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One of the fabulous things about the “new” WordPress block editor (Gutenberg) is that you aren’t just limited to the default blocks, but the most pleasing part about Gutenberg is that developers can create their own block plugins for content, as these plugins can enhance the functionality of Gutenberg.

So basically in clear words, Gutenberg editor is like a page builder where you can drag and drop different blocks in your content such as creating multi-column layouts, insert styled content – like testimonials or a pricing table – plus a whole lot more.

In today’s WordPress Wednesday post, I’ll show you the some of the best Gutenberg Blocks Plugins that can extend the capabilities of the Gutenberg editor and allow you to get the best out of the latest editor.

1. Kadence Blocks

Kadence Blocks Is A Gutenberg Page Builder Toolkit

This plugin adds custom blocks and options to extend Gutenberg’s editing capabilities so you can create custom layouts and more engaging content. This plugin is meant to be a toolkit that makes the WordPress block editor capable of creating content usually only possible through popular page builder plugins.

For example, with the Kadence Row Layout Block you can better control columns for different screen sizes plus it gives you full row editing tools like padding, backgrounds, overlays with gradients, vertical-align and much more.

Price: Free

2. CoBlocks


CoBlocks is the most innovative collection of page building WordPress blocks for the new Gutenberg WordPress block editor.

With additional blocks and true row and column building, CoBlocks gives you a true page builder experience for Gutenberg.

CoBlocks is powerful but lightweight: it adds functionality to the WordPress editor without bloat. This is the plugin you’ve been waiting for, and it will make you rethink what WordPress is capable of.

Price: Free

3. GetWid

Getwid Is A Gutenberg Blocks WordPress Plugin

Getwid is a collection of 29+ comprehensive Gutenberg blocks that greatly extends the library of existing core blocks.

This collection of extra blocks for Gutenberg ships with a range of blocks bundle for the needs of business websites, startups, creative projects and a diversity of other niches. It enables you to create efficient landing pages, showcase vibrant services pages, build eye-catching portfolios, and make your overall transition to Gutenberg less stressful!

Price: Free

4. Easy Blocks

Easy Blocks

Easy Blocks is a growing Gutenberg Block Plugin where you find mostly all type of necessary blocks, no matter which type of website or landing page you are going to create, Easy Blocks is the perfect solution you will find blocks there are for Marketing Perspective such like call to action, buttons, testimonial, counter up, logo slider, Services like feature box, feature grid, pricing table, social share, Instagram grid), customisable header, content layout such as title and subtitle, image and content, card, author profile etc

Price: Free

5. Qubely


Qubely is a full-fledged Gutenberg block editor with plenty of predefined sections and modern layout packs to create beautiful pages and posts on the Gutenberg editor. It offers a whole new experience that minimizes all limitations of the Gutenberg editor and opens unlimited possibilities to create any simple to complex content on a WordPress website using the Gutenberg block editor. This user-friendly Gutenberg blocks has been developed with all necessary customisation features to achieve any possible layout with Qubely Gutenberg block editor.

Qubely adds numerous custom Gutenberg blocks to the Gutenberg block editor and takes Gutenberg editor to the next level. The available custom advanced Gutenberg blocks inside Qubely are: Row, Button,Testimonial, Heading, Counter, Tabs, Accordion/Toggle, Advanced Text, Video Popup, Google Map, Progress Bar, Icon, Divider, Social Icons, Button Group, Button, Info Box, Advanced List, Contact Form, Icon List, Pricing, Block Wrapper, Team

Price: Free

6. Post Layouts for Gutenberg

Post Layouts For Gutenberg

Post Layouts for Gutenberg is a Gutenberg add-on with a bunch of additional style for post layouts that contains unique templates for presentation. This is a standalone Gutenberg solution to give wow design possibility for your blog posts with clean design and full responsive layout.

You can say that Post Layouts will be your Ultimate Post Layouts Builder for new Gutenberg Editor.

Price: Free

7. Bokez


Bokez is a page builder created under the new WordPress Gutenberg Editor. With 15 Awesome blocks you can create stunning pages/posts in minutes. Give it a try. it is super easy to use with ton of options to make your pages unique and beautiful.

Price: Free

8. Ghost Kit

Ghost Kit

Ghost Kit is a blocks collection, powerful extensions and templates for Gutenberg block editor. With this collection, you will gain more control over content just like with popular page builders. Just start with responsive Grid block and you can’t stop building the page.

Price: Free

9. Guten Post Layout

Guten Post Layout

Guten Post Layout where you can create post grids, post sliders from any custom post types in WordPress new Gutenberg editor without any line of code. You can display posts by any category, also order posts by ASC/DESC order. You can display custom post type UI too. You will be thrilled to see how easy Guten post layout is as a WordPress post layout builder plugin.

Price: Free

10. Block Lab

Block Lab

Block Lab makes it easy to harness Gutenberg and build custom blocks the way you want them to be built. Whether you want to implement a custom design, deliver unique functionality, or even remove your dependance on other plugins, Block Lab equips you with the tools you need to hit “Publish” sooner.

Price: Free

11. WE Blocks

We Blocks

The WE Blocks plugin is great combo of slider blocks. It includes Image slider, Testimonials slider and Client Logo slider block. Blocks are an awesome new way of creating rich content in WordPress and this plugin will further ease your life to add sliders on your site. It makes it easier to create responsive, customizable Image/Testimonial/Logo sliders in the WordPress Gutenberg Editor.

Price: Free

12. Essential Blocks

Essential Blocks For Gutenberg

Essential Blocks Library for WordPress Gutenberg editor comes from the developer of most popular elements library Essential Addons for Elementor.

Add powers to your page and post builder using our easy-to-use blocks those were designed to make your next WordPress page and posts design easier and prettier than ever before.

Enhance your Gutenberg experience with 14 creative blocks and more coming soon. Add powers to your WordPress editor using our easy-to-use blocks which are designed to make your next WordPress page or posts design easier and prettier than ever before.

Price: Free

13. Demoify Blocks

Demoify Blocks Gutenberg Page Builder

Demoify is a collection of content blocks for the new Gutenberg block editor. Blocks are chunks of content such as paragraphs, images, Tabs, columns, testimonials, buttons, and more. Demoify blocks give you more control to quickly create and launch any kind of site you want!

Price: Free

14. Enhanced Blocks

Enhanced Blocks Page Builder

Enhanced Blocks is the most powerful page builder kit for Gutenberg Editor AKA WordPress Block Editor. In a few clicks, you can build awesome and professional websites just using our Enhanced Blocks.

Currently available blocks in this plugins are: row layout block, post grid block, heading block, button block, icon block, testimonial block, list block, image comparison block, profile block, social sharing block, call to action block, notice block, spacer block, divider block

Price: Free

15. Lazy Blocks

Lazy Blocks Gutenberg Blocks Constructor

Lazy Blocks is a Gutenberg blocks visual constructor for WordPress developers. You can create custom meta fields as well as blocks with output HTML. Add editor controls to your blocks using drag & drop visual constructor. Create post templates with predefined blocks (any post type).

Price: Free


WordPress Wednesday – 15 Gutenberg Blocks Plugins for WordPress