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Pinterest is the latest social network that is currently gaining a lot of attention online as it is becoming a great source of inspiration and fun to find new things from people who share their interest on web.  As with most social networks there are a number of WordPress plugins both for paid and free ones that allow you to integrate this into your site. Today I present 6 great pinterest plugins.

1. Pinterest Pro for WordPress – $5

Did you know that Pinterest drives more referral traffic than Google Plus, Linkedin, and Youtube COMBINED ? – Shareaholic. Pinterest Pro for WordPress lets you quickly and easily jump on board and add full Pinterest support to your site.

2. Pinterest RSS Widget

This plugin allows you to place a widget on your sidebar that fetches the most recent contents of a Pinterest user’s RSS feed and displays the corresponding thumbnail images. You can choose whether to show the description below the image, and you can set the height and width of the thumbnails to fit your theme. You also have the option of showing 4 different sizes of the official “Follow Me On Pinterest” button below the list of your pins.

3. Pretty Pinterest Pins

This plugin allows you to display thumbnails and links to yours (or anyones!) latest Pins from Pinterest in your sidebar. It is styled after Pinterest and offers a clean and modern look to show off your pins.

4. Pin It On Pinterest

Pin It On Pinterest places a “Pin It” button at the end of your posts, and allows you to predetermine what gets “Pinned” at Pinterest. Spawned by the idea of Jamie Swanson of The Modern Tog and developed by William Bay of Flaunt Your Site.

5. Pinterest “Pin It” Button

Take advantage of the exploding traffic Pinterest is generating by encouraging your readers to pin your content using this simple “Pin It” button.

6. Pinterest Pinboard Widget

This plugin adds a Pinterest widget much like the pinboards on Pinterest. It uses the original thumbnails from Pinterest itself. The plugin aims to have the same look and feel as the pinboords on Pinterest. To improve your site’s performance, the pins are cached every 15 minutes.


WordPress Wednesday – 6 Great Pinterest Plugins


8 Responses

    1. Tim says

      You will need to have a self hosted wordpress site as plugins aren’t permitted on any blogs for security reasons

    1. Tim says

      Yes, All of these plugins including their options need a self hosted wordpress site, as installation of wordpress plugins aren’t permitted on any type of blogs for security reasons.

      1. I’m new to blogging, and don’t know who else to ask… is a blog button the same as a plug in, or is it a link ? I just want an image in the widgets column? thanks

        1. Tim says

          No, Blog button and plugins are different, Plugins are tools to extend the functionality of WordPress, you will need to use the image widget for the button.

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