This article was published 10 years ago, therefore the contents of this post may be out of date.

Again it’s time for this WordPress Wednesday item we will be having a look through the plugin directory  to see what were some of the newest plugins that been newly released to the WordPress community.

Below you will find 6 plugins that hopefully can help you to put something new and awesome into one or more WordPress powered site, some of the plugins that you can find featuring in today’s post can help you to build a google map into your website, simply manage your database, or if you own or developed an resturant site and wanting to have a take reservations from your site you can find a plugin in this post or want to run frequent task you can us a cronjob scheduler and many other plugins you can find below

1. Google Maps Builder


The Google Maps Builder isn’t just another Google Maps WordPress plugin. As it’s been built from the ground up to be the easiest, most intuitive and fastest Google Maps plugin for WordPress. Visually build powerful customized Google Maps to use on your WordPress site quickly and easily without ever having to touch a bit of code. Some of this plugin highlights are the Unique Marker Icons, Intuitive UI, Small Footprint as all the scripts and styles has been optmised and packaged with Grunt, google places API integration

2. MiwoSQL – Database & SQL Manager


MiwoSQL is a simple and fast database management plugin. It operates executing SQL queries so you don’t have to access phpMyAdmin anymore. The limit of MiwoSQL is your SQL knowledge thanks to it’s working method; SQL query execution.

3. Restaurant Reservations


With the Restaurant Reservations WordPress plugin you can now accept restaurant reservations and table bookings online. Quickly confirm or reject bookings, send email notifications, set booking times and more.

4. WP Circliful


The WP Circliful plugin will help you to add responsive circliful anywhere inside of your site. As you can nicely organized by custom post type by either using the shortcode, custom function or in widget. If you wanting to use it by a shortcode you can use [circliful id=’ID’] or a template Function: show_circliful(ID) or even widget. When you use this plugin and if you don’t want to use custom post type, you can just use direct shortcode: [circliful_direct dimension=”400″ text=”120″ info=”Raised” width=”45″ fontsize=”45″ percent=”78″ fgcolor=”red” bgcolor=”green” icon=”fa-plus” icon_size=”35″ icon_color=”#ccc” border=”yes”]. But if you want to use same design in multiple posts/pages, it’s easier to use custom post type option.

5. Cronjob Scheduler


The Cronjob Scheduler allows you to create custom WordPress tasks that are automatically triggered on a schedule you define. The motivation behind when building this plugin was out of frustration with other similar plugins that claim to do the same thing but really didn’t.

As Cronjob Scheduler allows you to run frequent tasks reliably and timely without anyone having to visit your site, all you need is at least 1 action and a Unix Crontab schedule!

6. Easy Mailchimp Forms


With this Easy Mailchimp Forms WordPress plugin you can now insert your MailChimp Forms easily into your sit by either using a shortcodes to insert the form(s) to your posts or pages or even use the plugin developer custom widget to insert forms to your widget areas. all you need to do to get this plugin to work is to select your list then pick a style and you are ready.


WordPress Wednesday – 6 Newly Released WordPress Plugins from The Plugin Directory