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One of the most important goals of running a business website is to increase sales and offer excellent customers service. For this, you need a system to manage the relationships with your customers.

A CRM (customer relationship management) tool allows you to manage customer information all in one location. It also provides you with valuable insights into your business’s history with a customer.

As WordPress is no longer just a blog, and in some cases, you might be able to integrate your entire CRM solution into it. So if you are wanting to use a CRM solution with WordPress, then this WordPress Wednesday roundup is for you as today I’m presenting 10 WordPress CRM Plugins that can help you manage your customers, allowing you to forge long-term relationships and increase sales.


WP ERP is the first full-fledged ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solution for your WordPress site that provides powerful CRM, HRM, Accounting & Project Management capabilities.

This plugin don’t have any limits on anything, you can create as many entries as you want in all the modules. Some features include support for 44 currencies, multiple listing types such as leads, opportunities, customers, and companies, built-in email communication system and notifications

Price: Free

2. UpiCRM

UpiCRM is a standalone WordPress CRM plugin this plugin works with your WordPress contact form plugins to manage and capture leads inside WordPress. It comes with a powerful user management system that allows you to assign leads, group contacts, send emails, etc.

Another great thing about UpiCRM is that it works with your Google Analytics account as well and gives comprehensive insights into all the user-activity on your website.

Price: Free


This plugin is intended to significantly improve user management, easily create contact forms, and keep track of incoming shortcode form messages.

As WordPress already comes with some basic user management functions the WP-CRM expands on this functionality by allowing you to organize your users using custom attributes, find them using filters, and keep track of correspondence.

Price: Free

4. Zero BS CRM

Zero bs is the best no-nonsense CRM for WordPress. Every business earns more money when they use a good CRM. ZBS is the simplest & quickest of all WordPress CRM’s. Manage your customer relationships, make more profit, and maintain happier business relations.

Price: Free

5. Simple WordPress CRM by UkuuPeople

UkuuPeople helps you elegantly manage all of your human relationships. UkuuPeople is the easiest CRM tool for WordPress. UkuuPeople effortlessly ties all of your contact interactions and contact data collection tools together to form one authoritative master list of all of your contacts and a record of your interactions with them.

Price: Free

6. Sprout Clients

Properly leveraging your contact lists isn’t sending out a single email to the entire list asking for work — instead you need to build business relationships. Managing contacts and customers shouldn’t be a burden, and Sprout Clients wants to make the that entire process easier and less time consuming.

Price: Free

7. Brilliant Web-to-Lead for Salesforce

Brilliant Web-to-Lead for Salesforce creates a solid integration between your WordPress install(s) and your Salesforce CRM account! People can enter a contact form on your site, and the lead (or case) goes straight into Salesforce CRM: no more copy pasting lead info, no more missing leads: each and every one of them is in for you to follow up.

Price: Free

8. vCita

With vCita, you can store customer data, schedule appointments, and even set up company-wide events. You can also enables you to collect credit card payments, send invoices, and track receipts. In short, it’s a complete package solution.

Price: Plugin is Free, but an account on the platform will cost at $29.00 to $99.00 per month.

9. WP Fusion

WP Fusion creates a persistent link between each user on your site and contact records in your CRM. Users can be added as contacts when they register on your site, and events can be triggered based on future actions a user takes like making a purchase, updating their profile, filling out a contact form, or visiting a page.

You can use these triggers to segment customers, send emails, assigns sales reps, personalize content, and much more.

Price: Free to $540.00

10. Presspoint CRM

Presspoint is a CRM for the 34M organizations worldwide that run on WordPress,the world’s number one content management system.With email automation, e-commerce, opportunity management, events, and custom formsall directly connected to a single integrated profile and a sophisticated query engine,you can qualify leads, win sales and build relationships faster and easier.

Price: $550.00 for 12 month subscription


WordPress Wednesday – 10 WordPress CRM Plugins