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If you wish to monetise your blog or website, one of the most accessible way to do it would be with the help of Google AdSense. The first thing you will have to do is set up a Google AdSense account, signing up is an easy process, all you need to really do is proofread your website for any common design flaws and to post at least 30 unique articles also as you will find when going the application process that real people verify each AdSense applications, the more presentable your site the easest it be going through the approval process.

Once you get approved, you will then need to integrate it into your site, and if you are running WordPress, then this can be achieved with the help of one of the following WordPress Adsense plugins. WordPress has an extensive library of free and paid plugins that can help the site owner add a variety of functionalities to their site.

Today’s WordPress Wednesday round features five great free AdSense Plugins that are for WordPress. Each AdSense plugin has something unique to offer, but ultimately all of them and here to help you with adding AdSense in those site spots that you want to have them in.

1. Advanced Ads

Advanced Ads

Advanced Ads is compatible with all ad networks and banners from affiliate programs like Google AdSense, BuySellAds, Amazon and also Google DoubleClick (DFP). You can also use it to insert additional ad network tags into the header or footer of your site.

The plugin supports ad types, ad management, ad display management, advanced advertisement placement, ads display management, specific targeting features for ads, has mobile support, lets you analyse and track your ads performance.

Price: Free

2. AdSense In-Post Ads

Adsense In Post Ads

The AdSense In-Post Ads plugin allows you to save your most used AdSense ad codes, and insert them as a shortcode in your pages or posts. You may already use a plugin to display your ads in a widgetized area of your page such as the left or right sidebars, or in the header or footer of your page. While this does get the ads on the page, your site visitors are not likely to click on them.

This plugin creates shortcodes, which you can use inside the body of any page or post to display an AdSense advertisement. This is where your reader’s eyes are looking anyway, and it will increase the odds that they will click on the ad.

Price: Free

3. Quick Adsense

Quick Adsense

As the name suggests, If you are in a rush, adding AdSense monetisation to your site, then Quick Adsense is the plugin you should consider.

It makes the process of attaching ads to your website or blog quick and easy. With this plugin, you can place ads all across your site, such as adding them randomly anywhere within a post.

With Quick Adsense, you’ll find that you have quite a bunch of different options where you would like to place ads. Moreover, the settings section is user-friendly, so everyone gets the most out of Quick Adsense. You can also disable ads on the fly and add up to ten advertisements on a page or post.

Price: Free

4. Ads for WP

Ads For Wp Advanced Ads & Adsense Solution For Wp & Amp

Ads for WP is a handy and useful ad plugin that offers you multiple options when it comes to monetising your site. Along with the support for Google AdSense, you can also sport other advertisements on your page with satisfaction. Features in the plugin are there, and you just need to take them to your full advantage and start getting the most out of your site. All the hard work will eventually pay off, and one of the quickest and easiest solutions is to use Google AdSense.

The plugin supports ad blockers, provides reports and insights and works flawlessly with AMP. Other features of the plugin are widget, shortcode, and you’ll find you will have no limit on how many ads you would like to display and easy display on different locations of your pages and posts. You can also mix AdSense ads with other platforms and see which performs better.

Price: Free

5. WP Insert

Wp Insert

WP-Insert is a highly optimised and powerful solution for adding google ad codes to your site. This is a great use of an algorithm that pinpoints content length and position, allows you to insert ads in whichever part of your content you wish. Including all four directions; top, bottom, left, and right.

The list of features of this plugin keeps going on: You can publish Google Analytics code, lets you add custom JavaScript code to footer/header parts of the blog, the plugin also gives you the freedom of style over all of your ads that you are inserting, automatically adds any legally required pages to your blog, you can A/B test the performance of different ads and ad types and more.

Price: Free


WordPress Wednesday – 5 Free AdSense Plugins for WordPress