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WordPress starter themes help you get started with a solid foundation. For this WordPress Wednesday, I’ve have collected 6 WordPress starter themes for theme developers.

But what is a starter theme? Basically, a blank framework that can do some of the heavy lifting for you and reduce your work in the beginning phase. These include foundational codes allow you to take flight, but more accurately, it is a skeleton that includes some basic style options, CSS Reset, a grid system among a few additional options to implement basic functionality.

Just keep in mind that these starter themes will have everything that you need; therefore you will have to look particularly for the options that you need before you start your work. You will additionally have to spend some time understanding what your starter theme offers to utilise its full potential of it.

1. UnderStrap

Understrap Starter Theme

With the combination of Automattic´s _s theme and Bootstrap 4, made as a solid starting point for your next theme project. Use it as starter theme or as a parent theme. It is up to you. Including Font Awesome support, built-in widget slider and much more you need for basic websites.

But hold on this is especially for all developers, the dependencies are not bundled with this install file. Just download the .zip, extract it and run “npm install” and “gulp copy-assets” inside the extracted /understrap folder.

Price: Free

2. JointsWP

Joints Wp

JointsWP offering a strong foundation, combined with Foundation 6, this theme offers developers the power and flexibility to build an amazing, responsive and feature-rich website. In addition to that, you will find there aren’t any unnecessary shortcodes just a modern workflow, with thanks to the Gulp setup, you can pick your own style, from either CSS or Sass.

Sass offers nesting, mixins and more, so you can easily compile Sass files, watch files, minify JS files for changes. How ever you still have the full CSS version available if you aren’t comfortable with Sass

Price: Free

3. Air


Air helps you add some style to your project. It offers a beautiful full-screen navigation system, sticky navigation and a slider.

It also helps you disable sidebars/widgets and post formats, as some people aren’t a fan of these, you will have one less thing to worry about but though you can always enable them back whenever you feel the need to do so. In addition to being this theme is highly customisable, it offers a helper plugin, WooCommerce support, and several other interesting features.

Price: Free

4. Tonik

Tonik WordPress Starter Theme

Tonik is more of an expert starter theme for professionals. It not just aims but offers an opportunity for developers to go beyond the basic templates by including several helper functions.

With extensive yet simple documentation on GitHub, the unique features offered by Tonik include PHP Namespaces utilization, centralised theme configuration, simple theme service containers, and a child theme-friendly autoloader, along with an optional Command Line Interface (CLI).

Price: Free

5. FoundationPress


This open-source starter theme, built on Foundation 6 uses Grunt and Sass to build a strong foundation for your site. FoundationPress acts as a handy toolbox with all the essentials for customisation. It is semantic, customisable, highly responsive, but most of all professional. You can also view the Kitchen Sink tab for more amazing options.

Price: Free

6. Underscores

Underscores WordPress

Underscores is one of the most recognised and innovative WordPress starter themes to date. The popularity comes from the fact that this theme gives you a ‘1000-hours head start’ in your WordPress project. It comes with modern HTML5 templates, a sample custom header in inc/custom-header.php, a helpful 404 template, and two sample CSS layouts are some of the features that make it an absolute winner.

Price: Free



WordPress Wednesday – 6 Blank WordPress Starter Themes