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WooCommerce has fast established itself as one of the most popular and convenient way for anyone that use WordPress to run an eCommerce store and make themselves an entrepreneur and with this wordpress plugin in such a huge demand today’s WordPress Wednesday post will focus on featuring 6 fresh WooCommerce plugins and 6 awesome ready WooCommerce themes so you can start selling your products.

WooCommerce Plugins

1. WooCommerce Bundle Style Coupons – Free

WooCommerce Bundle Style Coupons

Enables store owners to make a coupon only apply when all products required for it are in the cart. When you want to run a bundle deal, for three products, all those three products need to be in the cart before the coupon works.

2. WooCommerce Sold Out Products – Free

WooCommerce Sold Out Products

WooCommerce Sold Out Products enhances the built-in WooCommerce functionality by adding a Widget and Shortcode for displaying sold out products. The WooCommerce Sold Out Products extension uses native WooCommerce functionality ensuring that the widget and shortcode content for the sold out products integrates with your current WooCommerce templates ensuring uniformity on your WooCommerce store.

3. WooCommerce Print Invoices & Delivery Notes – Free

WooCommerce Print Invoices & Delivery Notes

With this plugin you can print out simple invoices and delivery notes for the orders via the WooCommerce Shop Plugin. You can edit the Company/Shop name, Company/Shop postal address and also add personal notes, conditions/policies (like a refund policy) and a footer imprint/branding.


WooCommerce Social Login and Checkout plugin

With WooCommerce Social Login WordPress plugin you can enables sign-up, login and checkout with 8 social networks( Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo, LinkedIn, Microsoft Live, Foursquare, AOL) for WooCommerce.  With this plugin you will  checkout faster with this process and the enhances user experience and increases signups and conversion rate of your eCommerce shop.

WooCommerce Social Login collects, compiles and store over 20 information about customers so you can analyze customers and find your target market.


Woocommerce SEO

Although Woocommerce is a great eCommerce plugin, it’s not very SEO friendly and there are a number of things can can be improved to make it more optimised for the search engines. Thats where the Woocommerce SEO plugin comes in.


Woocommerce Products Video

WooCommerce Products Video Plugin is a jquery based wordpress plugin which is used to show the wordpress WooCommerce Products Video from youtube, vimeo or upload custom video by user. This plugin will help to promote your online WooCommerce products by watching products video. WooCommerce Products Video has sixteen (16) built-in Themes. User can change the themes depending on their websites template design.

WooCommerce Themes

1. Artificer – Free


Unique Features Responsive design Possibly the best feature of Artificer is it’s device agnostic design. That means whether you’re viewing the theme on your desktop, your tablet or your smartphone, it responds and adapts delivering an optimised design for that device. WooCommerce Goodness As you’d expect, Artificer makes full use of all of WooCommerce features and plugins from above.

2. Dapur Kue Lite – Free

Dapurkue Lite

Dapur Kue is a special WooCommerce themes for culinary-related online store. Sweet and minimalist design with soft and clear background to put your products first. Fully responsive design to allow customers opens your websites with any devices and browsers smoothly.



Humbleshop is a minimal, responsive and clean design for wordpress eCommerce that fit all modern shops and boutiques.  Humbleshop comes with simple configuration in Theme Options from backend. This theme is compatible with Woocommerce plugin and you can play around with Theme Customizer from HumbleShop HTML version.



Vera is an ecommerce theme built with WordPress and Woocommerce. Vera was created in a way that should make very easy for you buyers to setup and use it, but also in the other way for your clients to have a great shopping experience. Vera contains a custom page builder which you can use to create your own personalized page, add/remove/move different widgets by your need. Revolution slider is also included (15$ worth) which you get it for free. Another feature we added is drag and drop shopping. Now your clients can shop just by dragging the products they like in the cart. Some of the main features are listed below:



Motive is a minimal, eCommerce WordPress theme. This theme is compatible with the popular WooCommerce plugin.  Responsive Design – Motive is responsive so your visitors can view an optimised version of this theme while using tablet and mobile devices. Optimised for iPad and iPhone.



Montreal is a WooCommerce powered WordPress theme for musicians. Easily add music, shows, photos, and products to your site, along with standard posts and pages. Montreal uses a completely fluid design, which works on all devices and supports high resolution iconography. (WooCommerce 2.0 powered!)


WordPress Wednesday – 12 Great WooCommerce Plugins & Themes