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When you run any type of website, there may likely be instances when you want to display PDF files on a web page, by default, WordPress doesn’t support the embedding of this particular file format, as you can only display PDF files as links.

So if you want to let your visitors view these PDF’s without leaving your website, then you’ll need the help of a WordPress PDF viewer plugins.

This week WordPress Wednesday roundup is here to help you find a 6 Free PDF Viewer plugin.

1. Simple PDF Viewer

Simple PDF Viewer allows you to view PDF documents with Google Document Viewer.

2. PDF Embedder

This plugin has a unique method for embedding PDFs, using Javascript only, and not using iframes or third-party services. Using this plugin will gives a lot of flexibility over the appearance of your document, the free viewer currently has Next/Prev buttons to page through the document and zoom buttons.

3. Embed Any Document

The embed any document plugin lets you upload and embed your documents easily such as PDF, in your WordPress powered website without any additional browser plugins like Flash or Acrobat reader. The plugin lets you choose between Google Docs Viewer and Microsoft Office Online to display your documents.

4. Embed PDF Viewer

Embed a PDF from the Media Library or elsewhere via oEmbed into an object tag or Google Doc Viewer as fallback. The URL only has to be reachable link.

5. WordPress PDF Light Viewer

This Plugin allows you to embed normal, big and very big pdf documents to the wordpress site as flipbooks with thumbnail navigation.

6. Vanilla PDF Embed

To embed a PDF you’ve uploaded to your WordPress site’s media library, simply put the URL for the attachment page in your post on its own line. The PDF will be embedded with the default settings at that location, as if it were using oEmbed.


WordPress Wednesday – 6 Free PDF Viewer WordPress Plugins