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Once again it’s time for this week WordPress Wednesday Post and for Today’s post we will be having a look through the plugin directory to see what were some of the newest plugins.

In Today’s post you will find 6 plugins that can hopefully help you to put something awesome into your site as some of the plugins that been featuring in today’s post can help you to map your users with a google map, present FAQ’s is a accordion like feature, a site manager to manage the update of WordPress, themes and plugins to improve stability and security, share any of your posts to twitter or facebook and easliy insert posts URL or permalink straight into your post or pages

1. User Map


The User Map WordPress plugin is a great little add-on to your site as it will display all the users of your blog/website on google maps, you will be able to see all the registered users on google map, which will help you and other people see from where most of the users are registering to your site.

2. Bullet FAQs


The Bullet FAQs WordPress plugin will provide you with a nice Frequently Asked Questions Page with answers hidden which will still hidden until the question is clicked then the desired answer fades smoothly into view just like a accordion and as the user will have options to add categories, and questions based on those categories. Users can show question from a single category using shortcode. They will have control to change theme (among 9 themes), animation speed and custom CSS.

3. Admin User Messages


This plugin is specifically for all the admins to communicate with their users. This plugin is useful if you have a website where you don’t want your users to talk with each other. Every term of the plugin is customisable, so you can translate it into your own language.

4. Site Manager


The Site Update Manager plugin will keeps your WordPress and all its themes and plugins up to date. It all works automatically and in the background. You can customize the update settings, if you prefer. The changelog provides an overview and details on all installed updates.

5. Social Share


Social Share by WP Dev Shed WordPress plugin is the easy and simple way to share you blog posts via Facebook and Twitter. Just activate the plugin and then social share buttons will be automatically added before and after the post content/articles.

6. Simple Permalink


The  Simple Permalink WordPress plugin will allows you to insert posts’ URL or permalink into posts or pages. What you  need to do with this plugin is to just paste shortcode to your posts or page.


WordPress Wednesday – 6 New Plugin Straight from the WP Plugin Directory