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For this week WordPress Wednesday we will be taking a look at what are some of the best Pricing Tables plugins. As we all can see that one of the most important component of any business or service websites is that the pricing is one of the most looked at parts of these website and if you don’t have a beautiful looking pricing table that could cost you some customers.

So for this WordPress Wednesday post you will find below 6 great pricing table plugins both free & paid for plugins.

1. Kento Pricing Table – Free


Kento Pricing Table is a pure CSS3 and HTML pricing table WordPress plugin that is easy to use as you will just need to input data to table filed and used via shortcodes  By this plugin you can generate unlimited row and column to display any size price table, with an easy to use admin panel, these pricing table allows you to have tool tip text too.

2. Easy Pricing Tables – Free


The Easy Pricing Table WordPress plugin makes it easy to create and publish responsive based pricing tables in less than 5 minutes

3. Pricing Table – Free


The Pricing Table WordPress plugin will help you to publish pricing table on any WordPress based page or post content. This plugin packed with all features you will ever need to build a pricing or features table for your products or services in the easiest way by just using simple shortcode.



The CCR Responsive WordPress Pricing Table Plugin is for those WordPress users that re looking for a flat design pricing table. This plugin is Multifunctional WordPress Pricing Table Plugin pack with CSS3 and HTML5. This Plugin can be used for any blog or website to make an attractive pricing table for any business or service.



The CSS3 Pricing Table is simple plugin with a unique style for pricing tables, With this plugin the styles you can choose are Light and Dark, with possibility of choosing 12 different colors for each of the style. This plugin contains pure CSS3 and HTML files and plus it is fully responsive so it will suit any theme that is already responsive!



WP Pricing Tables is a set of pricing table designs created to fit into every WordPress based website. The package contains a number of differently styled pricing tables with each of them comes in a set of predefined color schemes, but as it is created with Pure CSS you can easily customise it to fit your website color scheme.

The WP Pricing Tables plugin comes with a user friendly configuration, so you can easily set up your pricing table in no time.


WordPress Wednesday – 6 Great WordPress Pricing Table Plugins