This article was published 11 years ago, therefore the contents of this post may be out of date.

As the WordPress platform continues to mature, more and more industires are turning to WordPress for their go-to CMS. Especially for one such industry is the restaurant industry and for a while now it has been relatively easy to create a good looking website for your restaurant using WordPress.

And until recently times there have been some notable gaps that we see in a restaurant website, Namely the ability to host or embed menus, take reservations, and order food funtionality. And today’s post features 5 Free WordPress Plugins For Restaurants.

1. Zuppler Online Ordering

Zuppler Online Ordering Plugin lets customers order food online directly from a restaurant’s website, for takeout, delivery, dine-in and catering. Zuppler’s state of the art online ordering technology can be customized to match the brand, look and feel of the restaurant website. Customers stay on the restaurant website during the entire online ordering process. But one sad thing this plugin is currently serving customers in USA & Canada.

2. OpenMenu – The official plugin for OpenMenu

This plugin allows you to easily create posts that are based on your OpenMenu and thus embedding restaurant menus in any WordPress website. This plugin fully integrates an OpenMenu or OpenMenus into an existing theme. Widget / Menu ready themes work best.

The OpenMenu Plugin is the official plugin for OpenMenu and adding restaurant menus to any WordPress website.

3.  BookingBug Booking Calendar Widget

BookingBug is a highly flexible and customizable booking system for use by any business. It is designed to help you get new customers by letting you get your time and availability on to your own and as many sites as possible. Hosted on BookingBug, you can embed it in your wordpress blog quickly and easily, as well as embedding in Facebook or other sites you may need. You can even embed it multiple times in different pages in your site if you need.

4. Simple Retail Menus

Simple Retail Menus lets create and manage menu-type lists for display in a post or page. Create an many menus as you want. Add as many items as you want to any menu. Each row of data can include Item Name, Item Description, and Item Value. Simple Retail Menus creates two additional tables of data in your WordPress database to store menu data and menu item data.

5. easyReservations

easyReservations is the perfect plugin for receiving, managing and handling bookings easily. It’s designed to be used for any reservable products like hotels, car rentals, events, B&Bs, appointments or conferences. It’s very flexible and intuitive and has a more as huge amount of functions and possibilities. Of course it’s fully translatable and comes with English, German, France, Turkish and Russian.


WordPress Wednesday – 5 Free WordPress Plugins For Restaurants