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For this week WordPress Wednesday round up we will be looking at 6 best Image Zoom Plugins that can be really useful in enhancing your site and more interactive.

These Image Zoom plugins are great if you using WordPress to sell items such ask electrical appliances, web template that has a lot of features within the image as these plugins can make theme standout from the rest.

1. ZWoom – Free


ZWoom is plugin for those who uses WooCommerce, As this plugin will help your visitors to seamlessly zoom in to the single product image. As generally, when we click on a single product image on the product page, a larger version of that image is normally popped-out in a fancybox/lightbox. The same happens with thumbnail images associated with that product. This is cumbersome as visitors have to flip between the fancybox and the product page to see product images and know details about the product such as price, features, delivery etc.

2. Featured Image Zoom – Free


Once you’ve find and install the Feature Image Zoom and add the [zoom] shortcode to a page, post or custom post-type entry. The featured image at the ‘large’ size will then be displayed on the page, but when you move the cursor over the image, the image zooms to show the ‘full’ size featured image masked within the boundary of the image. as plugin uses the elevatezoom script.

3. Zoom Image – Free


The Zoom Image is another plugin that adds zooming effect over WooCommerce shops on featured images, thumbnails and variations in a simple and elegant mode.

4. YITH WooCommerce Zoom Magnifier – Free


With the YITH WooCommerce Zoom Magnifier you can add a zoom effect to all your product images. The WordPress plugin also adds a slider below the featured image with your product gallery images.



The Image Zoom plugin is great if you have high resolution images and you don’t want to give up on details as you want to make sure your visitors see every pixel of your work, by using image zoom and navigation controls it will add zoom and pan controls into your WordPress site.



Image Hover View plugin allows to view products quickly anywhere on your site as list image category or thumb images. Especially with Image Hover View you can config any image size to show which allows to see the product images clearly the most, so you easily bring your products closer to customers. So it not only helps improve website usability and speed loading but also makes your store friendly and more professional!


WordPress Wednesday – 6 Best Image Zoom Plugins