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It’s Wednesday once again and it time to look through the Plugin directory to see what are some of the newest plugins for all of us to try.

Down below in this roundup you will find 6 of newest WordPress plugins in this roundup you will find plugins such as a plugin for inserting, deleting, editing tables that harness responsiveness, a responsive contact form builder, a plugin that create a new awesome post editor, a plugin that is extremely easy to use to deliver videos, a plugin that restrict content and a WooCoomerce plugin that allows you to restrict access to any products

1. Foundation Tables


With the popularity of Zurb’s Foundation framework, the FoundationTables is a plugin that been written to harness the responsiveness of the framework provides and extend the WordPress page editor with a new toolset that allows the ease of inserting, editing or deleting collections of tabular data.

If you’re using a Foundation Theme, and are looking for a method to rapidly and responsively insert tabled data, this is the plugin for your site.

2. POWr Form Builder


The POWr Form Builder plugin allows you to create beautiful, mobile-responsive forms that you can edit right in the page. Add the widget to your site, or use the shortcode [ powr-form-builder ] to add forms to any post. You can eEnter an unlimited number of inputs in the form of text inputs, checkboxes, radio buttons, or select menus. Fully customize all language, fonts, and colors, and receive instant updates when a form is submitted.

3. Sir Trevor WP


Introducing Sir Trevor, This plugin is a Post Editor for WordPress, a replacement content editor that entirely re-imagined the web, This plugin is intuitive, simple and  block based which is very easy to learn. This editor keeps posts nice and uniform in style – even when many people of different skill levels are editing your site.

You are allows you to edit posts both in or outside of Sir Trevor. Posts you started in your old editor can still be edited in the old editor and posts started in Sir Trevor can be edited with Sir Trevor and this plugin completely streamlines the image upload process. Users no longer need to deal with the WordPress media dialog which has been replaced with a simple drag and drop upload field.

4. Yendif Player


The Yendif Player WordPress plugin that makes it extremely easy to deliver Flash and HTML5 media through your WordPress website.

5. Restrict It


With this plugin you can hide content in posts and pages and display only when a user leaves comment. If page/post dont have a comment from user or its got deleated by admin, content will be not displayed. As  this plugin uses cookie for that so this plugin will work when user allow website to set cookie. Restrict it provides you a shortcode [ wpgrestrict ][ /wpgrestrict ] to wrap your content with this shortcode and you are done.

6. WooCommerce Product Dependencies


The WooCommerce Product Dependencies is a lightweight WooCommerce extension that allows you to restrict access to any product, depending on the ownership and/or purchase of other, prerequisite items.


WordPress Wednesday – 6 New Plugins from the WordPress Plugin Directory