every post. This plugin is powered by Google Translate and combines all it’s translation functionality into one small, easy to use button. Once installed, the button will appear at the top of every post on the main page, as well as at the top of the individual posts.


Easy Translation Manager lets you translate Pages, Posts,Post Tags, Post Categories, Custom Post Types, Menus, Plugins and Themes. Your visitors can easily choose their preferred language from a drop down in the sidebar. Or you can automatically set the language based on the web browsers language.

The plugin is compatible with WordPress Multisite and supports Custom Capabilities as well as SEO in Multiple Languages!

Please notice that this is not a plugin for automatic translation of your website. This is a professional plugin for managing translators and the translating your WordPress powered website.


WordPress Wednesday – 6 Of The Best WordPress Translation Plugins


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