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Google maps has always been a great utility to list your business location on websites easily plus there are so many great plugins and tools that are available which allow you to list your business location with minor knowledge.

With any available Google Map Plugins for WordPress you can simply embed Google Maps on your site, so for this WordPress Wednesday roundup will features 6 fabulous Google Maps plugins that you can easily customise it to suit your needs.

1. Google Map Easy – Free


The Google Map Easy plugin is an excellent way to make a beautiful map on your website and to help your clients in discovering your location on the google map.

The Google map allows you not only to mark the place of your business location, but also to show people its coloured pictures. You can attach photos and videos to the google map marker description and make your potential visitors to feel the atmosphere inside your restaurant, shop or other place of interest.

2. Intergeo Maps – Free


The Intergeo Google Map plugin is a simple, easy and in the same time quite powerful tool for handling Google Maps.

The plugin allows users to create new maps by using powerful UI builder.Created maps could be easily edited and saved with new settings. To increase the speed of creation process the plugin has ability to clone a map with all it’s settings. Finally the plugin has attractive library which allows users to browse all maps in the system and delete unnecessary maps.

3. Maps Builder – Free


Maps Builder isn’t just another Google Maps plugin. This plugin been built from the ground up to be the easiest, most intuitive and fastest Google Maps plugin for WordPress. Visually build powerful customized Google Maps to use on your WordPress site quickly and easily without ever having to touch a bit of code.

4. Robo Maps – Free


Robo Maps it’s easy and powerful Google maps plugin with maps markers. Google Maps in native WordPress style. Multiply maps on page.

5. Hero Maps Pro – Free


The Hero Maps plugin allows for quick and easy Google Maps addition to your WordPress website. It offers extensive configuration options, the ability to aggregate all your markers in one map via Marker Geo Mashup, and provides a simple drag-and-drop interface for marker generation.

6. Flex Maps – Free


Flex Map is a wordpress map plugin that provides many features with different map types such as creating area mapping, polygone, polyline, circle, rectangle, single markers, street view markers. With a simple visual map editor, It is extremely easy to make and place your map anywhere on your frontend wordpress site.



WordPress Wednesday – 6 Fabulous Google Map Plugins